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  1. I put the OS to find out how we were going on. Happy to see us 4-0 up and then come on here to find everyone on suicide watch.
  2. This seems to be on and off more than a *****’s drawers.
  3. Those two sentences contradict each other.
  4. I’d prefer them to concentrate for 90 minutes and stop giving away the softest of goals.
  5. Park somewhere up Wadsley lane. 15 minutes walk from the ground tops.
  6. Don’t disagree with that. Think Luongo and Byers will be left out and play against Harrogate.
  7. Unbeaten in six, 1 defeat in 10 and the fourth best defence in the league?
  8. Fair enough, your post obviously came across different to me. Apologies.
  9. All seven that were on the bench Tuesday will start imho.
  10. The player shooting is obviously onside. However the shot rebounded off the Sunderland player in front of him who was offside at the time of the shot. Correct decision.
  11. He went to school with the younger brother from 5 to 16. Not the sharpest and a nasty piece of work when he got in his teens.
  12. Our record between 28-12-74 and 06-09-75 says different.
  13. If the picture you’re trying to paint is that they were offside. You would be spot on.
  14. There’s a good chance we’ll see 8 changes to the team for the two cup games. I would have said 11 if we hadn’t run out of central defenders.
  15. If your going to use statistics to justify your opinion. It usually works better if they’re correct.
  16. If your definition of poor is losing 1 in 10, not many managers would have a chance.
  17. Sunderland, Portsmouth, Ipswich, Bolton , Charlton?
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