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  1. Another good one slips through the cracks of a sinking ship. More devastated at losing Osaze than Shaw. Club stinks we should be keeping these promising youngsters at a fraction of our wage bill
  2. Can he leave before the last game please?
  3. What a Trainwreck of a performance, absolutely no desire to win the game, deserve to go down
  4. Going down in 2010 against palace, Clarke scoring but then breaking his toe to be replaced at half time! Sure I also remember one of our players being assaulted with z high tackle, but no red card!
  5. To stay in the league we need a win percentage of 50%, with Monk in charge we are effectively already relegated
  6. We ran around loads (honestly like loads) and we tried really really hard to score
  7. There is only 1 manager who can save us, and he is in the record saying he doesn't want to manage us.
  8. Our inability to score goals has been present for over 5 years and it still remains. A total sh*t show again. Monk out!
  9. He shouldn't be allowed to shoot like EVER!!
  10. The Palmer cross near the end was a peach, Izzy should have done better
  11. Penney has to start, massively unfair not to start Rhodes either.
  12. Well if we do get the talked about 9 point penalty, that's us down on goal difference
  13. This graphic might indicate what we will be in the market for. We have to resign Fox that's a given.
  14. I think it will be deducted this season, otherwise the EFL will face even more legal challenges. So we might as well imagine ourselves down there now and what we need to escape relegation with 9 points knocked off
  15. I imagine the only ones that will play for us again will be those who extend their contracts by a year or more. I cannot see them signing for a month and be a nasty leg break away from finishing their career without a last pay day.
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