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  1. Only because I can’t be arsed to trawl back through 245 pages of suggestions and the new season is upon us already - all your United chat for 2020/21 goes in here. Will they suffer from 2nd season syndrome? Will they ever achieve their dream of being everyone’s 2nd favourite club? Are they just synonymous with number 2’s? Fire away...
  2. Plus Ronaldo got 30% of his goals by outright cheating. He’s an absolute disgrace and should have spent half of his career suspended for simulation.
  3. While Covid has undoubtedly led to a further backlog of cases we should be careful not to let the planned narrative take hold that it is entirely due to Covid. There has been a backlog for years, due almost entirely to the deliberate chronic underfunding of the criminal justice system since austerity was introduced in 2010.
  4. Well, the Fernandes penalty incident would probably beg to differ. Most offsides seem to be focusing on whether a 3D stray fibre of a bootlace is offside in a 2D environment. Well worth the money and delays.
  5. He doesn’t come to the ‘correct’ decision though, does he? As this thread (and others) show. He comes to his decision. Which is debated by every man and his dog, as every decision is. It doesn’t make it correct, it just makes it his opinion. The fact that decisions are based on opinions means they will never ‘get it right’ - because someone will always disagree.
  6. Mum was an owl, dad was a pig (and a wife beater - standard). I was never taken to any games. First match I saw in full was the ‘85 cup final and I felt bad for Everton so started following them. Never went to a match. My step-dad took me to my first ever game in ‘88 (against Luton - 1-0, Sterland (pen) Att 16433) and something clicked. Everton visited on Bonfire Night that year and they were a set of right dirty [email protected] 32 years of misery began.
  7. Great to see so many complaints about VAR. Hopefully it will see this disastrous experiment consigned to the dustbin of history very soon. The idea that “technology” will clear up controversy has well and truly been shown to be complete nonsense. All that’s happened is one man’s (the referee) opinion has been replaced by another man’s (the video assistant referee) opinion. “Technology” isn’t making the decision at all - it’s human beings making the decisions and human beings make mistakes. Instead of wasting all this money and compromising any semblance of integrity the game has left, we should be concentrating on the players who are trying to cheat 100% of the time. We should be turning on the likes of Allardyce, Dyche, Hughes and football fans in general who made excuses for their teams poor performances by trying to blame the officials when it was often simply an interpretation of the rules and a difference of opinion. I don’t believe anyone can say with a straight face that VAR has improved the game.
  8. If BLM et al have disturbed the silt and brought these bottom feeders to the surface then that’s a good thing. It’s 2020, the time for education and debate is long gone, they’ve had their chance. These half-wits need vilifying and prosecuting.
  9. I don’t pretend to even begin to understand the finer intricacies of tactics. But they pile a minimum of 7 players into the box every attack. Why haven’t teams consistently found a way to exploit that?
  10. They look completely unable to raise their game without a crowd. Man Utd were strolling through that, one-touch lay-offs and mazy dribbles whenever they felt like it. It should have been 6.
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