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  1. The problem with us always referencing Warhurst is that he was very much the exception to the rule. Most defenders going up front do well because they become a good target man. Lots of headers and physical presence etc etc. Warhurst was all about pace off the shoulder of the opposition centre-back, great line-breaking runs, and mad shooting angles. Also he had Waddle, Sheridan, Bright, Bart-Williams etc setting them up so without wishing to belittle his achievements he had plenty of quality around him. Pulis needs a target man.
  2. Paid £3.50 to stand on the kop and watch this beauty of a game. We never got going until we were 2-0 down a few times that season; as has been said already it cost us the title but promotion was the main prize and the entertainment was unreal.
  3. Maybe people just have slightly different opinions to yourself. . I’m not saying King was bad, I’m saying that he was probably first on the list to be upgraded if you could improve on the 91-92 side. Move Worthington to left back and get a better left midfielder (which we tried and failed a year later with Sinton) and a more dangerous partner for Hirst (Bright for Williams). They would have been my changes so in my opinion King/Williams were the weaker players of that side. (Of course I’d swap them both for just about anyone we’ve had since). Who would you have upgraded from that side first?
  4. Agreed; I think the point I’m trying to make is that it’s hard to compare good players in great teams with good players in average teams. I’d take Worthington first, then King then Petrescu at left back of all the one’s I’ve seen. RB Nilsson (obviously), Sterland then probably Atherton. But I’ve had a couple of ciders so might have missed somebody....
  5. Good - Pudil first season before his legs started to go. I think we've missed Jack Hunt more than we thought.
  6. I always thought that that was a strange vote; was he really more important to the side that season than Hirst, Sheridan, Nilsson, Palmer?
  7. We should be sponsored by CALM; campaign against living miserably.
  8. These fan designed shirts are always so much better than the garbage we end up wearing. hirstno9 can you do a nice retro yellow number too?
  9. Phil King was probably the weakest player in a great team. I think he would look pretty ordinary in most sides from the past 20 years. Palmer has been steady in some average sides. It's always hard to compare individuals like this. I'm sure King used to get dog's abuse but 25 years later we all remember him fondly...
  10. Didn't we have half the ground at Boothferry park that day? He looked awful that day but became a key part of the squad back in the top flight. Always good at set pieces too.
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