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  1. Redfern Froggatt

    Westwood starts u23

    I call bullshit on that teamsheet - there is no way a club still being investigated for having a paedo coach would be allowed to sign a player called Billy Sass-Davies
  2. Redfern Froggatt

    When Jos is gone

    I'm pretty sure DC is not telling him to play a back 4 one week, 5 the next and 4 again the week after. I agree JL probably doesn't have a free handbut that dosn't explain the bullshit tactics
  3. Redfern Froggatt

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    What I don't understand is why it took so long for him to have the op. He played in the U23s in early September - had a reaction and was clarly assessed at that point as it was announced that he'd be out until the New Year then. So if they know what's wrong and what's required - why wait until early November to go under the knife? He could be at least 3 weeks further into his recovery by now.
  4. Redfern Froggatt


    He looked out on his feet at the end of the Derby match as he's had so little game time recently. I suspect he wouldn't have come on last night until 60 - 70 mins if we hadn't been so woeful in the first half. He did look disinterested at times last night though - hopefully he is saving himself for Saturday
  5. Bloody auto correct - he's not a fool he's a tw@t like I typed first time round
  6. I quite enjoyed it. The fool who sits behind me and his fool kid not turning up were the high points
  7. Redfern Froggatt

    Sean Clare Signing for

    still playing for England Under 20s - so can't be doing too bad
  8. Redfern Froggatt


    Heckyhas been in the directors box 3 or 4 times this season - a couple of times with Warne and a couple of times with others - I really don't think too much should be read into him being there today.
  9. Redfern Froggatt

    Bannan's last three appearances

    I agree with the static comment but not team mates being behind him - the problem for me is that he comes so deep to collect the ball that it has to be a world class pass to get us on the attack - and even he can't do that all the time
  10. Redfern Froggatt


    Tony Soprano's Mum? - its a no from me
  11. Redfern Froggatt

    Youth - promoting it... or not actually?

    that worked out well last time we tried it
  12. Redfern Froggatt

    Defence Defence Defence

    that's exactly what Jos did for his first game away at Bumhole Lane - seems to have forgotten it less than a season later
  13. Redfern Froggatt

    What are we drinking tonight

    me too - just finished a couple of tinnies of Brewdog Electric India and a random Yeastie Boys Earl Grey IPA I found in the fridge so now smashing into the Jaipur until I've plucked up enough courage to watch the highlights on Quest
  14. Redfern Froggatt


    Nuhiu looked a stone lighter and yards quicker last season which helped earn him a new contract. Not sure if he has put weight back on but he looks slower than ever this season. His apologists bang on about how his great attitude makes up for limited talent but this stinks to me. Last season showed how effective he can be but I reckon he's just coasting now his got another 3 years contract
  15. Redfern Froggatt

    Who's had the toughest start?

    I think you need to build the Wednesday way of doing things into the formula - even when we've not been particularly competitive we'v raised our game against the tiop teams and underperfromed in games we should win (eg ever game against Burton ever). The wins against Reading, Milwall & Ipswich are the games we would have probably lost in previous seasons (in that they are teams in the botton half of the table rather than those particular clubs) and so regardless of who other teams aroud us have played I think we have made a good start.