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  1. 93 years and counting, isn’t it?
  2. The less people in the world wearing suits the better
  3. If you lose the ball, you try to get it back And when you get the ball, try to mount an attack And most of all make it look like you’re trying And if the crowd say you’re not - say they’re lying - S McClaren & Casper
  4. My current record stands at: Yearly pigs threads started - 2 Relegations - 1 Hilarious Play-Off Defeats - 1 So here is your thread for 2022/23
  5. It’s an opinion The wrong one, but an opinion nonetheless
  6. I had Ghana in the work sweep that year. Will never forgive that cheating, cannibal cuunt. I still hope his career is ended by a terrible injury to this day.
  7. Sh*te years ahead and The Wormwood Scrubbers are in the box seat for me
  8. £94m net spend to end up with that sack of shiite
  9. Got a couple more weeks to get thread title suggestions in. Favourite so far: Sh*te years ahead
  10. That reads to me like the minimum you expect from them is the ability to kick a ball around. To me, that is exactly what they have shown over the last 4 games. I’m no great defender of professional footballers. Practically to a man they are all cheats and should spend the majority of each season suspended. But let’s bear in mind that the 19/20 season was disrupted by covid and extended with players having to drop out and be replaced at short notice. The 20/21 season began without a proper pre-season break and was again disrupted by covid and then we had the run to the delayed Euro final. Since 2020 we have had Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool who provide a large proportion of our national team players all reaching European finals as well. Fatigue is real. Paying disgustingly eye watering wages doesn’t change that. Perhaps we should bring in a wage cap to prevent the exorbitant wages?
  11. Gallagher has won a raffle for a place Will never be an international footballer
  12. We looked like a group of players who had had a long old season and were knackered But the opposites had pretty much the same and showed more energy We looked a mile off a World Cup semi final team tonight
  13. He was garbage against Hungary though Going to take a couple of years to get some consistency Hope we don’t over hype/rely on him too soon
  14. So, I think England have done ok under Southgate, you think that’s only because everyone we’ve played has been rubbish - but I’m the negative, condescending glass half empty person? Reight Literally no idea what’s rattled your cage, but it’s a bit bizarre. Try concentrating on the subject matter instead of obsessing over me.
  15. Ah, ok I understand. We’re unable to beat any good sides, but if we do manage to beat any then it’s because they’re no good anymore. Got it.
  16. I don’t think he should have a job for life, but in the Euros we did beat Germany and Italy needed a penalty shoot out to get past us.
  17. I think it was because he was a really shiit manager
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