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  1. must have slept through those games as I don't remember it at all. Loved him when he was with us on loan - felt sure he was destined for bugger things than Bolton
  2. Never understood why there is no exit via LL from the South whenever the away team bring more than a few hundred but they let the North entre & exit via LL. I suppose it limits the home fans in the same area as away fans but always seemed a bit pointless given us Southstanders can barely be bothered to do any angry pointing let alone anything more nawty. Even more ridiculous the other season when they stopped access to the South from LL before the match but let away fans coming off Penistone Rd and down the back of the South through the same gate in the opposite direction - I expect we will see this again tomorrow. Before this latest stitch up the stewarding has been appalling for years with the 'rules' changing week by week. Just don't get me started on the door 'men' at the Wednesday Tap - they use clickers - say no more
  3. that was a great goal to be fair - on the back of that performance I was sure we were going up that year....
  4. Except it wasn't a free kick - ball had gone away from the striker and he moved towards to Matias to take the contact - just as FF did with Pukki earlier in the game
  5. Likewise - accepted on my email address & postcode - all other details different - I think my kids will be having a vote later....... all 25 of them
  6. Agreed - I thought Winnal looked quite bright against Derby but really rusty against B'burn. Luckily they had a bunch of dwarves in defence so even Adthe couldn't miss for his goal - but credit where its due his closing down play was excelllent as well
  7. Literally the next thread I clicked on after posting! Can't help but feel I've jinxed the lad - oh well better go for a trawl on Pigsmad then ...
  8. I'd like to see Onmah given a chance under SB. He's an England U21 so can't be rubbish. As there is a bit more pace around him now I think he could play an imprtant role for us for the rest of the season
  9. or right back - it was like watching last seasons Liam Palmer how he was getting targeted by the opposition
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