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  1. Not if your a blade they're not,they still harp on about 75% posession in Jos's bottle job.
  2. What was that you said the other day..........................oh yeh,lets not get all defensive or personal,way to go you. If you'd actually taken the time to ask me about the "club",i would have answered ya,ya dint,you gave me my thoughts on how/what is all ok with the club,its quite a talent to answer a question that isn't/wasn't there.
  3. "A what?" "A Pokemon" "I thought that was something the West Indians used to stir the fire embers?" Funniest thing ive read in an age....................................well done sir.
  4. Wait till "Donny Derek" racks up on praise and mumble tomorrow,he'll tell us all how awesome donny were.
  5. No you're right, never said owt remotely like that...... "We know the club have a track record of spinning a few stories in recent years, what’s to say SB wasn’t spunthe same lines of bent truths and when reality hits he’s off. " Bent truths eh.!!
  6. The only weird thing, is you thinking Bruce took the job on a lie.
  7. Thanks..........................................not so sure about the "nailed on" 12 point deduction tho,any punishment given then sets a precedent,we could be next.
  8. Bit of a snowflake are ya ? There's nothing even remotely personal about my post,you think bruce has been lied to,i don't,Bruce has been in this game for years,i have absolute confidence in his ability to not only release those that need releasing,but to sign the replacements,wether that be on "frees" or for money,there aint no conspiracy fella.
  9. Woah,you're the guy thinking bruce took the job on a lie,you're the guy thinking bruce will walk because of the lie,wtf are you prattlin on about with this beauty " I can see how you’d think we have nothing to worry about".
  10. Every bugger knows we're gunna be, I, unlike you think Bruce has more about him than to just chuck a wobbler and walk away.
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