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  1. He’s been at the training ground all week, and with the looks of things we will all see him in a blue and white shirt in January. UTO
  2. If that team was to start tomorrow, I would advise everyone to lump on a 4 goal winning margin for us. UTO
  3. I certainly wouldn’t want to look at your posting history, why would I !!! You don’t know me so don’t judge me. Just because I’m behind Mr Chansiri on what he has done, and trying to do at my club. It’s my view and choice. UTO
  4. Was that your view when we were 90 mins from the premiership ? Didn't think it was !!!! UTO
  5. Even that sentence is a dig at the chairman and the club I fully believe Mr Chansiri is doing his best to get Sheffield Wednesday back to where we belong. UTO
  6. DJMortimer, another one jumping on the condemned wagon !!! Until we are proven otherwise let’s keep an open mind and support the team. UTO
  7. A charge doesn’t mean prosecution !!! UTO
  8. Are they facts that are proven ? UTO
  9. Think you’ll find it’s innocent until proven guilty. Why wish the worst on your club. UTO
  10. Can’t see what we’ve done wrong ? We sold the ground !! Other clubs Derby, Villa have done the same, but nobody as mentioned them. UTO
  11. I’ve got a feeling Jordan Rhodes will start upfront with Fletch this weekend. UTO
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