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  1. Redfern Froggatt

    Final friendly

  2. Redfern Froggatt

    Chris Waddle - Coolest #SWFC Player Ever

    Utter rounduns - no way is the tracksuit suede
  3. Redfern Froggatt

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    Booo - who needs sensible responses a this time of night!!! - although was quite suprised at the lack of Liverpool players / staff consoling him - and particularly when he went to the fans to apologies at the end Only saw the TV footage but no one was in the same camera shot as Karius at that oint. still mst make KW think he can get a pay rise for sitting on the bench in the prem and then find himself 1st choice in no time at all
  4. If you consider that Simon Minnolet only got a game at Sunderland because Westwood was injured a few years ago - and that was enogh to get him a move to Liverpool - where Karius now gets picked above him............... Given that my granny would have only let one n tonight - just how much is Westwood worth? - one man solution to FPP
  5. Redfern Froggatt


    limp or hobble maybe - definately not walk other than with the assistance of crutches
  6. Redfern Froggatt

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    I'd take that - Wolves have only scored 82 this season and we tend to get a couple every season from midfield. Knowing our luck though the defence would turn into Sunderlands and we'd have +2goal difference at the end of the season.
  7. Redfern Froggatt

    Nuhiu felt unloved

    Agree with this - when Baker missed a ball near the South in the 2nd half there were no moans or groans despite it being a basic error. I'm not saying he should have been booed - he probably didn't (and rightly so) as he was having a great debut - but the contrast to the treatment Nuhiu got was noticeable
  8. Redfern Froggatt

    Ash Baker

    Lots of players with ability don't fulfil their potential for numerous reasons - we've had our fair share (Ranger and Bothroyd in recent years) - in Haslam's case he struggled to cope with the pressure - all the ability in the wrld can't compensate for that
  9. Redfern Froggatt

    Ash Baker

    Haslam had a good record at England schoolboys level - the fact that he didn't have a great career with us was nothing to do with his ability. Mind you I thought Sanetti would win us the league single handedly so what do I know...
  10. Redfern Froggatt

    Hakeeeb Adelakun

    Scunny will be in a higher league than Sunderland next season
  11. Redfern Froggatt

    Andy Yiadom

    Not sure Hecky will last the summer - new manager might not fancy him. Also Leeds fans reckon the main reason they've been poo at the back this season (other than Bartley not being there) is that the pikey right back (Ayling?) has been injured for much of the season - if Yiadom has got anything about him he won't want to be just a squad player - even for the Champions of Europe
  12. Redfern Froggatt

    Skipper next season

    Kyle Bartley (see other thread)
  13. Redfern Froggatt

    Warren Clarke and Jack Lee sign New Deals

    Defensive midfielder i think
  14. Redfern Froggatt

    Adam Reach

    I noticed this - same happened at the Hull match. Bazza prefers to float a 60 yarder out to the wing which the opposition defence shuffle across to snuff out rather than a feeding Reach in a much better position
  15. Redfern Froggatt

    Tribunal compensation for Hirsty, Clare , etc

    Although Ampadu is clearly ahead of Hirst in his development he is a defensive midfielder. Strikers always command the highest transfer fees - so lets hope the same is true of tribunal fees