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  1. Be eating em for days though then, there's too many. Like a pea army invading the great state that is a tasty steak.
  2. Dumb question but never been to pay on day, travelling for the match tonight with a guy from USA won't be at ground till 7:15 do you pay for tickets at the actual turnstiles or ticket office? Just ask for best seats possible? Cheers
  3. Just needs to work on composure and finishing, played ok today showed some real class at times and displayed his pace and power, gave the ball away sometimes but he's gonna be fantastic in the future.
  4. Thanks, by the way I'm just wondering are you grateful to have a club to support at the moment?
  5. Gullible fools for believing in a man that saved the club? flip off pig
  6. We are making them look like Barcelona
  7. Are you 5? Also is using a spell checker too difficult?
  8. To be fair I listened to sky sports radio and when second goal went in the amount of Noise made I thought it was Ipswich that scored it sounded like the home team that scored, impressive support!
  9. It works for every match I'm listening to tune in now
  10. Why do schools have to be closed on Sunday's?
  11. Theres still 40 games to go! chin up, we'll sort it
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