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  1. Ours go towards maintaining roads, the NHS and schools. The taxes of the rich remain largely in their own bank accounts
  2. It does not move me, even though I've seen the movie
  3. Got offered a swig of his pint at Rochdale, think it was Megsons first proper game in charge. Sure he'd been dribbling in it as he was wrecked. Still daren't say no. I attempted to say I was driving but he was having none of it
  4. There's a slim chance that COULD have been a joke
  5. What was the message on his vest? Couldn't see from north
  6. When we were still in the prem Arsenal used to stay there when playing at Hillsborough. I stayed there in 98 I think whilst they were there and accidentally invaded their private area to find Wenger and his chums sipping tea.
  7. Comedy. Kivo wins. JJ sold me a bud down Winn Gardens t'other neet.
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