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  1. Feel sorry for Joao

    Yet more hyperbole.
  2. Feel sorry for Joao

    He won't reply
  3. Feel sorry for Joao

  4. First time ever

    Where have I tried to belittle him?
  5. First time ever

    And this is the first time you aren't going?
  6. First time ever

    How long have you had a season ticket?
  7. CC interview

    @asteener1867 I think I've found his witty post...
  8. CC interview

    Just had a quick look on their forum. It seems the general consensus is they want him out.
  9. CC interview

    And we played them off the park.
  10. CC interview

    Villa finished below us last season and they spent millions.
  11. If you read the thread it says 'not including Carlos'
  12. I was responding to what Mr Farrell posted in respect of another approach.
  13. Have you forgotten the football we played in his first season?