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  1. markowl

    QPR Restricted View

    Mr Sheen is....
  2. I'm confused now. Is Stobbs, Wildsmith or Dawson the scapegoat. Can we have some consistency please.
  3. markowl


    Who's to say he hasn't got it every day in training? Westy though
  4. markowl


    Good lad.
  5. markowl


    So stop moaning about something that's not going to change.
  6. markowl


    Or people could accept what's happening, get behind the team and stop looking for scapegoats..
  7. markowl


    Ask him.
  8. markowl


    What part of "Westwood won't play for us again" are you struggling with?
  9. Sounds familiar.....
  10. markowl


    He is. But then I find it a bit rich that he complains about fans giving players dogs abuse. For clarity, any form of racism is abhorrent, and hopefully they were reported, ejected and won't ever get to watch Wednesday ever again.
  11. You've got to take your hat off to the doom and gloom merchants really. They must have been expecting a poor run of results over the last few weeks, so to find something else to moan about shows real ingenuity.
  12. markowl


    Didn't realise I had to criticise racism in every thread, but congratulations on sorting things out yesterday.