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  1. Behave, they will probably have an offer in for a striker from a prem club, but said striker spends most of his time being loaned out, they are trialling McGoldrick for heavens sake !!

    Owls on holiday

    Beats having "oops moments" anyday

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    If ya read that again, think you'd find its a p-sstake mate
  4. Good,lets just see how it pans out................there is one thing i'm absolutely convinced about tho,we WILL have a btter season than last,no sweating/worrying about relegation !!
  5. Speak for yourself,i don't need reassurance from anyone at the club in regards to being fully prepared for the season ahead...............................just my twopenneth.


    If, as has been suggested, that Dejphon is spending "Daddies" money, you would have thought he'd have been brought to book for a pretty spendthrift attitude the past 3 seasons, with losses on his whim mounting up, with no returns anytime soon. Or it could be that Dejphon is a wealthy man in his own right, who really couldn't care less yet. I kind of get the feeling on here that because no one can find anything out about his "own" wealth, it must be the former.
  7. Won't make any difference to the "nay sayers" what Jos has seen/done to/for him......... hows it go "trust in Jos"............ .. yeh right !!
  8. Loaning players seems to be their way at the minute.
  9. Dem blavdes get linked with players of "ilk" all the time,very,very rarely do they end up signing em. I've got nay problem trialling non league players.
  10. Maybe,haven't taken much notice of him since we had him nearly 10 years ago,but when i read "have heard we're in for him",christ on a skateboard !!!
  11. The jimmy smith that left in 2014 and now plays for crawley......................or a different jimmy smith
  12. Pretty good explanation of how it works, but a point of pedantry m'lud, reach's fee would be over 5 years.

    Liam Palmer

    Dem blavdes never let a little thing like "facts" get in the way.
  14. Yes i know that,the point or lack of is,fans of lickle rovrum think we are,why i don't know,bullshyte seems to be the order of the day. The reply to that particular fans post was...... flourbasher Hall Of Fame Thanks for confirming that HHM Great news. So cack can be taken as gospel..................................bit like this place.

    Liam Palmer

    Posted by one of t'other lot. DannyRotten Liam Palmer I posted this on the Sam Winnall thread because I found it absurd we were linked with a striker with a major injury that he may not even fully recover from. I do however know that we are in for a player from them, and it's not Winnall (although I can't say for sure we aren't in for Winall because I don't know - I just think it's stupid) Liam Palmer is someone I had to google although I kind of knew who he was, but it seems our lass is very good friends with his parents and as she doesn't like football, never made anything of it. £300k and he is our apparently and this has been sorted out quite some time ago. Told he is never going to be first team under the new gaffer. I thought he was from Sheffield but he's Dronfield by all accounts and doesn't actually support them. I can't remember him to be honest, I don't think he played against us either game last season?