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  1. Hey everyone Does anyone have or know of anyone that has a 2015/16 home shirt that you/they’re willing to sell? I’m preferably looking for size Large but I’d also also be interested in Medium or XL. Stay safe folks WAWAW
  2. Sorry for another one of these threads. Has there been any update on these 2 players? I know it was hinted that these 2 were going at the end of the season but there doesn’t seem to have been any news since then. No word of them definitely going, no word of them staying or no word of other clubs being interested in them. Has anybody heard anything? WAWAW
  3. Dunno really a “reasonable price” suppose it depends on the quality and how worn the shirt is. If you’re interested then drop me a message mate
  4. Thanks for that mate. Like I say I’m more looking for home shirts from 2013/14 -2016/17.
  5. Good afternoon. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a home shirt from the 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons preferably size L? I’ve tried looking on Amazon and Ebay but not had much luck so far. If any one knows where these shirts might be available then please let me know. Stay safe everyone. WAWAW.
  6. I know I may get slaughtered for this but here goes. With the players now back in training and life hopefully moving back in the right direction for this country and the world, is now the time to start over with players who have been frozen out of the club? If one thing this pandemic has taught a lot of people is that things that may have been considered important in life are maybe not as important as they once were. I know it is more or less certainty that certain players (and good players, let’s not deny it) are leaving this summer but after all that has happ
  7. Anyone know of any Football managers Past or Present that support Sheffield Wednesday. The ones that I can think of are: Howard Wilkinson Jim Smith (God rest him) Chris Turner Gary Megson. Anyone know of anymore? I'm talking more managers who've supported them all their lives not managers who've had a soft spot for the owls since managing them e.g. Brian Laws, Carlos etc. Stay home and stay safe everyone.
  8. Go to 41:30 to watch Big Kev take part in a game on Noels House Party back in 1998. Stay home and stay safe. WAWAW.
  9. There are thousands of Professional Footballers in the U.K. today and unbelievably not one of them is said to be gay (in public anyway). As we know only one professional footballer in the UK has ever come out whilst he was playing (Justin Fashanu) and that was 30 years ago, since then, no one. So what do you think would happen if you saw on the news tomorrow that a current Sheffield Wednesday player had publicly come out? How would the media react (both local and national), how would the Sheffield Wednesday fans react? How would social media react? I think a player comi
  10. Sorry for another Nuhiu thread. Currently abroad in America and was speaking to a guy who used to follow Wednesday a fair bit in the 90's and early 00's. I was telling him about our current squad and was thinking of the type of players like Nuhiu that we have had in the past and I realised that it was a real struggle. The only ones that I said had a vague resemblance of the big man was Andy Booth and Shefki Kuqi, not much pace but good strength, good in the air and good work rate (especially Andy Booth). Anyone remember any past players that remi
  11. It's 17 years since our last hat-trick in the league at Hillsborough, the MK Dons game was away from home.
  12. Sheff Wed 5-2 QPR Gerald Sibon, the man who earlier in the season had come under fire for lacking the appetite for First Division football, put in a vintage display and grabbed a hat-trick as Sheffield Wednesday ran rampant against a sorry QPR. The Owls are now unbeaten in four home games and on this form look good value to move up the table, but Rangers have not won for 12 games and are stranded in the bottom three. Wednesday had lost their last two League games before today's turnaround and it was Rangers who started the brighter. Steve Morrow missed a great chanc
  13. To be fair they were telling the truth which is a rarity in itself for politicians. I seem to recall though it was more Joe Ashton leading the line rather than David Blunkett although that could be wrong. I can understand why they did it, the fans had obviously been unhappy with the season and rightly so yet nothing was being done about it so people who were in the public eye at the time were basically voicing the fans opinions because there's more chance that their words would be heard. No different today to celebrity fans voicing their concerns about their club on twi
  14. I was just putting down a fun fact for the day. If you think its pointless then don't bother clicking on the thread Smarta**e
  15. One more for Nuhiu to beat his season's best in a Wednesday Shirt The big man is on 11 for the season now which is equal to his personal best for Wednesday in the 2014/15 season. I wonder how many people would have predicted that at the start of the season or even at Christmas??? 4 games left lets see if he does it. WAWAW
  16. I have him, regular for the Dutch national team in the 90s as well as playing for some of the top teams in Europe at the time I know but RB was a very tough call because I also had to leave out Dan Petrescu but that's the thing about football, you sometimes have to make sacrifices in your selection. And Steve Watson didn't play for us in the Premier League, he came in much later
  17. Killing some time at Manchester airport so we decided to come up with this, here are the rules. Rules: 25 man squad 2 for every position The remaining 3 have to have come through the Wednesday Academy. You can have any player who played for the owls in the Premier League. The player can be at ANY point in their career, not just at the point they were at when they were at Wednesday, which might mean a few surprise selections. Here goes: Goalkeepers: Chris Woods Bruce Grobbelaar
  18. Thanks for the help, if anyone has anymore information on official number of games and goals for each season then please post on the topic WAWAW
  19. Just wondering if people can help me. I need David Hirst's appearance and goal stats for each season with Wednesday for my database if anyone has that to hand. So far I have got the following: Barnsley: 1985-86: 28 Games, 9 Goals Sheffield Wednesday: 1986-87: 21 Games, 6 Goals 1996-97: 28 Games, 6 Goals 1997-98: 6 Games, 0 Goals Southampton: 1997-98: 30 Games, 9 Goals 1998-99: 2 Games, 0 Goals These appearances include league and cup games, if anyone is able to fil
  20. Correct And a waxwork statue of Hirsty with a ball in one hand and a pint in the other sounds like a top notch idea
  21. Anybody know what David Hirst's Height and Weight was during his football career I know that he started off relatively slim and his weight fluctuated after the copious amounts of injuries and I know that his weight was one of the reason's why he had to eventually retire but does anyone actually know what his actual height and weight was as a footballer? Whether it be from programmes, or Player profiles on the clubs website or Manager games??? Cheers
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