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  1. And jos has made us the worst defence in the league
  2. People need to be realistic and if I were bringing in a manager to have a big clear out (which we need) then get him in as caretaker to weed these players out and kick their arses if needed. Ive had enough of people saying we should get this manager or that manager so we can play like Barcelona well it’s not going to happen and although it would be nice we need to stay up this season cos way I see a relegation battle is on the horizon
  3. People say they wouldn’t have him back! after watching the last 10 months I’ve come to the conclusion that I would so there you have it Chansiri if you reading this sort it out
  4. It’s obvious to me these players have bottled it and are hiding away because they don’t want to play at the sty , it’s just too much of a coincidence that they are all injured and after Adam Reaches comments that derby defeat knocked their duck off I think it’s plain to see. i would like to see Gary Monk in as quickly as possible to get rid of some these players cancel their contracts if need be.
  5. Well yes just I suspected he’s totally lost the fans ,players and referees only the die hard should be turning up now his time is up
  6. MOM for me reyt vein of form and has changed our fortunes in the last two games and gives Bannan time to pick his passes
  7. I’m thinking of having a Carlos Sucks book burning rally in Hillsboro park next Saturday tea time
  8. A bloke in the pub I was in at Scarborough even says it was a penalty and he was a Leeds fan
  9. If you’re unhappy it’s perfectly normal for this sort of response it’s like throwing your money away on something you love to find out that it’s tainted it because of the money and becoming less and less loved.
  10. It’s obvious to me that every manager in the Championship has bought his book from Amazon and knows exactly what we are going to do , fancy giving our tactics away like that the idiot!
  11. I don’t have a ST because I work away so I won’t be going until he’s gone especially at those prices I could have another holiday with how much I’d save. My passion for the team is dwindling every time they play like this and it’s ruining my Saturdays.
  12. Come on people enough is enough Bolton are dogga and we’ve lost to them twice this season which means CC hasn’t learned anything from the last time we played them therefore the second half of the season doesn’t bode well at all.
  13. At least he will get rid of those who don't want to play for the shirt
  14. Pathetic again proof he's lost the dressing room
  15. I hope Chansiri is reading this he's wasted your money
  16. Sam Winnall is the kind of player that we need for the future not these others that are at the end of their careers
  17. Slows it down? Bleeding hell how can it get any slower
  18. It just highlights the managements inept selection policies
  19. I literally can't believe that Carlos picked the lump in front of Sam Winnall who's looked decent all the time he's been at Hillsboro WTF is the manager on with?
  20. Bannan = playing injured Hutch = playing injured Lees = playing injured Kieran Lee = been told by a U.K. Specialist that he shouldn't play till next season but is being rushed back CC FF = injured being flown all over Europe to see specialists because whatever Nando wants Nando gets and the other players are getting sick of it Now look at how are playing and see why we just aren't doing it
  21. Apparently number 45 is getting special treatment and it's split the dressing room, Carlos is rushing Kieran Lee back and it could end his career but FF is seeing specialists from all over Europe so we are bolloxed basically unless we get rid
  22. I don't think so ,the freedom of letting this squad loose could be all that's needed. if it doesn't work then it can't be worse than watching us capitulate under CC
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