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  1. Bristol Fans, what did you think of today’s ref? I’ve not seen us owls as hostile to a ref for a long time. He had a shocker for me.
  2. I think that the current system is fair enough; albeit open to abuse. I’ve been to every London away match for the last few years; Fulham had a “Neutral” stand next to the away stand that was always full of Wednesday. Millwall and QPR went to general sale. Brentford I’ve always had to go in their stand but the first block of the New Road stand has a few away fans in it. Owlstalk is always a good option for picking up the odd ticket too. With 15k season ticket holders as the life blood of the club it is understandable that they get first pick of the premium away days. It will be interesting to see what away attendances are like for midweek matches covered by iFollow in the next few months.
  3. Hi, I’m after a couple of tickets for Sunday. Me and the missus are going anyway and will go in the Brentford end if we have to but would much rather be in with Wednesday. PM me if there’s owt available.
  4. Possibly the most enlightened comment ever on Owlstalk. In the early nineties we were in the right place at the right time. With better judgement we could have been in the same position as who; Everton?? Could we have wished for more? As the footballing world becomes more polarised into the “haves” and the “have nots” I tend to envy the clubs like Wigan, Burnley and Watford who just enjoy the ride. We just seem to wallow in self-pity and a sense of entitlement that makes it all so f*cking serious.
  5. Wow, a thread on Owlstalk full of love!! We love Norwich, they love us, we all love Dion Dublin. John Ostobor is the new Rolo. Happy days...
  6. Just hope in five years' time we are not saying "Franny Jeffers"!!!
  7. I'll be glad to see the back of most of this lot, although I'm not too sure that we will be able to find many better players. Remember what happened when Turner had a big clear out. We ended up with some right crap. On a plus note, Yorkshire are top of the league in the County Championship and 40 over league with 10 home-grown Yorkshiremen in the side. They can find the hungry young talent; why can't we? I do look forward to those away games when we bring over half of the ten thousand strong crowd at sh*t-holes like Yeovil and Gillingham. Plus we may get Brighton away August bank holiday... Happy Days!!
  8. Getting rid of Guylain Nsungu Dwuwmgu he was ace...
  9. I'm coming up from South Wales +1 and my old man is coming over from Northampton. Any pubs nearby to take over? Every away day to Cov has been poo poo in my memory. Remember fat lad Ryan Jones scoring a cracking free kick about ten million years ago; apart from that lots of nil-nil draws, crap beer and ugly birds. Sums up Coventry in a nutshell.
  10. Away to Newton Heath October 18th 1904. Me and the lads got proper nawty on the Stagecoach home....
  11. Anybody know if there are any decent pubs near the Coventry ground? I haven't been since it was Highfield Road....
  12. Didn't Wenger say that the failure of Jeffers was the reason he stopped buying English players?
  13. Too right; Rushden and Diamonds and Peterborough were funny days out. I reckon Wednesday are more fun when we are down in the dumps. Good chance to see different grounds around the league.... Blind optimism is the future!
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