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  1. Will this be £10 on gate or just in advance?
  2. Sign up folks. Love this game. fully recommend it. already had £200 amazon voucher from it.
  3. Sorry if it's in wrong section guys but just thought I'd let you know about a new football predictor game where you can bet against other users and your mates to win cash and prizes. Please sign up today at http://bit.ly/1bi2qBT
  4. Is there many left for this, it went on members sale today so just wondering if there's gonna be many left for general sale on monday?
  5. How many is left for this match? Wanting to get some on general sale but just wondering if there'll be any left?
  6. Where's best to get bus to Chapeltown after? The bus stop outside the gate is only showing buses going through Ecclesfield and then you have to walk to somewhere else in Ecclesfield for another bus to Chapeltown. Does anyone know where is best to go to get a direct bus to Chapeltown after the game on Friday? And does anyone know how many tickets are left on the Kop? there's normally a thread telling people but that appears to have been taken over by leeds fans arguing with our fans about attendances.
  7. Still looking if anyone has one spare let me know.
  8. Local News Bees bosses condemn attack on teenage fan Mar 20 2012 By Lima Curtis SENIOR managers at Brentford FC have spoken out after a young fan was attacked by away supporters. Bees chief executive Mark Devlin, and operations manager Tony Ashley condemned the incident, which left a teenage boy left with a bad eye injury. Mr Devlin said: “I have spoken to the family of the young supporter and they have told me he is on the mend. Brentford Football Club will do what it can to help him during his recovery." The youth, aged about 15, is understood to have been with friends when they were approached by a group of men chanting Sheffield United songs after the game on Saturday March 10. The boys said the men ran towards them in the central reservation of the A4, near a petrol station on Ealing Road in Brentford at 5.45pm. Mr Ashley said though the crowd at the match was bigger than average, organisers had no indication anything untoward had occurred and the club was saddened when they learned it had. Mr Devlin added: “Like everyone in football, we abhor all violence. We do not want anyone to leave Griffin Park and fear for their safety and will do all we can to make sure all supporters enjoy their day." There are ongoing enquiries between Hounslow Police, Sheffield United and South Yorkshire Police. Anyone who saw the incident should contact Ken White on ken.white@met.police.co.uk. http://www.hounslowchronicle.co.uk/west-london-news/local-hounslow-news/2012/03/20/bees-bosses-condemn-attack-on-teenage-fan-109642-30580704/ flipping scum.
  9. Went to Orient on Saturday, it was a top away day, love london away days their class. I have a dilemma however, I'm a member so I highly doubt I'll get a ticket for this one but I loved it saturday and I fancy doing another london away day this season in brentford away. Just wondering whether or not I should buy train tickets and go in home end but not sure how easy it is to get a ticket in their end, do you need to be on their database or anything? It's just I don't want to buy my train tickets and then be unable to get in our end or their end. This game could be a game where we potentially get promoted and if it did turn out to be that i'd wanna be in home end but find it hard to contain myself.
  10. I'm off down on the train to this one and looking forward to it, despite last night's result. Where's everyone drinking and what trains we on? I'm on the 8 in the morning the train and on the way back I'll be on the half 7 train back which is going to Leeds, who else will be on this train back? Can see it being mixed with us and leeds scum. I'm changing at Doncaster for train back to Sheff. Anyone know how many's left for this one? When I got my ticket, there was 700 left so I know we'll be taking 2,000 down at least which is still good support. Got a few orient supporting mates and they said their awful at the moment and are conceding goals for fun so hopefully we can exploit that and beat them on Saturday but saying that apart from Charlton away our record in London is awful.
  11. there's shuttle buses apparently after game back to station mate. I've found what you did for £50 without railcard, it's £8 dearer because I want to drink in colchester before game and i'll be in colchester for 12. and back home for nearly 11pm.
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