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  1. Aston Villa Match - Big Prize Giveaway

    I thought Big Al ran the Sausage Cottage - must be a different Big Al
  2. Never noticed George from Stuart Little in the background - he's not on my McKee version
  3. why didn't the fitness guy (can't remember his name - his wife Hayley had / has cancer and Owlstalk helped raise some money for her) just get on with his job of keeping the players fit? I don't think he is responsible for all the injuries or anything but if Jos is saying the squad lacks basic fitness then that's down to him..... unless of course Carlos wouldn't let him keep them fit as part of some fiendish plan.....
  4. Glenn loovens please retire

    Saw GL in the Leppings Lane petrol station after the Swansea game. I thought I'd go up and ask him to retire like that old lady did to Yorath that time but GLs quite a unit so I just game him a thumbs up from the safety of the Subway
  5. More appropriate player names

    Glen Shitforthelast2seasons - not sure I've got the hang of this
  6. just love the tired old cliches such as ''Wednesday’s expensively assembled team should still be performing far better than they currently are'' surley he realises that Wednesday’s expensively assembled team are all injured and that the teams put out under Jos have been kids from the academy and free transfers or bargain binners (other than Reach & Joao)
  7. Strange but true...

    Jimmy Boxroom unless I'm mistaken
  8. Glenn loovens please retire

    Just don't understand why he insists on playing it across the back 4 in slow motion inviting on pressure which ends in Wildsmith lashing it up field and generally giving away possession. Sounds like Millwall had him sussed within 20 mins but kept on doing the same and playing into their hands
  9. Almen Abdi back playing

    is Abdi's contract up at the end of the season?
  10. Inept TV research

    Clinton was on Fighting Talk on R5 in the morning - predicted a Wednesday win with Big Dave to score
  11. People sat near you at matches

    Mad Bernard sits near us - although haven't seen / heard him much this season - he really made up for it though at the Birmingham game. Probably my highlight of the season at Hillsborough.
  12. Rhodes’ Absence

    Probably - I sit behind the directors box and so always have a quick look at who's there. Have seen Hutch a couple of times and when he's not on the bench Dawson is quite often in there but never seen the majority of the injured players - just shows if they are not playing most of them don't give a fizz about the club (or they are smashing into the mni-bar in Hoopers box)
  13. Rhodes’ Absence

    Rhodes was sat in the directors' box yesterday so unlikely to be a fall out with Jos as surely he'd have just stayed away
  14. Clean Sheets

    but last 3 have been against teams in the top 8 who are all chasing promotion - and 2 were away from home - so on that form we should wee wee it