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  1. I should clarify, I believe this offer is open to non-Gainsborough residents. UT(G)O!
  2. No, to be honest I'd be surprised if he'd figured out how to add an avatar, but he's the only Wednesdayite I know in G-town All the rest are Blades
  3. Dad!? I thought Mum had banned you from using the computer after you left the blinds open?
  4. Not seen this posted before, sorry if I've missed it: Tesco Clubcard Quick, stop the Mrs. spending those Clubcard vouchers you've never been bothered about before! Impressed to see the club looking at another way to get people through the doors for these z-list games... no good if you're a season ticket holder, but not the games your '10-match a season man' would probably pick. Or maybe a good way to introduce non-Owls to Wednesday for free. Well done Wednesday, anyway. UTO.
  5. As we won't be wearing the cursed yellow kit I reckon The Wednesday will win 2-1... Mazy Coke run and an old-school 30-yd Spurr volley in the last minute! UTO.
  6. Me +0 Got one of the last seats left and I'm not far from Scunny... ...shame I've got to get over to Sheffield to pick the tickets up first! 2-1 The Wednesday... (Coke & Spurr). UTO!
  7. I have to admit I'm one of the ones who sigh when his name is called out in the line-up, but I thought he looked like a different player today and put in what was probably his best ever shift for Wednesday. Never bothered posting before but praise where praise is due... Well done Lewis, 40-odd more games like that this season and I'll be happy...
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