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  1. that was a great goal to be fair - on the back of that performance I was sure we were going up that year....
  2. Except it wasn't a free kick - ball had gone away from the striker and he moved towards to Matias to take the contact - just as FF did with Pukki earlier in the game
  3. Likewise - accepted on my email address & postcode - all other details different - I think my kids will be having a vote later....... all 25 of them
  4. Agreed - I thought Winnal looked quite bright against Derby but really rusty against B'burn. Luckily they had a bunch of dwarves in defence so even Adthe couldn't miss for his goal - but credit where its due his closing down play was excelllent as well
  5. Literally the next thread I clicked on after posting! Can't help but feel I've jinxed the lad - oh well better go for a trawl on Pigsmad then ...
  6. I'd like to see Onmah given a chance under SB. He's an England U21 so can't be rubbish. As there is a bit more pace around him now I think he could play an imprtant role for us for the rest of the season
  7. or right back - it was like watching last seasons Liam Palmer how he was getting targeted by the opposition
  8. Now you mention it - deffo Kent Walton - he's a big grapple fan and had come to see Hec v Madine
  9. Absolutely disgraceful - what an embarrassment for the club - wearing Superdry in 2019 FFS
  10. I really thought Boyd & Mattias would start putting in big performances to win a new contract - like JJ & Big Dave (and if you believe the snipers Liam Palmer) - it seems they can't even be arsed to do that.
  11. that was proper closing down - compare it to Joao and Reach jogging up to their defence with no intention of putting a challenge in
  12. I thought he was one of the least worst we've had this season - let the game flow quite well
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