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  1. Why give away fans the best stand and concourse in the ground? If anything close the kop and put them in the cantilever. Should be enough capacity for most games. Better view down the side.
  2. There's still time for him to do a Jamie Vardy or maybe even a Lee Chapman who was in the wilderness before Howard Wilkinson brought him to Hillsborough.
  3. Could be the next Agatha Christie mystery novel "Why didn't they pass it to Reach?" Certainly a mystery to all Wednesdayites. (Apologies to all Agatha Christie fans of "Why didn't they ask Evans". She's been brown bread for decades like our team/club)
  4. I think you have all missed the tactics we employed on this free kick. We couldn't afford to lose the game otherwise we would be down. We couldn't afford anothe Izzy Brown corner scenario in the last few minutes where the ball hits a player and gets skyed up the pitch for Forest to break away and score (odds on Grabban) so Harris was specifically told to sky the ball as high up the kop as possible so we could all trot back slowly to defend a goal kick. Smith was actually throwing his arms up in delight it was executed to perfection. Please give the management and players credit in such difficu
  5. I stopped by the Radio Sheffield van outside Wembley on the Friday evening when they were doing the live show and there was a debate as to whether Lopez or Hutchinson should play. I got asked to comment just before the end of the show and I said play Lopez and bring on Hutchinson for the last 10 mins or so if we need to defend to hold out. It was obvious FFS but Carlos played safe and also FF should have kept going at their defender who was booked early on for bringing him down. Can't understand it to this day why FF didn't put the defender to the test after that card.
  6. You can still pay to watch it but it won't come off the credit of your season ticket I think is how it works
  7. I realised I hadn't received mine after 4pm today and emailed the ticket office and "welisten". At 4:40pm I got the email with the code and at the same time I got an email from Alistair on the welisten email address saying that they waited until after the cut off time before sending out. Great communication back from Alistair and I understand the logic on sending out after the cut off but it would have been better the email which you get confirming your order actually said that was thw case and with a time as it still stated they were to be sent out up to 24 hours before the match.
  8. Yes saw that too and promoted my reply above. Can't believe he can come out in support of it without discussing with the club's he is supposed to represent. He should be shown the door and go and join the PL if they wil have him
  9. This exactly. I wonder what the championship clubs think to him coming out with this. At the end of the day I guess the Premier League clubs can do what they want regardless of what the EFL say or do. Just hope the other non 9 clubs don't vote for it or the government stop it
  10. Apparently Dc's english isn't very good although the EFL say it is and he is lying about not being able to understand english so the emails he sent to them saying we hadn't signed the sale of the ground they mistook for him saying we had sold it. Think that's the crux of it
  11. Not at all. They wanted to take points off Derby next season and us this season just finished so they were treating us differently. Clear as day. So what was your point?
  12. This is a snippet from the BBC page. Surely incompetence on the part of Craig and Harvey cannot be used in defence? However the worrying part is that it seems no such agreement was actually achieved either verbally or in writing, although if Harvey and Craig minds were focused elsewhere who's to say it wasn't agreed verbally? ----------------- In its outline of the case, the commission says EFL director of legal affairs Nick Craig and former chief executive Shaun Harvey "assumed" documents over the sale of Hillsborough had been signed by 31 July 2018, which
  13. But they were applying different timelines for Derby. That is wednesday's statement in black and white so I would say they were out to make an example of us and therefore had an agenda with us
  14. In the early eighties that was a takeaway sandwich shop. We used to go and get our morning sausage, bacon and tomato sarnies mid morning when we worked at Donasters!
  15. Apparently the pub was built in the 1920s on the site of an older pub and the football rules were actually drawn up elswhere in Sheffield so a report said last week. Shame the pub can't reopen though.
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