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  1. I think it was because he was a really shiit manager
  2. That home game against Rushden. Shithousery at its finest - they were timewasting in the warm up. Us aside, they were the worst team I’d ever seen and hoped they go bust. Pretty sure they did?
  3. They were haranguing the ref to book us after every foul, and trying to stop us from taking free kicks. We should have been in their faces and moaning to the ref after every foul. They nearly kneecapped Byers and we did nothing. They were taking the piiss. It’s time we fought back.
  4. IIRC he was on loan from Newcastle? I think they were insistent we play him as a full back but it was evident he couldn’t defend so we kept playing him right midfield. They recalled him/wouldn’t extend the loan.
  5. Ridiculous. Re-entry should be a condition of the licence to hold the event.
  6. Vaccines in Leeds last night. Bloody loved it.
  7. To be fair, there’s about 6 or 7 that are blatantly dangerous and should have been disallowed. About 5 or 6 that are debatable. The rest had no-one near them so no issue. I do think a lot of overhead kicks are let go because they look spectacular. If someone was wafting their boot around at an opposition’s head in the centre circle it’s a free kick all day.
  8. Can you still get booked for taking your shirt off? That needs to go. Same for jumping into the crowd. In fact, more ostentatious celebrations need encouraging just for the crushing disappointment when VAR rules the goal out.
  9. There’s an argument for handling on the line though, surely? With all the other scenarios there are several elements that could result in the attacker not actually scoring - anything from a dodgy bounce, a trip etc. With handling on the line, I can’t really think of how it wouldn’t be a definite goal without that action. Plus it’s one of the biggest acts of shithousery going.
  10. After the complete dogshit of the last two years I said as soon as The Vaccines released their tour dates I would be in. Booked for Leeds in April, then Tramlines announced they’re in. FFS.
  11. Change handball back to only being an offence if in the opinion of the referee it is deliberate. I don’t care if it hits a defender’s arm on the goal line if he has no idea about it. Similarly if a ball bounces up and hits a striker on the hand before he scores, as long as he doesn’t deliberately do it, I don’t care. Any talk of ‘un-natural positions’ to be a hanging offence.
  12. It’s a good job we don’t have a reputation for completely cocking things up…
  13. Get dicked 4-1 and stay 5th Classic pigs
  14. I think one of the worst aspects of this episode is that George Galloway has said something I agree with
  15. Because they’re thick as pigshit
  16. He’s not going to get a big pay out for this destroy & exit. Big Sam and the British Managers’ Lunch Club won’t be impressed.
  17. I thought early in the season he looked like he had a higher pedigree than League 1 but the team was unsettled and new. When Wing was recalled I said to a mate that I hoped it would give Byers a chance to step up, but I didn’t think he’d do this well. Fast becoming a favourite.
  18. Keeper was a foot off his line before the pen was taken While down to 10 Berge, who was on a yellow, deliberately stuck the nut on a Blackburn player. Ref saw it and just gave him a talking to. Spawniest gets going.
  19. No, absolutely not my thing but the wife is hooked on it so I assume it has something going for it. Enjoy
  20. The wife watches this. I occasionally catch a bit of an episode as I pass through the room, have to say what I have seen so far it looks like the absolute worst American schmaltz has to offer. I think it might be the background music that winds me up the most.
  21. Just about to start the last episode. I vaguely remember the story in the news, definitely having a read up after to check which bits have been embellished.
  22. More than 10 billion doses of Covid vaccines have been administered and about six in 10 people globally have had at least one. So there is a wealth of information. Like all medicines, Covid vaccines have potential side effects, but their safety profile is excellent. They have saved countless lives, prevented serious illness, and may also be protective against long Covid. These vaccines were developed in record time, but much of vaccine development usually surrounds funding delays. Scientists involved in the Covid vaccine trials, and the regulators who approved them, say no corners were cut on safety. Some rare side-effects did only show up once the jabs started being rolled out among millions of people, which is why regulators keep monitoring safety week by week. It is hard to know what more Novak Djokovic needs or wants to know. He says he doesn't have enough information about "the vaccine" as if there was just one Covid jab. There are many. As an elite athlete, he is at low risk from Covid. But not zero. He's had it twice, after all. He had his childhood vaccines when he had no say in the matter, so trying to claim he’s not anti vax because he had them is just ridiculous. It’s quite clear he’s anti vax.
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