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  1. just visiting

    Next season

    He'll have his contract paid up this week I'm told. Maybe a decent bloke but out of depth at LUFC.
  2. just visiting

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    After reading the first two pages, that's what I was thinking. After a season long loan deal is finished, where did people think he's going to go?
  3. just visiting

    Can we sponsor the shirt?

    Huddersfield Town had a £2m shirt sponsorship deal. Give over. The owner of Pure Legal Ltd probably paid £300k max and will have got a couple of exec boxes and some perimeter adverts chucked in for good will.
  4. just visiting

    Bell of the season -Championship

    100 or so PL appearances, mostly with clubs fighting relegation, appear to have given him a big fish in a small pond attitude to Championship football. I think the fact a poor West Ham side had the luxury of off loading him back to the Championship says alot about his ability to swim in the big pond.
  5. just visiting

    Westwood Going

    Think, due to injuries to Fairclough and Whyte, the players you're referring to played about seven times between them. Wilko saw potential obviously, particularly in Wetherall but they were never going to replace our first choice older centre halves that season.
  6. just visiting

    Westwood Going

    Two seasons ago maybe. I can't see how £25k per week sat on your bench is a win win. Unavoidable due to his contract but hardly a win win for the club.
  7. just visiting

    Westwood Going

    Unless he is offered a three year contract somewhere else on at least £15-20k a week, which lets face it, at 34 next with a poor injury record last season, is unlikely. I'd presume he'll see out his £25k a week contract at SWFC and keep his powder dry until next summer.
  8. 16/17 season for Reading included two play off semi finals and one final. A fourth round away fixture at Arsenal in the League Cup and a third round FA Cup fixture at Old Trafford, both sell outs and on TV. Plus the £1m+ for being the losing play off final club. So the perfect storm for income revenue streams really. 17/18 revenue will be a lot less.
  9. just visiting

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    The majority on here taken in by Nixon's rumor mongering. He's the type of journo that puts £1 each way on each horse in a race then claims he picked the winner. I told you all at the time but was laughed out of here. There never was a bid for him and certainly not one for £15m! Fulham were skint. Have a look at their transfer dealing this season. They had to sell Sone Aluko to raise fund for any in comings and he went for about £5m.
  10. just visiting

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Why not?, I take an interest in all clubs finances who are in the same league.
  11. just visiting

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    From my interpretation of the new rules, that ship has sailed. £39m allowable losses for season 15/16, 16/17 & 17/18. 15/16 £9.7m loss 16/17 £20.7m loss 17/18 season, not much will have changed from the previous season in either income or losses I'd presume, so another £20m loss. Total of £50m. Then lets say you have total exceptable losses ( infrastructure, youth, training ground ect..) of £11m, that takes you right on the edge of £39m for this accounting period. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your problem now is that your lowest losses from season 15/16 drop out and, to all intents and purposes, will be replaced by a projection of the clubs accounts for season 18/19. You can't afford to post another set of £20m+ losses, so like I posted earlier, the EFL will be monitoring your financial situation very carefully over this summer and will probably have already advised player sales and a significant wage bill reduction are required to bring you back in line. I personally think you have a two/three year period of restructure ahead to bring yourselves back in line with the permitted losses limit. Just my opinion, no disrespect intended.
  12. just visiting

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    You've not thought that post through have you?
  13. just visiting

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Surely a squad with a £30m wage bill, even after your injury record this season, should be finishing above both us and the blades who probably didn't have £30m between us. Not just SWFC have injury problems ya know. Enjoy the points though if that represents success for the season.
  14. just visiting

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Clubs would be informed before the end of the season, nothing has to be published officially.
  15. Out with a mate of mine last night who works at county FA. He'd heard from a reliable source that no Championship clubs will face sanctions this summer with regards to the P&S rules. What he did say was that definitely two clubs ( NFFC & SWFC), maybe three or four (DCFC & AVFC) depending on play off results, that whilst not officially under sanctions, would have to provide evidence to the EFL over the summer that they are taking steps to bring their accounts into line and reduce losses significantly for the next accounting period which includes projections for season 18/19 accounts.