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  1. Just what is our style? It's different every game, no wonder no confidence can be built. Some long term thinking is needed, get an up and coming manager like Cowley
  2. It's truly baffling, get in a good position and come out uninterested in the 2nd half. We should be raring to go, high press, force them into a mistake etc. But no we sit on it basically asking QPR to equalise
  3. 9 men behind the ball are not ideal conditions
  4. I was all for getting a new manager in, but having seen the squads reaction to losing Bruce under such bizarre circumstances. The unity to work together, the team morale and confidence building, I would leave Bullen in place for the foreseeable future. The teams that get promoted out of this league are those that do exactly what I have witnessed so far. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! UTO
  5. Hope we can complete the Rhodes out and Hector in, then rely on some loans to finalise the squad. When are loan signings allowed until?
  6. We always seem to be easy targets for cheap purchases, yet other clubs command massive fees. Reach is easily worth above 10 million in todays inflated prices.
  7. Isn't his career finished?! Shame on you who doubted him
  8. We are languishing in 20th position it ain't looking good. Bullen out!!
  9. Been looking to see if there is a precedent set here, the closest I have come to is the unresolved case of Marco Silva being tapped up by Everton... https://onefootball.com/en/news/everton-face-potential-points-deduction-over-marco-silva-tapping-up-en-21573260?variable=20190723
  10. I think it's more likely we sign Hector now than when Bruce was in charge as it's more likely we will have some money to spend. Having said that I doubt anyone will sign for a managerless club.
  11. Massive fan of Hooper, but he only played a handful of games the last 2 seasons. I agree we need a fresh choice up front but it simply won't happen without offloading at least 2 strikers, and in order to do that you need other clubs making offers, which unfortunately doesn't look likely with half the teams up to their eyeballs in P&S
  12. I think more to the point, the club should have realised the real driving force of our time under the Portuguese was the potential of Bruno Lage, should have let Carlos move on,clearly wanted to, and give the now Benfica manager the opportunity.
  13. I might be on my own here but I think it was a mistake loaning him out this season. He could have contributed and won us the elusive points for a play off run. Having said that if we can sell and alleviate some P&S then do so. Otherwise I think Bruce should utilise him next season to a better potential than our previous managers have done.
  14. Would it be madness to offer him a 3 or 6 month contract on reduced terms to prove he can return to full fitness? To me it would be mad to not offer anything, IF he doesn't have another setback.
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