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  1. Free Kicks

    Totally agree our set pieces are terrible!
  2. Get some Hendo's on this

    Bread cake isn't cut reyt!
  3. Adam Reach again

    Really impressed with him so far this season.
  4. Great little video

    Great vid
  5. Should have used good old lacatoni
  6. Joost the right man

    Great debut
  7. Reach...

    Man of the match for me.
  8. Prefer footy manager tbh totally different tho.
  9. George Hirst Off!!

    Another balls up!!
  10. Next season kit

  11. Next season kit

    the black one is ok.
  12. Next season kit

    found it on wiki
  13. Next season kit

    Lacatoni is a multinational clothing and sports materials company founded in Braga in 1988 by a group of friends, Lacota, António Soares and Carlos Carvalhal , former coach of Vitória Futebol Clube . Based in Frossos , Braga, this company was growing during the decade of 90 in the Sports / Textile branch. Beginning to equip local clubs, he soon won several Portuguese professional clubs. Lacatoni is also the hallmark of a training academy.