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  1. This is, hopefully, just the first step! The next authority to become involved should be the Police. It appears that a criminal offence has taken place which, in the workplace, would usually result in the loss of employment. If the FA find that the player has committed an offence, which appears likely from the video footage available, then the player should be subject to be a specific long term ban with the additional penalty to the Club of having the result overturned. Until such time as radical action is taken by the FA against both players and clubs, players will continue, w
  2. It was unfortunate that Luongo was missing tonight. He plugs the hole in the middle that was there for the first half. Pelupessy did well when he came on but either he or Deli-Bashiru should have been employed in that area for the whole game.
  3. Don't totally agree! Both of the throw-ins leading to the first goal were foul throws (foot off the ground), as are so many in all games these days. But, of course, you can't expect the referee to see such trivial things. And the booking of Odubajo was bizarre. He tried to block a clearance but didn't get anywhere near the player. Cynical fouls, however, by the opposition went punished only by free kicks without caution. Other than these and a couple of guesses, generally against Wednesday, he was ok.
  4. Two matches full of rubbish refereeing! O'Dowda should be sent off. The push on Iorfa is so blatant everyone except Andy Hinchcliffe saw it! Just watched Arsenal throw themselves to the ground all afternoon. When are referees going to actually enforce the laws of the game? I have to guess NEVER.
  5. I went to all the games up to the semi, along with about 6 or 8 lads from Creswell, but didn't make the Final having joined the RAF some 10 days before and having to work up to 1.00 at RAF Hereford. Far too late to get to London so sat with a Liverpool supporter in the TV room on camp, we didn't all have our own TV's them, and cried together at the end. And that N, S, E, W banner is mine! My mam did a great job on the sewing machine for me. I recognise Phil Clayton on the right of the picture but not anyone else. All of the away trips were fantastic, proper sticky pitches, but that cup run
  6. Just checked the "Official" SWFC website, line-up shown on the matchday page shows that number 44 is playing but we don't know his name!!
  7. Please send Mr Stroud the following extract from the Laws of the Game: "A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched* by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by: interfering with play by playing or touching a ball passed or touched by a team-mate or interfering with an opponent by: preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or" I guarantee the next time we see such 'interference' it will be flagged offside, simply
  8. 25 years in total, shiney-arsed crabfat. Didn't miss a game home or away (on the thumb) for two and a half seasons until the '66 cup final. Joined on 6 May 66, cup final ticket in hand, but had to watch from the back row of the tv room at RAF Hereford with a Liverpool supporter (Paul Jones). Hereford to Waddington (Giant Voice 69) Roy Shingler a Chief Tech off Line Sqn used to give me a lift in his Mk10 Jag and park in the yard of a pub his brother ran on Penistone Road that's gone now. To Gan then back to Patrington (Staxton Wold), playing for 11 Group and Strike, then Northwood where I w
  9. He's a cheat! Bruce is a cheat, I can imagine his last words to Dawson at Wembley to make sure he stops Fessi, particularly after the miscarriage a few weeks earlier! They will do anything to win. There's no place in football for cheats, I don't want any in Wednesday's team thank you. The problem is that the referees and the authorities do nothing about it.
  10. Cheadle, Stockport at 9.00 then on to Chapel-en-le-Frith. Parking on someone's drive in Wembley. Green Man about 1.00. Buzzing!!
  11. A message for mancowl08. Travelling on your own must be a ball-ache. I'm going from Cheadle plus another Cheadle and one from Chapel. You're welcome to contact me if you're interested. I think we're leaving around 9.00 ish, parking about a mile from Wembley on someone's drive. We're all in block 125, similar position to our seats at Hillsborough.
  12. Not trying to usurp you but I have a spare ticket for the North, on the edge of the penalty area at the kop end. My lad's got to work and I don't want it wasted so someone can have it if they want. I'll take a donation if one's there but not absolutely necessary. The alternative is an empty seat when someone could be part of the day and our's and Wednesday's success.
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