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  1. Agree with your sentiments, BUT! Was it not only last October we thought we were toast? That for me was the darkest day in our history and now the only way is up? Yes its poor now but hang in there. I back to see this through and get us back where we belong! x 2 Season Tickets bought, why? Coz you do dont you?
  2. Sorry Bud we can only play each other twice in a season! Your Village is quite nice but i prefer Plymouth! Regards Dirty Northern Owl xx
  3. Man Utd @ Home Full House or Blades Away with 8000 Owls there UTO
  4. Go Big Ron Swansong? Sherridan as No 2 Waddle No 3 Roland in all other positions? Regards Springs
  5. No! Hes a half glass empty mate Tight cod canyon! Bring on John Sheridan Rollercoster but fun xx
  6. roger off! Never let a scouser near our club ever again! John Sheridan Chris Waddle Together? xxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Oh young Man! You are quite right. (Actually your NOT) Top of the league would be lovely, however have you been on the Moon or in La La Land not to notice that this Board have set us on the road to self destruction? i agree that Mr (Lets not lose Irving) has lost the plot, but for me im now at a stage that says Get this nightmare over! Kivo i love your Passion and Stupidity, but young man if in yours and other posters comments that the protest group were chavs, your wrong! (They are Wednesdayites) They are as much entitled to their opinion as you are. You and your Howard Love In is what? A load of nonsence? You know nowt over and above anybody else. We have reached that Tipping point, and in a self indulgent way I hope there is less than 15000 on Tuesday! I will be there however! As i said before has anybody has got the Fun Boy Three Home addresss? If you lot are not up for it , ill give Mrs Gierson a Surprise when she puts the bins out? ( See it now , look @ my 7 in Darling? Stop being silly Springs its at least 10 inch and THAT is with the 1.5 missing! Oh but where did bobby put it?) Rotten to the core. UTO FTB As my T Shirts says xx
  8. Any Small Business that supplies SWFC have done so at their own risk (As in any business) I for one think its SWFC we concentrate on rather that if Mrs Miggins @ Beres Pies only goes to Turkey once this year! Wake up and smell the coffee Lots of people in business lose out every day of the week in life. It Admin happens so be it Lets be fair as my avatar, the 3 Cnuts have not got a clue! It aint what you do its the way that you do it! Regards from a Tired and emotional SPRINGS
  9. You have never been a Wednesdayite you pork ridden tvat! Lose interest yes! Lose the love Never Enjoy your Saturdays in S2 No respect Springs
  10. The problem we have @the moment is our players are not good enough! End of!
  11. I was your English Teacher remember? Well done mate B+
  12. I suggest Prozac!! Are you French or Italian by the way?
  13. Apathy? Maybe the world does not resolve around Owlstalk? If your an example of people that organise a protest, i want no part of it as your a first rate c.unt Direct action is the only way!
  14. Handsworth is not a pig area which has been posted earlier! 2 coaches go to most away matches (White Rose) (Crown, Club, or which boozer opens for us! Run by DP) Blades run a regular mini bus to home games (what the fornicate is that all about) Have to say the pubs are full of them when they are @ home and on Sky as they dont go to games as they are shuffle! That includes S.Beans mates who can afford to go but choose not to! They are poo poo! Regards SPRINGS
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