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  1. when corrected he even said "crikey", so he obv didn't know despite how much he tried to cover up being a fool.
  2. I agree, I think he has to get spending st8 away. First I want Potter back as our midfield general and then I want the guy who would never duck a header,Jeffers. Oh wait, I dont want any of the stuff we have had before. We have come so far in a short time, let them work!
  3. You are only allowed one tricket per person on database. I rang them to comfirm.
  4. sigh......i missed injury time, we must have lost 8-0 right?
  5. O.M.G,, Im so shocked I dont even know what to say. Ridic paper
  6. I would sign him , even if its just so we don't have to play against him. Always scores v us even if having a nightmare game.
  7. I thought he was good for this game against a higher standard of oppo. I wonder if more comeption for places now might kick him into gear?
  8. For the love of god, please do not make any of those shirts our away kit next season.
  9. The thing I don't understand is why does claridge have to look at his notes - He played in like 75% of league clubs. Must be one stupid ****.
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