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  1. This graphic might indicate what we will be in the market for. We have to resign Fox that's a given.
  2. I think it will be deducted this season, otherwise the EFL will face even more legal challenges. So we might as well imagine ourselves down there now and what we need to escape relegation with 9 points knocked off
  3. I imagine the only ones that will play for us again will be those who extend their contracts by a year or more. I cannot see them signing for a month and be a nasty leg break away from finishing their career without a last pay day.
  4. Sam might not currently have Covid19, he could have had it and recovered already without ever knowing. Until he took an antibody test to find out. Once production is ramped up these tests will cost about a quid on Amazon. It doesn't often go reported in the media that between 50% and 75% of those that catch Covid19 are completely symptom free
  5. Our season is already over, we clearly broke rules, we should agree a settlement punishment with the EFL and take a hit this season. But knowing our luck Chansiri will fight this and we'll end up with a points deduction for next season and totally derail next season's chances of any hope too. Might as well quit Wednesday for a year and save some cash
  6. On the FIFA site too... A dream come true
  7. We need to start picking up wins and quickly. Take a 21 point deduction (which certainly isn't beyond reality) we are 6 points from safety as it stands.
  8. You would have thought we would have learnt our lesson from Stoke but nope. Lose the game 8 minutes in. I think most expected Borner to come in with his no nonsense defending, but again we tactically fail. Happy Christmas folks
  9. Cardiff give us a second half masterclass on how to defend a lead. Woeful today, but better than the Stoke match. We really have fooked up these last 2 matches, need to start the new year well otherwise we'll be out of the playoff picture quickly
  10. When the ref is clearly being biased, we should be much smarter. Instead we have Bannan sliding round on his arse, giving away needless free kicks all over the place
  11. I wonder how many matches this season we are classed as weak or very weak at Avoiding fouling in dangerous positions. If we can cut that out I think we can definitely secure a play off spot.
  12. Parachute payments are effectively premier league prize money that a club is due the season they are relegated in. The money is not given in full, like it would if you finished out the bottom 3, but instead the amount is then paid over 4 seasons in differing amounts. So I struggle to see the reasoning behind why it shouldn't be allowed, the club in question have earnt it after all. The real issue at hand is the amount of money generated by the EFL and the massive disparity between the EFL and that generated by the premier league.
  13. The problem is that our midfield is not scoring enough and the shots they do take 90% of the time are rubbish especially Bannan.
  14. 10 points and we keep up the auto form, that's what we should strive for. 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss
  15. Its criminal we wait to go 1 nil down before actually putting some effort in, seems we were playing for a draw zzzzzzzzzzzz
  16. According to the stats after 15 games we need a bare minimum of 24 points otherwise the playoffs are out of range. So we need another 8 points from the next 6 matches (including Hull tonight)
  17. Westwood will be gutted he didn't deal with the ball better. End of thread.
  18. So friggin happy when he scored to make up for the awful decision to go for goal at the back post when an easy square ball would have most likely brought us level. Well done Mr Nuhui UTO
  19. Just what is our style? It's different every game, no wonder no confidence can be built. Some long term thinking is needed, get an up and coming manager like Cowley
  20. It's truly baffling, get in a good position and come out uninterested in the 2nd half. We should be raring to go, high press, force them into a mistake etc. But no we sit on it basically asking QPR to equalise
  21. 9 men behind the ball are not ideal conditions
  22. I was all for getting a new manager in, but having seen the squads reaction to losing Bruce under such bizarre circumstances. The unity to work together, the team morale and confidence building, I would leave Bullen in place for the foreseeable future. The teams that get promoted out of this league are those that do exactly what I have witnessed so far. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! UTO
  23. Hope we can complete the Rhodes out and Hector in, then rely on some loans to finalise the squad. When are loan signings allowed until?
  24. We always seem to be easy targets for cheap purchases, yet other clubs command massive fees. Reach is easily worth above 10 million in todays inflated prices.
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