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  1. Why’s that, is it because wheels might go missing from the car park. UTO
  2. If you wanted a response you’ve got one, absolute fcuking rubbish. UTO
  3. He was down at the training ground yesterday. Just saying. UTO
  4. To be fair, Dan Petrescu is doing very well. UTO
  5. We’ll fcuking smash em. Far too many to not enough. UTO
  6. fornicate em, if they want to see the massive that’s the price !!! UTO
  7. it’s the one with the training ground on it UTO
  8. Down at the training ground, it was said 4 in and 2 out would be the aim. UTO
  9. Probably more to do with the competition package that is still rumbling on. UTO
  10. Must have traveled alone, they didn’t arrive together. UTO
  11. Was down at the training ground yesterday, medical booked in later today. UTO
  12. Definitely a penalty mate, would not have been sent off. To be fair they looked a good partnership. UTO
  13. He would be a very expensive back up, the defence on Saturday were terrific. UTO
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