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  1. Redfern Froggatt


    I think its just you - as I think he was crap again yesterday. At least we can admire his honesty as he has not suddenly become a world beater now that his contract is running out - he really is that rubbish now.
  2. Redfern Froggatt

    Not good enough

    Too many players went into hiding yesterday when they started kicking us off the park - Joao in particular although FF, Boyd & Reach rarely looked interested. Add to that our inability to threaten from corners and dead ball situations and its clear why we are having such difficulty scoring. My concern is that the Blunts will be equally up for it as Rovrum but have better players than them - so if we see a repeat of yesterday from our players then I fear the worst.
  3. to be fair I seem to remember him going on about his grown up kids coming to watch games and bouncing with the rest of the fans - but he clearly couldn't be arsed to come up with the usual massive cliches - shouldn't really hold that against him
  4. Redfern Froggatt

    Bruce Bulletpoints

    to be fair his track record in keeping teams up is not great (and it probably gets harder every year to achieve this) but I agree that he's leagues apart from the recent incumbents. Just think back to Wembley - although Hull had kept most of their Prem squad together and probably had the better team on paper, I bet that if the 2 managers were in the opposite dug outs then we'd have won that day
  5. Redfern Froggatt


    He is still on the scene currently. I hoped we'd seen the last of him after SB's appointment but he has still been in the directors box for the matches Agnew has been in charge for. Will be interesting to see whether he is still there now that SB is fully in charge
  6. Redfern Froggatt

    Club 1867 Launch

    I can remember Bradford City's 25 year season ticket scheme being a similar 'no brainer' until the club went into administration and the season ticket holders became unsecured creditors of the club with their tickets worthless. I can also remember Leeds raising debt against 10 years season ticket income to 'chase the dream' / buy more goldfish for Ridsdale. We've got to live within our means and if that means being uncompetitive for a couple of years while we get the highest paid contracts over with - then this is preferable in my mind to taking a massive financial gamble.
  7. Redfern Froggatt

    From a Wigan fans forum

    It's horses for courses - Fletch won nothing against the Hull centre backs all day long so continuing to punt it long to him just meant the ball came back at us quicker. Wigan centre backs looked shaky from the start giving away some unnecessary fouls early on - so it made perfect sense to put them under pressure.
  8. Redfern Froggatt


    automatic 3 match ban in my book for that
  9. Redfern Froggatt

    Will P&S kill us and the FL?

    not a very good one given how he spells break!
  10. Redfern Froggatt

    PPTV Sport China - live stream tonight

    Its on Radio Sheff with Brian Laws as pundit. I'm pretty sure we've never won a game that I've listened to Laws summarise on so have switched to iFollow - and as an added bonus I get to hear the previous 5 minutes 'action' all over again
  11. Redfern Froggatt

    Hull Bevvy

    Beverley much better than Hessle for a pint, but Hull Old Town probably the best or around the Marina and then 15 mins max in a cab to the ground
  12. I can't find any evidence of it but I always thought Julian Watts used to wear number 40 for us because he wasn't the brightest
  13. Redfern Froggatt

    Hull pubs for saturday

    Falcons - best kebab in the world - official. Is the Polar Bear still open?
  14. Redfern Froggatt

    Frederick Nielsen

    He came on for the last 10 mins up front away at Hull last season - which was long enough for me to realise that he'll never become a striker as long as I've got a hole in my a-rse