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  1. markowl

    Forestieri Red Card

    So what you're saying is, referees are going into games with preconceived ideas. And you're ok with that?
  2. markowl

    Forestieri Red Card

    Yeah. What was going through his head celebrating an equaliser in the 10th minute of stoppage time. I wonder if some of our "fans" on here have brain cells with the absolute shíte that's been posted in this thread...
  3. markowl

    Not good enough

    The only thing you get excited about is Billy the pig...
  4. markowl

    Bruce on Rovrum..

    Oh hello. You're back again I see. One of THE worst managers in the football league, with one of THE best records. Still, you've got Warney, so we can only look over at your set up with envy. Good luck in your cup final.
  5. markowl

    Well done Wednesday

    If Jos had been manager tonight he'd have been labelled a clown...
  6. https://www.sufc.co.uk/news/2019/february/wednesday-away-tickets/ So not £59 then. More pigonomics.
  7. markowl

    Danny Murphy

    There are still threads about Carlos, so this is much more topical...
  8. Got to smile at certain posters telling others to give the manager a chance.
  9. markowl

    FA Investigation:

    It's up to us to contest it.
  10. markowl

    Adam Reach

    Adam Reach making an unexpected move to be the next scapegoat. Didn't see that coming...
  11. markowl

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    There was a discussion on 5 Live earlier in the day, and the panellists on there were fully aware of the situation, and commended both ourselves and Bruce for our approach.
  12. markowl

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    People agreeing with Alex Bruce?
  13. markowl

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Was Alex Bruce's reaction over the top?