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  1. Because, if you assume Barnsley win their game in hand (worst case scenario for us in terms of avoiding relegation), Bolton would be third from bottom - and they can't catch us, so we're OK.
  2. As a general rule, once you've served your sentence, you should be allowed to get on with your life. I can see that there should be special rules for people in positions of trust (eg. law enforcement, legal/medical professions, contact with children/elderly). I can't see why that applies to football. I also think there's a difference between, say, Gary Madine (who recognises that he's committed a crime, and has apologised) and Ched Evans (who has shown no remorse, apparently still believes he is innocent, is still trying to appeal, and whose supporters have illegally published the name of his victim on Twitter).
  3. Erm, they've just been arrested right? Not prosecuted or found guilty (at least, not yet). Not sure why the club is referring to them as "offenders." Innocent till proven guilty surely. What happens if you're standing next to someone with a flare, and the police pick you up by mistake. Do you get an automatic stadium ban from the club?
  4. What's the story, and why were we banned? My footballing memory doesn't go back that far.
  5. Talk about watching paint dry. Can't wait for the new season.
  6. Don't teams get a choice between two fixed patterns of home/away fixtures? So if you're first day home, it's got to be last day away, and vice versa. Or something like that.
  7. There are now four teams tied on 47 points: us, Barnsley, Huddersfield and Blackburn. We survive as long as we outscore ANY ONE of the others over the next seven games. Or just match Huddersfield's tally. (This is assuming we also stay ahead of Posh and Bristol C, and assuming Huddersfield can't turn around a relative goal difference of 15.) Surely we can do that. The form over the last seven is: Owls: W3, L3, D1, 10 pts Barnsley: W3, L3, D1, 10 pts Huddersfield: W3, L3, D1, 10 pts Blackburn: W0, L4, D3, 3 pts Ridiculously tight, I know, but surely we must be capable of either outscoring Blackburn or matching Huddersfield. Thinking about it this way, we've got three good ways of staying up. Trying to stay positive after a really upsetting draw today, but that hopefully puts a more positive perspective on it all.
  8. Oh c'mon. 12 month conditional discharge. Judge obviously felt he was guilty on a technicality, and hadn't done very much wrong.
  9. I think that's what Megson did when he first took over from Irvine, isn't it? The team's confidence was in tatters, and he played quite a defensive formation for a few games just to kick the losing streak on the head. Sorry I can't remember the specifics.
  10. It wasn't just the penalties. It was the way he kept stopping play, and wouldn't let the game flow. By mid-way through the second half it was obvious that he'd lost control of the match - you could tell from the body language, the way he was interacting with players, the way he kept getting barracked and surrounded whenever anything happened. Since you bring the penalties up: the first one was a blatant dive. Thought so on the night, and still think so after seeing the replay. The second one was harsh, but I've seen them given. The complaint is not so much that he called it wrong, but that he let play carry on for half a minute first, then let his linesman persuade him to change his mind.
  11. I don't think we were brilliant at the start of that season. We were average at best. We only got good results early on because other teams were scared of us, and set up to defend. Brentford were just the first team to work out how bad we were, and play for the win.
  12. Membership does make a big difference in terms of getting away tickets. I have membership rather than a season ticket (I live away from Sheffield, and have to work evenings and some Saturdays), and I think the only games I couldn't get an away ticket to last season were Blunts and Huddersfield. I went to about eight or nine away games I think.
  13. Cheers! You've given me a lift there, at the end of a long and difficult day in court. :-)
  14. I agree completely - and thanks very much for starting this thread. The problem of homophobie in football doesn't get anywhere near enough attention. From personal experience, I've only ever once heard a racist comment at a football game (although I'm sure racism is still a serious issue and there's still plenty more work to be done), but I've heard a fair bit of casual homophobia. Stuff like fans shouting "poof" and "nancy boy" at players, as if those were acceptable words to use. God knows what it would be like if the player in question actually was gay. There are 92 league clubs, with dozens of players each. Statistically, there absolutely must be gay players out there. Sure, they don't have to come out if they don't want to - it's their business, and they're entitled to keep it private if they want to. But nobody should be forced to keep their sexual orientation a secret because they're scared it would wreck their career. I'm sure given the choice, most players would rather be open about it, without it making a difference.
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