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  1. I think more to the point, the club should have realised the real driving force of our time under the Portuguese was the potential of Bruno Lage, should have let Carlos move on,clearly wanted to, and give the now Benfica manager the opportunity.
  2. I might be on my own here but I think it was a mistake loaning him out this season. He could have contributed and won us the elusive points for a play off run. Having said that if we can sell and alleviate some P&S then do so. Otherwise I think Bruce should utilise him next season to a better potential than our previous managers have done.
  3. Would it be madness to offer him a 3 or 6 month contract on reduced terms to prove he can return to full fitness? To me it would be mad to not offer anything, IF he doesn't have another setback.
  4. I think Chansiri was looking for a replacement for a long time and only pulled the trigger when the Bruce option became a reality. The problem started when we recruited Jos, under bad advisement.
  5. None of the team's you mention will be upset cause they got huge fees
  6. He's setting expectations for us, I doubt he believes it takes that long. I'm sure he is thinking the same as us get him back and see what he is capable of before the season finishes
  7. The only teams worth worrying about are the Derby and Forest games, they are the only 2 that can increase the gap to a play off spot.
  8. We can't win them all. Like Bruce said if we maintain top 6 form from now till end of the season we won't be too far off.
  9. Look if it was financial we would have sold for 3 million. It wasn't clearly Jos wanted to start youngsters and it backfired
  10. Reach would certainly go for the most wonga 15 mil plus. But if I had to choose it would be Forestieri
  11. Anyone else see a problem with this comment? Clearly you didn't prepare them properly you fool!!
  12. Why? Don't get this will he ever play again nonsense, it's clearly made up.
  13. Great news. Lets hope we see them all in the first team in October. Get them all back 100% fit and push on.
  14. What worries me more is that some posters think the young uns are better and should be starting ahead of westwood on merit.
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