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  1. So the fault here lies with either the council, SYP or the SAG, and not the sad little cuunt that can’t handle being around people who support a different football team to him? Well, you live and learn.
  2. No, we were 3rd when he took over, and he took us from 3rd to 2nd. There’s nothing to “agree to disagree” with there. I won’t argue that he bottled it the season after, and if that’s what you meant then fair enough, but make it clearer. Nile Ranger was not a bad signing for us at the time.
  3. He won 10 and drew 3. We were 3rd when he took over.
  4. Guys, if you genuinely can’t discuss a player’s performance without resorting to insulting each other, perhaps have a think about whether discussion forums are the place for you.
  5. I’d rather shoot the telly just before Eastenders comes on
  6. If the decision isn’t overturned, why would you re-start with a drop ball, as per the 3rd option there? That seems to suggest if you give a pen, review it and it’s confirmed it was correct, you re-start with a drop ball. As I missing something?
  7. They don’t sound that lucky to be fair, probs not the best choice for a mascot
  8. From what I understand, you seem to be suggesting that either the club, FF or his solicitor knew about this court date in advance, but just decided to ignore it for reasons that you can’t specify? Despite the fact the court have accepted that FF didn’t receive his summons, you think that someone either in the court or the police - as these are the only two entities proven to have known about the court date - told either FF, his agent or his solicitor in a way that you can’t specify, for reasons that you can’t specify, that he had a court date coming up and for reasons you can’t specify, one or all of those decided to not act on it and instead decided to act surprised when it actually turned out to be true? It looks like that is your train of thought, rather than accept the situation that happens hundreds of times a week in courts all round the country - that he just didn’t receive the summons?
  9. Because only FF would be sent a letter with a court date on it. Before this, no-one is informed if he is going to be charged or not. He’s awaiting confirmation from the police as to whether he’s going to be charged. This letter, that he didn’t get, was that confirmation. There is literally no other way of him, his solicitor or his employer finding out about it.
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