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  1. The times of both games have been altered, to accommodate the fans leaving the stadium. Unfortunately the trams will not be running after 22.00 hours. Hope that helps ! UTO
  2. Reading owlstalk and believing it !! UTO
  3. Do you really think that Mr Chansiri has only one bank account !! UTO
  4. That decision as been on the cards for a month or so, that also means TP will get the green light !! UTO
  5. You’re right ! Kev didn’t receive the book, did Kev expect one. No He didn’t !! UTO
  6. I’ve said this before, it wasn’t about the book ! UTO
  7. Rubbish ! He knew what he was getting in to, the challenge will have already been set by Mr Chansiri. Pulis will absolutely thrive on it !!! UTO
  8. We have a top top manager !! It’ll not be pretty but under Tony Pulis Sheffield wednesday will become one the most feared teams in the country #fact. UTO
  9. I’ll be having my usual £5 on a 3-1 win bet ! UTO
  10. Got a funny feeling he might end up going down to the training ground next week to meet the lads ! UTO
  11. Very hard to pick one out, thought all the lads put an excellent shift in !! UTO
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