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  1. The Massive today

    Just got back, absolute quality weekend. My seat was near the neutral area, it was funny to see them foot tapping and trying to join in with the songs. When Fletcher scored the whole lot went up, I think we acquired some new fans Saturday UTO
  2. Shef wedsneigh

    Might as well thrown my £5 down the drain finished last. UTO
  3. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Wasn't a Threat !!! UTO
  4. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Is that right !! I will find out who you are. UTO
  5. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Do you realise you've been taking the pi** out of my son. You're in for a fu**ing kicking mate. UTO
  6. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    I think we should be having a little bit of a meet up. UTO
  7. Ross Blair

    RIP Ross. So sad
  8. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    To be fair every club owner wants that premier league money now, even the teams with parachute payments are gambling, We are no different. I'm not daft we do well Mr Chansiri does well, but I'm pretty sure Mr Chansiri would fund the lot if he was aloud to, I genuinely think he is a fan. I do agree we have a fantastic side at the moment with a few tweaks ( we all know what we need ) we will all get what we want sooner rather than later. UTO
  9. Quality young keeper, I'm sure Joe will do us all proud and become England's number one. ( yes I think he's that good ). UTO
  10. Probably testicles but....

    Coming from you mate that post is excellent, really made me burst out laughing. UTO
  11. Sailing close to the FFP wind

    Is that straight out of your selfie collection Geoffrey, I can understand why you're a bit of a loaner. You really are a ugly fu**er. UTO
  12. Sailing close to the FFP wind

    Obviously touched a nerve !!!! UTO
  13. Sailing close to the FFP wind

    Why do you even bother supporting Sheffield Wednesday, with such a negative attitude against the club it makes me wonder you even do UTO
  14. Sailing close to the FFP wind

    How about coming back to me when the transfer window closes. Apparently !! You've obviously got fornicate all else to do but save old posts ? I still believe there is money to be spent in this window. So for now you keep sipping the cocoa By the way I will be doing the club 1867 deal will you ? UTO
  15. Owls Launch Club 1867 Membership

    Fabulous idea, if it's going to help my club achieve what we all want I will find the money and do my bit. UTO