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  1. Do you by any chance have the friendlies from 2004-05 and 2005-06 please mate?
  2. Cheers mate I don't recall us having a player called Watson at that time. He must have been a trialist
  3. I don’t have that book mate if you could share the seasons 1995/96 - 2005/06 that be brilliant. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi everyone. Does anyone have any records of our pre-season friendlies between 1995-2005 please? If anyone is able to share any of those records or data I’d really appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Anyone know if they'll be a stream available for the match today? I know it's not on sky so was wondering if there were other means of seeing it. Before anyone asks why aren't I going to be there, I live in Asia so it be quite a commute. UTO
  6. Does anyone have any records or know of any websites or anything of our records of pre-season friendlies from before the 2011-12 season? Been looking on trusty Wikipedia and the 2011-12 season is as far back as it goes for showing scores and games in our pre-season friendlies. If anyone is able to help then that be great. WAWAW
  7. The Target Man seems to be a returning figure in football. The football when using a target man may never be the prettiest but can be very effective. I started going to Wednesday games in 1998 so the target man we had back then was Andy Booth who was a pretty standard football target man for his day. I Know during the 80s people would probably say Lee Chapman was one of the country’s main Target Men of the day, again not pretty football but he always got goals where he went. And I suppose the most obvious example of recent times would be Atdhe Nuhiu for whenever we wanted to play a more direct approach. What do you guys think? Who’s the best target man that Wednesday have had in your opinion and which other examples of Target men can you think of? Stay safe. UTO
  8. In these sorry times of being a Wednesdayite I thought I'd bring something or someone up that is guaranteed to make you smile. The fan on crutches against Blackburn at Ewood park in 1993 epitomises everything there is about being a football fan. I don't know who this guy is but if your reading this you are a true legend among football fans. UTO!!!
  9. Hey everyone Does anyone have or know of anyone that has a 2015/16 home shirt that you/they’re willing to sell? I’m preferably looking for size Large but I’d also also be interested in Medium or XL. Stay safe folks WAWAW
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