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  1. I believe it’s costing us 500,000 to appeal, are we doing that for fun or are we doing that because we know we have a genuine chance of overturning the sentence !! UTO
  2. Wouldn’t worry about him mate, he’s definitely been down to the training ground to meet the lads and said his goodbyes ! UTO
  3. He’s got to get in the Watford side first ! Man Utd will have him back in a flash if he doesn’t make the starting 11 every week ! UTO
  4. JJ definitely a speed boat without a driver !! seriously it’s got to be Warhurst for fastest, slowest we’ve had some cart horses over the years !! UTO
  5. Certainly don’t do the computer thing but I’m quite handy with the iPhone, especially with a can in mi hand ! UTO
  6. He was always signing for Wednesday ! It was the Rangers side of things that was the problem ! UTO
  7. We obviously don’t broadcast anything till it’s done, by the way that’s how it should be ! UTO
  8. It’s all about opinions ! It’s ok having the money but to replace him like for like, it will end up costing more ! UTO
  9. To be honest, if we want promotion Iorfa is the last player We want to let go !! He is key to everything we are trying to build !! UTO
  10. Don’t worry mate, it’s sorted !! UTO
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