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  1. If I was a Donny fan, I'd be looking a little bit closer to home before logging on to this forum giving it the big 'un.
  2. Not done anything since he was in T Rex
  3. He just said they didn't outplay us. Maybe shell out 300 quid on some new gigs.
  4. Oh bore off with the true fan shít. You were a pathetic WUM when you were on here last, and got banned.
  5. I reckon @Mr Farrellwill be firing up his laptop tonight.
  6. Apart from last Saturday when he set the first goal up.
  7. The curse of Gogglebox strikes again.
  8. I thought he was taller than that
  9. Hodgy - "Of course I enjoy it, I wouldn't do it if I didn't" Mardy arse
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