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  1. Shirt auction

    it's such a shame this wasn't the 150th anniversary 3rd kit - would have really made it a real collectors item and would have raised even more for a great cause
  2. Have a nosey at this

    He's me Dad you cheeky bugger
  3. I heard CC was sacked 6 weeks ago but is still waiting for the D Taxi to take him to the airport
  4. Van Aken "We need wins. We need points"

    We need a centre back who can defend
  5. George Hirst - SWFC Prospect

    Can't remember the game but when Hirst came on for last 10 mins at Hillsborough last season he looked like he was nowhere near ready for the first team. Technically he is probably good enough but physically nowhere near. Also given that we paid £8m for a technically gifted striker who we've made bang average within a season - just think what the backlash would be like if we destroyed his confidence and set back his progress a few years. He needs a season on loan at League 1 level rather than another 40 goal season for the U23s - regardless if he is our player or Everton's or Leicester's. The comparison with Brookes is apples and pears - Brookes is not having centrebacks plough through him 10 times a game. George will still get this on loan in League 1 but will have the speed and technique to still be effective - in the championship with the way we play I think he would just become another bit part player before too long. Like eveyone on here I've no idea what contract he is has been offered and how far short of his demands that is, but its interesting to note that Notts County were interested in a loan pre-season before they realised he would be their highest paid player on his old contract.
  6. #boycottthekit

    If it was an artisan craft kit I'd happily pay £150
  7. The Wednesday Week striped shirt

    Can the giraffe bloke play centre back? - sign him up
  8. Matt Penney : goals

    I know the opposition might not be great in some of those clips but we have no one in the first team squad (FF included) who can hit a free kick like that
  9. Is Fletcher Really A Better Option Than Rhodes

    Didn't Fletch set up Hooper's 2nd yesterday?
  10. Fessi and Hutch

    Although yesterday was probably the best game I've seen Jones have, I would have loved to see Hutch steam into that mardy git Saiz
  11. Kit Pre-Orders

    FFP works on how much money the club looses in a financial year - so assuming the kit is released this season then pre-ordering won't make any difference.
  12. Song at Preston

    How does that song go that a few lads were trying to get going at Preston - the one about Fernando and his mate Daniel Pudil? - I couldn't make out all of the words even when stood behind them for most of half time. Sounded quite good but the foookers mumbled parts of it so couldn't tell whether it was decent or not.....
  13. Playoff final value from Deloitte

    The TUF guys sold out recently to some Chinese who previously tried to buy Hull. Hopefully means we are still on for a multi-million transfer kitty and the John West Megabowl after next year
  14. Did anyone see what I saw lol

    they'd have to go back a while to find evidence of how Hunt, Hutch and Lee take penalties. Had our strikers taken penalties this theory just might stand up to scrutiny