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  1. Very hard to pick one out, thought all the lads put an excellent shift in !! UTO
  2. Yes As much as he wants no absolutely loads the lot yes Hope I’ve been helpful UTO
  3. I didn’t say anything about racism ! But now you mention it, I would say in this climate it would be looked at. The white man bullying the black man. UTO
  4. Can you imagine if was the other way round ! With BLM being rammed down people’s throats every day. It’d be on news at ten !! UTO
  5. Getting out of division is priority ! Not the style of football, Tony Pulis will do well for us. He has my backing !! UTO
  6. He wasn’t my first choice, but in my opinion a good one ! He won’t only keep us up, I think he’ll get us to that playoff place we all crave for !!! UTO
  7. He’s definitely my number one choice ! UTO
  8. Tommy’s a good lad ! I chat with him all the time. UTO
  9. We played the game like a few other clubs, the EFL didn’t like it and tried to make an example of us. Let’s hope certain other clubs get the same punishment !! UTO
  10. The list would be massive ! You know that, posters had us hung drawn and quartered ! Me personally I’ve always believed we would get something back ! UTO
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