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  1. Are you having some sort of mental breakdown?
  2. According to my profile I joined the site in October 2004. I can't believe I waited 3 years to post that pile of shíte.
  3. Aren't they both the same?
  4. And you used to have a sense of humour
  5. Not sure what it was but you deleted it.
  6. Asking someone a question is a hissy fit? I'm glad I'm not your missus
  7. What's so difficult to understand?
  8. Any chance of an answer @Mr Farrell
  9. I didn't whinge, I asked a question. No reply surprisingly...
  10. I reserve the right to challenge people in a non abusive/threatening way. If that doesn't suit you then delete my account.
  11. I've sent you 2 private messages that you have ignored.