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  1. The Target Man seems to be a returning figure in football. The football when using a target man may never be the prettiest but can be very effective. I started going to Wednesday games in 1998 so the target man we had back then was Andy Booth who was a pretty standard football target man for his day. I Know during the 80s people would probably say Lee Chapman was one of the country’s main Target Men of the day, again not pretty football but he always got goals where he went. And I suppose the most obvious example of recent times would be Atdhe Nuhiu for whenever we wanted to play a more direct approach. What do you guys think? Who’s the best target man that Wednesday have had in your opinion and which other examples of Target men can you think of? Stay safe. UTO
  2. In these sorry times of being a Wednesdayite I thought I'd bring something or someone up that is guaranteed to make you smile. The fan on crutches against Blackburn at Ewood park in 1993 epitomises everything there is about being a football fan. I don't know who this guy is but if your reading this you are a true legend among football fans. UTO!!!
  3. Hey everyone Does anyone have or know of anyone that has a 2015/16 home shirt that you/they’re willing to sell? I’m preferably looking for size Large but I’d also also be interested in Medium or XL. Stay safe folks WAWAW
  4. Sorry for another one of these threads. Has there been any update on these 2 players? I know it was hinted that these 2 were going at the end of the season but there doesn’t seem to have been any news since then. No word of them definitely going, no word of them staying or no word of other clubs being interested in them. Has anybody heard anything? WAWAW
  5. Dunno really a “reasonable price” suppose it depends on the quality and how worn the shirt is. If you’re interested then drop me a message mate
  6. Thanks for that mate. Like I say I’m more looking for home shirts from 2013/14 -2016/17.
  7. Good afternoon. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a home shirt from the 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons preferably size L? I’ve tried looking on Amazon and Ebay but not had much luck so far. If any one knows where these shirts might be available then please let me know. Stay safe everyone. WAWAW.
  8. I know I may get slaughtered for this but here goes. With the players now back in training and life hopefully moving back in the right direction for this country and the world, is now the time to start over with players who have been frozen out of the club? If one thing this pandemic has taught a lot of people is that things that may have been considered important in life are maybe not as important as they once were. I know it is more or less certainty that certain players (and good players, let’s not deny it) are leaving this summer but after all that has happened wouldn’t now be the perfect time for those players and manager to go “Do you know what, we’ve got 9 games of the season left, let’s just put our differences to once side and give it our all between now and the end of the season for the team and then we can go our separate ways”. I know some people will think this is incredibly wishful thinking but what do people think? Do you think there could be any possibility of this happening? Stay safe everyone WAWAW
  9. Anyone know of any Football managers Past or Present that support Sheffield Wednesday. The ones that I can think of are: Howard Wilkinson Jim Smith (God rest him) Chris Turner Gary Megson. Anyone know of anymore? I'm talking more managers who've supported them all their lives not managers who've had a soft spot for the owls since managing them e.g. Brian Laws, Carlos etc. Stay home and stay safe everyone.
  10. Go to 41:30 to watch Big Kev take part in a game on Noels House Party back in 1998. Stay home and stay safe. WAWAW.
  11. There are thousands of Professional Footballers in the U.K. today and unbelievably not one of them is said to be gay (in public anyway). As we know only one professional footballer in the UK has ever come out whilst he was playing (Justin Fashanu) and that was 30 years ago, since then, no one. So what do you think would happen if you saw on the news tomorrow that a current Sheffield Wednesday player had publicly come out? How would the media react (both local and national), how would the Sheffield Wednesday fans react? How would social media react? I think a player coming out today would be a blessing and a curse for him. A blessing because the times are changing and more and more people are much more comfortable with accepting who they are and who other people are. But also a curse because with the current trolling and abuse on social media a player who came out would receive online homophobia like you would not believe. So how would you react and how do you think the other Sheffield Wednesday fans would react if this happened? Would the fans protect him, support him, abuse him, refuse to go to games if he played, or just sit on the fence? What do people think? I personally think it would depend on the player, I think if it was a popular player who came out he would receive more support than if it was a not so popular player. I know this is quite a bold topic but unfortunately homophobia is still rife in football, yes the times are changing but not quickly enough or someone else would have come out by now. What do people think? WAWAW
  12. Sorry for another Nuhiu thread. Currently abroad in America and was speaking to a guy who used to follow Wednesday a fair bit in the 90's and early 00's. I was telling him about our current squad and was thinking of the type of players like Nuhiu that we have had in the past and I realised that it was a real struggle. The only ones that I said had a vague resemblance of the big man was Andy Booth and Shefki Kuqi, not much pace but good strength, good in the air and good work rate (especially Andy Booth). Anyone remember any past players that reminds you of Nuhiu. It was only when I was talking to the guy earlier that I realised just how much of a one off the big man really is. WAWAW P.S. I'm a Nuhiu fan so would really appreciate fans giving proper responses to this post that are relevant to the subject, not the morons coming on here just to comment that he is rubbish.
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