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Community Answers

  1. Bloody hell mate. Three mentions tonight. I'm honoured.
  2. Hardly constructive criticism is it?
  3. It's nice that the scapegoat mantle gets moved around between the players. Keeps them on their toes.
  4. Just reacted . That's what happens when you post and work at the same time
  5. Paul Cook whose team are currently 8 places below us? That Paul Cook?
  6. I don't recall much complaining from folk on here when he was appointed. We can all play Captain Hindsight after the event.
  7. Fair point. I was originally going to put "perceived crap run".
  8. Christ. Let's get rid of a manager with a crap recent run and replace him with a manager with a horrendous recent run. Only on Owlstalk
  9. Ant has got the same expression as when he was going into rehab.
  10. "Now get the full back to fall asleep and play Kane onside"
  11. Here we go. Now up there with Cameron Dawson in the now he's not here he's good department. No one rated him while he was here.
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