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  1. Only if the results are taken at the half way point at Christmas 😂
  2. I don't think the Sky and to some extent the PL are bothered about fans who attend matches. Let's face it they move matches around to Friday nights, Monday nights etc without any consideration for fans who attend games and have already made arrangements prior to games being shifted. Sky would just play some re recorded clapping and cheering and booing as they did during the Lane derby match last year!
  3. Yes, it was like a funnel with people pouring down the road 20 to 30 abreast and squashing us at the front where there were just 2 turnstiles I remember. The police could see what was happening and started to rip the barbed wire fence down off the top of the turnstiles and lifted people up and over. It was getting quite serious and panicky. I was just about to be lifted up when the exit gates opened and hundreds poured through. That in itself was dangerous because people could have got knocked over and trampled. Very danagerous place at that time.
  4. As he says, imagine a Wembley play off final with no fans and 80000 empty seats. Surely answers his own question. I for one wouldn't have wanted Wednesday to get to Wembley and not be there to see them promoted. If fans can't be present at games then the season should be delayed until that can happen or if not possible it should be void and start again. The game is about fans, without them all leagues outside of the premier are dead.
  5. Went to a couple in the 70s when season ticket holders could get tickets. Went to Man U vs Leeds and Man U vs Derby as my cousin who was a Wednsdayite also supported Man U as he was at Uni over there and used to watch them.
  6. Really sorry guys about dropping the mug yesterday morning and ruining everybody’s Boxing Day. In order to restore karma I have stuck the handle back on. However I am not sure I can fully trust it and it may fall off again at the most inappropriate moment
  7. Dropped my old Wednesday mug this morning
  8. Live game on the TV on Sunday, maybe a few chants of our thoughts directed at the EFL? How about You can shove the EFL up your @rse You can shove the EFL up your @rse You can shove the EFL Shove the EFL Shove the EFL up your @rse (sideways) Might not achieve anything but will make us all feel better!
  9. According to today's Star the vote got 26,000 signatures so by law the council have to hold a referendum but Julie Core is still trying to negotiate her way out a referendum. Sooner she goes the better for Sheffield overall.
  10. The actual tune I was originally thinking of would be to the words I - I - I - Iorfa woah oh oh An oldish song but can't find an example Simple and would fit well with his name. Everybody can sing that
  11. Something simple without too many words like the chorus here I - I - I - orfa https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WxtCoyRsN4k Band could do trumpet part too And the owlettes dancing too
  12. That was exactly my first thoughts. The club should be dealing with it being as the "alleged" incident occurred during a match and give him all the support he needs. Poor show from the club if they haven't. Not like he nutted somebody in a nightclub whilst drunk or gave somebody Kung Fu kick to the nuts. Should never have got to this anyway imo.
  13. It was always was like that and should be. In fact it never had to be enforced as people sat in the seats. Even after all seaters were brought in people sat down but in the last 15 years or so the persistent standing started. Let those who want to stand go in the safe standing and those who have bought a ticket for a seat not have to stand up for the entire match. I am all for safe standing
  14. I heard it and wondered if it was for the 60 year old owls fan who died in Australia whilst diving the other week. Hadn't seen anything about it beign done today today rhough.
  15. That's easy to resolve. Open it up to only registered season ticket holders and members. can't see many blades fans stumping up £50 to vote.
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