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  1. Wednesday wore a 'Home Cup Kit' that season. The white shirts and blue shorts were used in the home games against Fulham and Palace in the Cup run. I think a 'Cup kit' was a regular thing in prior to '73, but this was the the last time as far as I know.
  2. Being a supporter, being a Wednesdayite, is all about these days. Good and bad, these are days of legends, disapointmnts, tales, threads and consequences. Palace, Whitton, Forest, Southend, Hull, Knighton, Wycombe, Exeter, Manchester City, Curran, Trebilcock, Sheridan, Curran, Waddle and Mark Bright. If there was a crowd tomorrow, if we had a ticket, we'd be part of an army, we’d put it all aside, we'd be behind the boys. COYB&WW
  3. Paul ... That's a comprehensive list, can I ask where you sourced it from ? I live and (usually) travel a lot abroad, so always looking for RELIABLE international coverage details
  4. Paul ... That's a comprehensive list, can I ask where you sourced it from ? I live and (usually) travel a lot abroad, so always looking for RELIABLE international coverage details
  5. Went for Palmer Has played like the Wednesdayite that he is over the last few weeks.
  6. He was absolutely brilliant in the first half against (a better) Watford as well. The difference today was that not only that he did it for 90 minutes, but also he did it in a winning team. Great to watch.
  7. Or alternatively there might be some Wednesday supporters out there that just don't like United. Not trying to exaggerate No need to impress their peer group Just don't like United In fact, I know for certain that there are some Wednesday supporters that think that way
  8. So (paraphrasing), you are saying that Wednesday fans will ... 'Dislike United in public, to impress their mates and make them look bigger Wednesday fans while in private they don't really dislike them' You are over thinking it !
  9. Rhodes played the full 90 mins on Wednesday Never likely that he would start today.
  10. Nothing in my book, but using my imagination, I can think of several plausible reasons why NT would not be in a position to share further information And in that sense NT shared as much as he was able - so I'd give him a break.
  11. Guess it means pretty much what it says ... He is not in a position to share with us what the issue is - but (given that 114 Million people have tested positive for a Virus in the past 12 months) use your imagination !
  12. Which is why playing Hutch in the back three (if that is what NT reverts to) makes a lot of sense. Plus it adds some much needed passing ability to that back three.
  13. Might have missed it, but not seen anything that says specifically that it was Marriott that had the problem himself. Could have been a family member, could have required him to isolate or something similar. Regardless, it sounds like a private issue, and the club are right to treat it as such if Marriott wants it handling that way.
  14. Tom Lees by a mile Never got forward down the flanks, which was a shame because the 5 decent crosses that we put in the box did trouble them (another reason for leaving Dunkley on if he was fit) But it's the passing that kills me !
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