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  1. jerseyowl

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    What worries me more is that some posters think the young uns are better and should be starting ahead of westwood on merit.
  2. If he scores 20+ goals this season, you don't think we will get close to the fee back? From what I have read, i.e the informed version of last nights events. Is that we are very close to agreeing with EFL to pass P+S, so must be less than 1 million in the red, hence the sale of hunt. Next season we are going to be even further in the red another 20 million or so in the red, and would require a fire sale as suggested by the OP. But that is next season, lets try to get promoted this season, I don't see the point of sabotaging this season.
  3. Total nonsense, we still have a team capable of top 6, we need a few loans, sure up wing back positions, new central defender, the rest of the squad is good enough, certainly was for other two play off campaigns. If we fail to get promoted then we may need to sell some next season and reinvest in cheaper players. Hopefully Rhodes has a good season and we can recoup the fee we paid. Its not all doom and gloom.
  4. jerseyowl

    Match pass on iFollow

    I've tried 2 this morning and no luck. Get an error on login page 'Your Access Is Restricted From This Location' if anyone gets a vpn to work please post it. Thanks
  5. Would be typical Wednesday that.
  6. Does anyone know the real reason he cannot play, if the journalists know, surely this has filtered down to some fans? I love this club, and I really want to see Hirst junior sign a contract, so if he wants first team money then give him a crack till the end of the season. If he doesn't look out of place and scores a load he deserves the contract and first team wage parity surely? Nothing to lose. It boils down that Chansiri doesn't want to lose any face in this situation, surely the club should matter more.
  7. The majority of Ipswich fans want rid, McCarthy knows this, however he has publicly said if offered a contract extension he would take it. Ipswich heading for their second worst finish in 50 years (last year was the worst), and some of us want him in charge of our club, be careful what you wish for.
  8. Imagine the reaction on here if he did that whilst manager of the owls!
  9. You mean the one where he tells his own clubs fans to F off?! I certainly don't want him in charge, his style of football is boring, and I doubt he would give youngsters a chance.
  10. I don't get all these conspiracy theories. Forestieri has had a serious injury and subsequent operation, why would he need to be in Sheffield during his rehabilitation, until he starts working with the ball? This is pretty normal for top flight clubs, and the club would keep track of progress with other specialists. Players not getting played because of contract payments? Surely they would be vocal about this if that is really the case! I think this all comes down to the club not updating the fans correctly on timelines and progress by each player individually, personally I would like more transparency because all this 'talk' is no good for our clubs morale.
  11. Attack with which players?
  12. jerseyowl

    Westwood, Bannan & Lees

    and don't sell any, we need a strong squad next season, its backwards to sell anyone at this juncture, unless we get silly bids from desperate clubs.
  13. jerseyowl

    Westwood, Bannan & Lees

    Let them train for a few weeks before playing a full match.
  14. jerseyowl

    Will we?

    Lets just win a game in the league under Jos first, no need to get ahead of ourselves
  15. Nope I wouldn't expect any movements in or out. I would hope we are simply lining up a list of targets for the summer between now and the end of the season.