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  1. What do you really think the answer will be !! UTO
  2. Just my own view on things, but what really gets me is people like you who are fans but don’t really go to games, and love to down the club at every opportunity ! UTO
  3. If you read it again, I BELIEVE !! Are the words I said, if you’re trying to be smart do it to someone else. UTO
  4. I’ve said it before, I believe Wednesday have acted above board and have done nothing wrong. Now the EFL are having a go at Derby and Birmingham again, the only way this is going is the club’s will tell the EFL to go and do one. Other clubs will follow knowing the Premier league 2 is just around the corner, I say bring it on !! UTO
  5. Renewed mine on the first day, looking through the thread it’s the same people moaning that was moaning last season and the season before ......... UTO
  6. HaHa my fat fingers !! Deducted. UTO
  7. We will not be dedicated any points. UTO
  8. Was introduced to all the lads this morning at the training ground. UTO
  9. Was told last night at QPR Wickham will be in the match day squad on Tuesday. UTO
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