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  1. Correct - Twerton Park in Bath - still used by Bath City Won 1-0 with a Trevor Francis goal in 1990 - 9th game of the unbeaten run at the start of that cup/promotion winning season. There was a great Chippy just outside the ground !
  2. Cannot make it to Sheffield for the game tonight. I ticket (lower centre) on the Kop - Home printable. Happy to pass ticket on to a Wednesdayite for no charge - if you want to pay then a charity donation to St Lukes would be appreciated.
  3. Some of Wednesday's best performances in the 2nd half of the season have coincided with Byers best days. Today was another. The midfield trio have been a great watch since they came together.
  4. You could help get the Banana thread to 50 pages !
  5. Looks like you are 3 short.. 3 quick comments and you are there unless you have a better idea to exchange contact details
  6. LMO ...Send me a DM and I'll sort it out
  7. Cannot make it back to Sheffield for the game tomorrow I have 2 tickets together on the Kop Home printable Not looking for cash Happy to pass onto Wednesdayites that have not been able to get a ticket or if you want to pay then you can make a donation to St Lukes.
  8. He did not join in the goal celebration ...pissed at how little game time he got ? Great way to make his point though ! Unselfish and clever header. Better footballer than many give him credit for.
  9. Probably confused No obsession - and not insisting. I said I assume that Luongo will be rested at some stage - we'll see won't we
  10. Patterson for Gregory makes sense Gibson missing from even the bench is a question. Sooner or later I assume we are going to have to give Luongo a rest as well.
  11. After being the problem for so long we have a luxury of choices for back 3. I’d start with Story, Hutch, Gibson. but so many good options you pick based on training and opposition. I’d start with the Jack-Johnson pair wide. Midfield obvious.Grant and Windass up front. And have the impact of Berahno and NML off the bench as and where needed (plus others) Nice !
  12. So important that we have another option in the Windass role. SB absolutely sensational. The one that hit the post was a fantastic strike. Many good performances today. I particularly enjoyed watching Byers. Majestic.
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