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  1. Started Better Call Saul again from the beginning to try and coincide with the last episode of the last series.


    Surprised how my sympathy levels for Jimmy are a lot lower the second time around.  I originally felt he was unlucky with the world conspiring against him, but a second look tells me he just makes terrible decisions that he knows are terrible decisions but just goes with it anyway.

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  2. Think it was mentioned in the ‘what tv series are you watching’ thread.


    The wife watched it from start to finish.  I caught a few minutes of a few episodes and hated every second of it.  From the background music to the acting, it just felt forced, lecturing and schmaltzy.


    Fully appreciate that is an opinion based on not watching it properly though.

  3. 9 hours ago, 31Dec1966 said:

    The women showed how it should be done, win the ball, attack the opposition and when you lose the ball harass to get it back.

    If you lose the ball, you try to get it back

    And when you get the ball, try to mount an attack

    And most of all make it look like you’re trying

    And if the crowd say you’re not - say they’re lying


    - S McClaren & Casper



  4. 2 hours ago, TheEnchanter said:



    WTF is this by the way, was looking for highlights of tramlines and found this monstrosity harassment video. Proper sad. Comments section is vile too. 

    “Tell me you’re an incel without telling me you’re an incel…”

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  5. 1 hour ago, cardiffowl06 said:

    Hows the trip planning going @Big Malc?

    All booked!


    Brisbane - Bundaberg - Lady Elliot Island - Bundaberg - Hervey Bay - Noosa - Bribie Island - Toowoomba - Tamborine Mountain - Lennox Head - Brisbane


    Had to cut a few things out, but looking forward to seeing the family and the T20 obvs.  Looking at doing a hot air balloon at Tamborine, but open to suggestions for must do things/places in the above destinations.


    Thanks to everyone who’s helped so far 🙂

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  6. 3 hours ago, PARKOWL said:

    I'm sorry but I'm a local resident and have lived within 500 yards of the park all my life and i don't know of anyone who avoids the area let alone complains about the noise, litter, lack of public transport or the loss of use in the park during the building of the festival including my elderly parents who love having the festival so close and love listening on their back garden and wandering around the area while its on 


    What i will agree with is the ridiculous decision not to let people in and out during the day is not in the spirit of what Tramlines was and the local store owners and bars would benefit greatly without really impacting the festival takings themselves

    I’d have a chat to the local business owners who’ve done the sums with their takings from the years when re-entry was allowed compared to last year.  They made nowhere near as much and some of the reasons they gave was locals avoiding them because they assumed they would be packed, but the people who should have been packing them avoiding them because of the no re-entry.


    We stopped in the Beekeeper for a couple on the way home.  Crowds just filtered past, very few stopping by.  Maybe that was because they’d stopped the trams so everyone was just getting their heads down to walk to town?


    The noise, litter, transport and access issues would be lessened by Tramlines not taking us for granted with their greedy policy.  I love having Tramlines in Hillsborough, and argued for it even when I couldn’t go.  But they need to re-think sharpish.

  7. 6 hours ago, Night King said:

    Surely the festival has a positive impact on the local economy?

    Quite the opposite.  Locals avoid the places before and after, and with no re-entry a lot of businesses don’t benefit from the extra footfall.  B&M & Morrisons probably do a roaring trade on miniatures and 35cl bottles that fit down bras.


    You really have to be a local resident to understand the depth of feeling against this policy.  As residents, on the whole we love having the festival here.  But it is incredibly disruptive - not just the litter, noise, parking, suspension of public transport etc, but we actually lose part or all of our park for 19 days.  We just want Tramlines to stop taking us for granted.

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  8. 18 hours ago, Chris E said:


    Ivan Brackenbury

    Sports Team

    Old Dirty Brasstards (Arctic Monkeys Set)

    Yard Act

    Always got time for Brackenbury after seeing him at Park Hotel about 16 years ago.  Prefer it when he’s got his full decks, but he’s all kinds of wrong and just makes me laugh


    Caught Old Dirty Brasstards in the Open Arms. They had the place rocking, a really good 30 mins or so


    Was really looking forward to Yard Act but the singer was just too hammered.  Slurred his way through Fixer Upper and most of the next few.  Rambling piissed-up monologues followed, we left before the end.  Not sure why he thought it was acceptable to spend 4 hours getting trollied when they had a big stage to perform on.  If I was one of the rest of the band I’d be having words.

  9. Jon Windle was absolutely shiitfaced 😆


    Gutted that Self Esteem were on at 6:45 as I wanted to watch them due to the bigging up on here but I’m never going to miss a chance to watch The Vaccines.  They didn’t disappoint.


    Kasabian were off the scale.


    Not really got any big plans for Sunday - any recommendations?

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