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  1. Went up in my estimation a couple of seasons ago when he nailed Billy Davies in the tunnel at Forest. Very Good footballer and now proving himself to be a decent manager.
  2. I'm thinking along the lines of 5 more wins and we avoid relegation. Anything else is a bonus.
  3. As soon as I saw this thread I sent a link to my mate. He sent a scan of his ticket stub. I just knew it would be him
  4. Don't worry about that Wolfman, he spends that much time on his arse the under pitch heating will thaw him out.
  5. The Llera/Gardener partnership is working at the moment so why change. Taylor is improving each game and I thought he played well on Tuesday and looked the steadier of the two centre backs as Llera was on the receiving end of some rough challenges, heckling from the crowd and dodgy refereeing, which seemed to rattle him a bit. Llera has more to his game as he takes decent free kicks, is a good passer of the ball, is a goal threat and most of all he plays as though his life depends on the outcome. Taylor is known to be a rock solid defender and is starting to live up to his reputation. Llera for me right now but if there was an injury I reckon Taylor would take his chance and prove the doubters wrong.
  6. Just thawed out. It was bloody freezing last night with nothing on show to warm us up. I'd agree with the consensus apart from the fact that I thought Taylor did ok and Madine, for all his endeavour, spent too much time on his arse. Some effective approach play but no end product as we had no-one putting in crosses to Madine and we had no-one to create their own chances until Antonio came on. Lee played ok, as for the rest not mentioned they were all below average. Shocking ref, poor atmosphere but decent stadium. Disappointed that we didn't put out a stronger team but on paper that team should have been good enough to beat MK.
  7. The stats dont lie. 33% possession and 4 goal attempts at home against a lower league team not a full strength. Got to agree with Rob Staton.
  8. 1 goal in 16 starts for Cov last season and I think they got relegated. Good shout!!!!?
  9. To put some balance on this, when Megson took over from Irvine we lost 7 out of 11 with 2 draws. Dave Jones did not have a difficult transition because he had a good side that just needed a freshen up. I would have liked to see the promotion winning side given a chance in the championship but the squad had no depth and you are not going to bring championship players in, on championship wages to sit on the bench. Dave Jones is now going through the transition difficulties that most managers face in their first few weeks of a new job. It's starting to look better, the performance against Bolton was ok and the fact that we defended with greater determination against Wolves does give some cause for optimism even if we seemed to be happy to take a 1-0 defeat rather than push for an equaliser. Look at the names of the players in the squad, the squad is full of good players that most posters on this forum were jizzing over before they signed. These players do not get bad because they pull on the blue and white stripes. I do think, however, like many posters, that DJ has changed too much, too quickly but I do think that once we end this losing run with a victory, this team will go on a good run. Nowhere near play-off potential yet but I don't see a relegation dog-fight either.
  10. 100% agree with the OP. The wholesale changes have meant that we have lost the anticipation and understanding that develops between a set a players that are familiar with one another but this will return in time. Look at Leicester, for example, they are now playing well following a very shaky start.
  11. Apart from the teams who have come down, on paper we have on of the best and deepest squads in the league IMO. As a collection of individuals, which we are at the moment, DJ probably knows his best 11 but they are not, as yet, working as a unit. Last season we had a hard working team ethic built around players that were aggressive and determined with a good bit of skill. This season, because there have been so many changes we have lost our core values upon which we built our success last season. If we stand still and play in a league higher we will get left behind. These changes are necessary, not sure that I believe in the wholesale manner they have been brought in, but that may not be wholly in DJs hands as his loan signings may have conditions attached. I have no doubt things will start to work out for us, the quality is there but the anticipation that exists between players that know each others games, through playing together week in week out, is missing at the moment. If you look at Leicester, they were rubbish at the start of the season and fans were calling for Pearsons head. What a difference a week makes. We have problems, no doubt, but changing the manager and bringing in new players will only further destabilise the situation.
  12. Thanks Shez, I knew someone scored a hat trick. Was only about 8 at the time.
  13. Elliot Ward bicycle kicks. He put in a range finder in a match for Coventry that skimmed our bar the season before, then fired in a beauty for Donkey Rovers from an identical set piece proving that it was no fluke. He looked about as mobile as Darren Purse but it was an extraordinary bit of skill from a Central Defender.
  14. One of my first games too. I remember the Ralph Coates' Charltonesque pedal bin comb over and a McCalliog hat trick ( I think. It's a long time ago now so I might be wrong about the hat trick)
  15. Kenwyne and Rodri, the goal celebrations would be something special this season.
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