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  1. Same old same old b0llocks then. Nobody wanting to ask the tough questions. Like how did we get into the mess we have with players wages. Why we are singling 1 youth player because he’s not signing a contract when other youth players are playing. The whole point of these meetings are to find out what exactly is going wrong with the club. The answer about nobody complained when we got to Wembley is a load of nonsense too. Ask every Wednesday fan who went to Wembley what needed to happen that summer & they would have all said 4 players - a new CB, a big strong midfielder, pacey winger & a pacey striker. None of these have happened, even to this day now. Yet we are in financial crisis and nobody who attends these meetings seem bothered cause they can just keep piping off the chairman an pretend they’ve made it
  2. Still doesn't explain the extra £3mill losses too
  3. Its a shame that people here would rather us sign has beens/ never been’s like Fletcher on 40k per week rather than offering our only youth prospect for over 10 years, whos an England Youth international, more than the £2k “record breaking” contract that he has been offered
  4. Think i’d be calling them classless over bottles of wee wee and 50p’s getting lobbed into the bottom tier by United fans than a few words
  5. Waddle can’t even manage a Sunday league side in the Blades Superdraw. Currently rock bottom an are a very poor side
  6. Majority of Wednesday fans i know who don't go is down to the cost. I'm 22, if I wanted a ST this year it would have been nearly £400. Thats half of a all inclusive holiday. I used to go and watch non league football instead. £4 to get in, £2 a pint and £2 for a pie. Meaning i'd spend a tenner to a club who actually needs that money.
  7. WAWAW... Unless you can't afford it then you arent a TrueFan
  8. But we aren't in the Prem. We are in the Championship. We are the most expensive by a long way and would be up there at being the most expensive in the Prem too (Outside of the top 6).
  9. Disagree. Before Chansiri was involved it was £23000 per year for a box and all 30 boxes were full meaning 690k per year from the boxes alone. On top of that box holders would regularly sponsor the matches or the match ball which was sold at a reasonable price meaning extra revenue through that as well. At the moment you if you wanted a centre box you would have to pay 45k for the season or 40k for the ones on the edges. The last i had heard was that only 5 boxes had been sold and other boxes had been given to players. In the meantime of the box prices increasing so much, DC has also pissed off a lot of the current/old corporate fans by using the same attitude as whats is in this club statement, you either put up with it or F off. Meaning not only has he lost the business of the boxes, he has also lost a lot of business with match day sponsors etc.
  10. Our biggest problem is the fact that Carlos won't change from his favourites. Bannan on the wing instead of Mcmanaman or Buckley is a disgrace. If he isn't good enough to play in CM (his position) he should be on the bench. If you asked every single Wednesday fan at the end of season we lost in the play off final they'd have told you we only needed 5 players. 2 CB's, a powerhouse of a CM, a quick winger & a quick striker and the only one we signed was Buckley on loan. Then didn't use him. I'm not going to go onto the borefest of tactics that we used last year but last season will be the easiest chance for us to have gone up in the last 5 years & the next 10 years and we blew it, against Huddersfield
  11. I've never headbutted someone when i've been having a bad day at the office
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