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  1. So again you would strip the side to get one player ? Thorniley is a fantastic young centre half, and Van Aken showed a lot of quality before getting injured. But you want to get rid. I think you should take a bit of time and think about what you’re posting UTO
  2. Do you really think Bruce will rip a side apart to get Hector, when we’ve got the German lad in. Hector at the moment is to expensive for us. UTO
  3. You’ve said Reach is one of our best players and I agree, he will not be sacrificed to get Hector tho and that’s a fact !! Any wheeling and dealing will be done with others, a couple of names were mentioned, but didn’t ask you all know I won’t say. UTO
  4. Hector will be very difficult, Chelsea will want a sale. UTO
  5. Arrons is definitely on the list, but Newcastle want a sale hopefully Bruce can sort that one out. UTO
  6. All of them are on a free, will be officially announced 1st July. UTO
  7. Was told this morning we have 4 done deals. Owls in park could be the unveiling of them, but not 100% on that and another 3 possibly 4 within the next 3 to 4 weeks. UTO
  8. There will be a couple more in the coming weeks. UTO
  9. Why not ? We have ball players, we have been crying out for a big strong midfielder. Diame could be that man. UTO
  10. Unfortunately I can’t see Hector coming back, we’ll want a loan Chelsea will want the money and a lot of it. UTO
  11. Been told today Bruce will do all he can to get Diame playing for Wednesday next season. UTO
  12. Been told there’s a very good chance we will see Aarons back at Hillsborough next season. UTO
  13. Surprised at this one, thought half term had finished. UTO
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