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  1. Redfern Froggatt

    Bannan Bodyguard Rota

    FF & Hooper don't take the ball off the toes of the back 4 like BB has a tendancy to do. I'm all for our best players having an influence on the game - just rather they did it where it had the most impact (ie in the opposition half)
  2. Redfern Froggatt

    Blame for their goals

    but Loovens was dog poo for his last 2 seasons wih us - so that was never the solution
  3. Redfern Froggatt

    Villa pubs

    Managed to get a ticket for Villa away for the first time in years so I've no idea what the options are for pubs - any suggestions? I'm meeting up with others going directly to the stadium so preferably a pub near the ground rather than Birmingham City Centre
  4. Redfern Froggatt

    Bannan Bodyguard Rota

    I'd like to see Bannan playing 20 yards up the pitch rather than coming back so deep. When he comes back the obvious / easy ball is a 5 yard square pass to him rather than tying to pick out a runner or forward option - so thats all Penney, Thornily etc look to do. If BB was 20 yards further forward then they'd probably pass to him just as much but he'd be in a bettter position to play a killer pass himself. I know he set up the first with a ball from deep yesterday but for me he was most effective in CC's first season when he was 30 yards from the opposition goal dictating play. I think the youngsters can be trusted to look for other options but its not suprising they don't with BB coming back to cllect the ball from them
  5. Redfern Froggatt

    Ryan Woods

    part of the reason he had so much room is that Pessy stuck to Joe Allen like glue - although nulifying thst threat gave Woods acres of space as no one else in our midfield can tackle
  6. Redfern Froggatt

    Petter Rudi

    this - surely not only me and hawsmore remember him as the dogshit player he really was
  7. Redfern Froggatt

    Clare joins Swansea

    according to his twitter a couple of weeks ago he's still injured
  8. Redfern Froggatt

    Nando car accident

    I think its a fair shout that someone would have made it up.......
  9. Redfern Froggatt

    Nando car accident

    someone on here will know
  10. Redfern Froggatt

    Nando car accident

    they would have if Terry Henfleet had been driving
  11. Redfern Froggatt


    plenty of room for improvement in Adkin's house
  12. Redfern Froggatt

    Reach as LWB

    Couldn't be worse than Pellupessy could he? - seem to remember Palmer scored quite a few on loan to Tranmere playing CM. I agree with the fullbacks but they won't last all season playing week in weekout so we'll need some cover
  13. Redfern Froggatt

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    That is how it has turned out but nothing wrong with the logic. This is the first time this sort of thing has been done - lots of big clubs have feeder clubs in other countries and these same clubs hoover up all the best young talent from smaller clubs. Prior to this though they have always bought direct from the club and paid compo - eg Chelsea bought Ampadu direct from Exeter not via their Belgian feeder club where he will probably end up. Criticise DC for freezing out GH or not caving into his wage demands but don't criticise for not anticipating Leicester would pull this stunt because absolutely no one saw it coming
  14. Redfern Froggatt

    Guardian - George & David Hirst

    why would we accept £2m when we should have been entitled to this as a minimum in compo for developing GH since he was 12?
  15. Redfern Froggatt


    Correct - it was his son