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  1. markowl

    One For The Ladies

    Owlstalk - Home of the ITK Posters
  2. markowl

    Paul Carrick

    @Kagoshimaowl Paul Carrack song innit.
  3. markowl

    Paul Carrick

    Don't shed a tear.
  4. markowl

    England squad - What might have been.

    shotdowninflames shot down in flames
  5. markowl

    New Kit

    Two up front is always a popular tactic.
  6. markowl

    Ash Baker

    Nice to see owlstalk keep up with tradition and make it's mind up about a player after one game.
  7. markowl

    Parking tomorrow

    Fitting end to a roller coaster season.
  8. markowl

    Happy #MindTheGap Day

    The obsession was boring about 3 years ago mate.
  9. markowl

    Loovens on Sunday

    I prefer Peston on Sunday
  10. markowl

    Ross wallace

  11. markowl

    Ross wallace

    You've only been on the site 5 months Beaten to it. Still I'm a realist and I thought someone might mention it.
  12. markowl

    Brian Hornsby

    Good range of passes
  13. markowl

    25 Years ago today…

    As commemorated on the Sheffield United Honours Board.
  14. markowl

    Safety assured

    Spoken like a true Owl.