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  1. Profit and sustainability seems a bit of a strange title given by the EFL seeing as hardly any clubs make a profit and most losses aren't sustainable. In my view, the rolling three year losses and £39m limits should be scrapped and a wages to turnover ratio of no more than 75% from the previous seasons accounts should be set for clubs to be judged against. TV money for relegated PL clubs would be allowable but only in line with what Championship receive, around £7m but they still can hold a slight advantage by being gauged against PL attendances and commercial from the season before. For example. West Brom relegated last season with a turnover of £150m ( £110m TV money and £40m commercial / match day) They can add £7m of the TV money to their other associated income to make a total of £47m and 75% of that can be used a wage bill of £35m. They would obviously have to sell players to achieve this but the benefit being, if they don't achieve promotion this season they will have a larger wages to turnover pot in 19/20 season. Simples.
  2. Your accounts publish it as match receipts and associated turnover, so the £16m match day figure quoted includes around £7m from TV money, PL solidarity payments and EFL central distributions. In the 14/15 accounts the associated turnover was around £3.5m, so your ticket price increase has probably added £3m. Still enough to vindicate his strategy I'd guess.
  3. No I didn't, I just had a quick look at there official accounts on companies house. Try it instead of guessing or making things up.
  4. Your posts keep me entertained. After player sales they posted a £43m loss, take off maybe £6-7m of exceptional losses and for P&S reporting, they would have been well within. The maximum allowances for them over the three accounting periods were £83m and they'd made good profits for two of them, so no problem. Had they not gone up, then that would have been a different story and costs would have had to have been made (like Villa now) but they got it right and went straight back up. Did FFP prevent Huddersfield breaking into the PL or Brighton or Cardiff?
  5. Ha, I'm thick? Did you actually believe what was been told to you by CC? You're season tickets prices aren't that high, about on par with most other clubs your size. So you're talking about the 3-4000 walk ups every home game. Did you honestly believe maintaining the high prices of match day tickets would mean you keeping a £30m wage bill for a club with £23m turnover? Look at your financial performances over the last three seasons, you may struggle to grasp it but we can live in hope.
  6. Sorry, my mistake. I thought I read your post as " then they should be offering up refunds or f00king apology. "
  7. Good grief, you moan when prices are cheap about the lack of investment in the squad and then after just three years paying fairly high ticket prices, which included two top six finishes, you want refunds and apologies cause the club is having to balance its books. SWFC must be proud of you SiJ.
  8. Compared to 95% of other Championship clubs, we are very solid financially. Well within P&S rules and with plenty of scope for a decent transfer budget.
  9. £7m allowable losses in 16/17 but only £3m in 15/16 any reason why?
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