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  1. I dragged the wife down twice but we didn't stay long either time. Didn't go to the training session but within the park there really wasn't much to do. The weather didn't help but there was much more to see and do last year and not having any shirts to sell was unforgivable. We went down at 7pm for a second wander round, hopeful of seeing the fireworks. There can't have been more than a few hundred people there. The steward that I talked to didn't know when the fireworks were on and as it was raining we decided to head home again. I must say that the fireworks sounded very impressive from our front room just off Hillsborough Corner and it would've been great to see them but overall I think the club dropped the ball on this one. As a standard Owls In The Park it would've been a little bit disappointing but to have had it sold as a special 150 years spectacular left me massively underwhelmed by the whole thing. I'm not going to start crying about it, and if we can find some form on the pitch and win the next four home games who's going to give a crap? But it could have and should have been better. UTO
  2. Not in the same league as some of those mentioned but two words; Goal Music. If I remember correctly it was first played in the 1st round of the FA Cup when we scored past the mighty Salisbury. Oh how we'd fallen. Also, vuvuzeala's or however you spell it. Some fat lass at the back of the kop was weeing off the entire the stand. They sound bad when played properly but she took it to new levels. Chuffing awful. The club just said they were the must have item for 2010. Bell ends.
  3. I would have preferred "applauding Peter Sutcliffe on his lorry driving" but its swings and roundabouts.......
  4. I was one of the idiots that clapped him. My rule of thumb is that if they played in the play off final in 2005 I'll show my appreciation.
  5. I used to own Lawrie Madden's spare '91 cup final shirt but I sold it to a guy on here about a year back that was putting a collection together, possibly to go on display in the future. I saw it on ebay a couple of months ago though. He was mates with the programme shop fella. Didn't really want to sell it but I wasn't going to turn down a grand for it which was a tidy profit on the £160 I paid.
  6. I only went as the missus' dad lives in Milton Keynes so we went down to see him and go to the match. I wasn't expecting much and it didn't even live up to that. MK were poor but had the ref in their pocket and got a soft penalty. It technically was a penalty but you hardly ever see them given as it was the slightest tug on the front of his shirt. How Alan Smith didn't get booked all night I'll never know yet all the MK players had to do was fall down and hey presto its a free kick. Atmosphere was poor but it was understandable. It very much felt like a reserve match or pre-season affair from the effort and the quality on the pitch. All the fringe players were as bad as the first match if not worse but Pecnic should be singled out for being extra-specially poor. If him and Taylor never play for us again I'd be happy with that. Antonio looked like the only man likely to do anything when he came on but he can't do it all on his own. The stadium would be good though if it was finished and had a decent crowd in it.
  7. That was also my first game. I was eight. I believe we went 1-0 down but came back to win and I too can't remember who scored but have Shelton in mind for one of them.
  8. It was a good league last season, I came second to a Scandinavian guy, but I can't see a code for it anywhere. I'm really not getting on with the new format of it all.
  9. One captained us to promotion, one captained us to relegation. Hardly that strange is it?
  10. Really surprised by some if the comments in this thread. Osbourne looked a class above in all of his early appearances. Never hid from the ball, made himself available, worked hard, put tackles in. Maybe as these mostly came away from Hillsborough many people only have his shocking performance versus Brentford in mind. I for one thought that in general he was one of the better players during the last few months of utter dross and am sorry to see him go. Hope the lad does well in the future.
  11. Ok, I've not been sending it everyday as I'm a busy man but I've sent my email another 4 or 5 times and I'm still waiting for any kind of response from anyone. This is absolutely diabolical customer service. What other walk of life would a customer have an enquiry ignored for over 2 months and still come back and spend another 300 odd quid with them for another 12 months of crap? Do deejayone and caz still frequent these parts?
  12. Graham Coughlan and Burton O'Brien were signed when we were in the Championship. We stumbled over the line to get into the play offs largely thanks to the terrific run when Jones an Maclean were up front but once Maclean got injured we struggled for goals with Peacock and Quinn up front and barely made it. Wednesday never do it the easy way, if they do it at all. Bloody football.
  13. Still no response to my emails approaching 2 months down the line. I'm going to send it everyday until it's at least acknowledged. Thanks
  14. Has anyone commented on that bizarre incident in the first half where weaver ended up chucking the ball out while stood in the D? It wasn't like he had one foot just outside the box or anything, both firmly outside the box. How he got away with it I'll never know.
  15. I'm taking the little lady. Her Mum lives in Workington so combining the match with getting in the good books. Train at about 11 from Workington to Carlisle, couple of pubs, see us hopefully scrape a draw, back to Workington to charm the in laws/be a moody drunkard depending on result jobs a good un.
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