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  1. Lytham Owl was there first with a Private Message to me! Hope you get a ticket Tina Tuna!
  3. Dear Wednesdayites, I have a spare ticket for the WYCOMBE game this Saturday, North Stand, Block Q Row, 43, just off half way line, about 2/3 up in the stand. Face value to anyone who wants it, £26.00 My mate has now got a ticket in the Leppings Lane end next to his missus rather than being on his own. First person to reply can have it for £26.00 - we can do a PayPal transaction or sort out another way. Ticket is ready - is an e-ticket from SWFC Online so I can email you the ticket for you to print! Job done! Let me know! - Rory The Southern Owl
  4. Fellow Wednesdayites! Got your weekend planned? I have, right up to the kick off! Boxing Massacre Dinner tomorrow night at Hillsborough, match on Sunday, lots of ale in between! My blog is now on Wednesdayite if you fancy a read. It outlines my plans...what's yours? I'm WELL fired up, don't know about you! http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/blogs/840-owls-blog-my-steel-city-derby-weekend.html - Rory 'The Southern Owl'
  5. http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/blogs/803-owls-blog-the-fa-cup-hokey-cokey.html Thanks for having a look! - The Southern Owl
  6. Dear Wednesdayites, My new blog is now up on wednesdayite.com - have a read if you have some time to kill. Just me rambling on about all things Wednesday. http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/blogs/767-owls-blog-ginnnnger-mourinho.html Cheers! - The Southern Owl
  7. Dear Wednesdayites, My 2nd blog of the season is now up on Wednesdayite.com http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/blogs/731-owls-blog-owls-second-in-the-league-on-fifa-11.html UTO!! - Rory The Southern Owl
  8. Dear Wednesdayites! Nevermind the pre-season, we're up and running! Blackpool tonight and Bournemouth on Saturday. If you're going on Saturday - see you there! In the meantime, nice to back here after a break over the summer! UTO! http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/blogs/713-owls-blog-rolling-out-the-big-guns.html - Rory The Southern Owl (of many, I know!)
  9. Dear Wednesdayites, If you need a killer for 5 mins - have a look, if not, carry on! http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/blogs/622-owls-blog-wednesday-or-rugby.html UTO! - Rory The Southern Owl
  10. Dear Wednesdayites, Why not have a read and kill 10mins? http://www.wednesdayite.com/index.php/voice/blogs/586-owls-blog-rorys-1st-birthday.html - Rory The Southern Owl
  11. Dear Wednesdayites, My blog's been up for some time, but since there's been a few problems with the website it's now up and 'readble'. I think. It may help take your mind off all the negativity recently? Hope we get an away win today at MK. Link for blog is below. UTO! - The Southen Owl http://www.wednesdayite.com/voice/blogs/547-owls-blog-lets-have-a-bloomin-laugh.html
  12. Thanks Des! I won't try and keep up with you - too quick. - TSO
  13. Dear Wednesdayites, Coming up to Hillsborough on Saturday Dec 11th for our game against The Gas. We're planning to go the dog track afterwards for a laugh - then perhaps find somewhere that has the Klitschko V Chisora Heavyweight title fight on Sky? (Not on Box Office, is on normal Sky Sports). Would Napoleon's have the boxing on? Is there still that rule in British Gambling Law that you have to be a member and have applied 24hrs before you show up to a casino? Or can you just bowl up and get in? (I've seen on the web it says you can get into Napoleon's as long as you're over 18 - and we're WELL over that!) Any other venues or ideas for post-match laddish activities? It'll be me and two Rovers fans. - The Southern Owl
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