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  1. Chansiri is our only hope. I can’t believe people are wanting to get rid over a few results that arent his fault
  2. I moved into the house from the office - where we have a tablet that we both use. And he was logged in. (And still is) Until I recently acknowledged an unjust warning point I received it was my only way to view the site Now. While Im signing in as Grandad - you can perhaps get to the facts?
  3. Doesn't the Chairman help the manager build the squad? Oh hang on
  4. I'm sorry if you can't deal with facts Opinions are like arseholes. Everybody has one. I thought I'd not upset anybody if I stick to the facts. You said 'how is it worse than under DA or MM' I showed you
  5. You don't genuinely think you'll actually find out?
  6. Other than a brief spell under Milan Mandaric our club has been mismanaged from the top down for all of the 20 years we have been out of the Prem. Milan recognised the need for a Chief Executive and employed one. Our club on and off the field has looked like this for the last 5 years
  7. Why take anything off if you want people to commit for 10 years?
  8. Think the club are definitely doing their best to lower expectations which will also mean we sell less tickets
  9. F****** impatient?? Jesus. Another one blaming fans I've got mates who are married and have kids who have NEVER seen us in the top division.
  10. CBA to count but I reckon that's at least your 4th "Get to t'Lane' of the thread And you're right. It's not 'routing from the inside' More 'from the top down'
  11. Can anybody confirm if the United fans get a free ticket for this?
  12. Apparently not Toppowl has hundreds of great examples of how these forums have made a difference* * he just wont tell anybody what they are
  13. Yeah right idea - lets ruin another of our junior players by playing him out of position and have our fans crucify him for not being Carlton Palmer
  14. Youve not read the posts where I said I HAVE found something else to do then?
  15. Says so much about some of our fans that they are knocking what is a brilliant fan engagement idea. Because we don't do it
  16. Yeah youre right. You got me. I'm a Blade Idiot
  17. While youre ona SWFC forum defending the indefensible Enjoy your relegation
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