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  1. Already mentioned but Ive never heard anyone replicate 'The banana song' or 'Honolulu' "I love you Wednesday" (Can't Take my eyes off you") is my favourite .. Always assumed it is sung elsewhere but cannot remember it.
  2. Heard once outside Kenilworth Road (early 80's) To the Dads Army theme tune "Who do you think you are kidding Sheff U*d you're not fit to wipe my *rse (think the next 2 lines were) We are the boys that will stop your little game We are the boys that remember Boxing Day
  3. Followed By : Bobby Bolder on the REEWF (repeat) Mark Smith on the REEWF (repeat) Andy Mac on the REEWF (repeat) Everybody on the REEWF ..and also while on the cup run ... "We'll have a REEWF at Wembley"
  4. Need to cash in on the threat he can be. I'd really like to see Carlos gamble more on Rhodes.
  5. Kicking towards the Kop in the second half ... you would back them against anybody. They were relentless. It was not the prettiest football in the world, but they had a great bond with the supporters because of the way they gave everything for the badge. Made you proud to be a Wednesdayite. Many good memories
  6. Yep - It works Took quite a while ...but I'm live !
  7. in flight wireless, through UK VPN, into BBC, Radio Sheffield and onto Football Heaven ...listening from 38,000 feet half way across the Atlantic.
  8. Special Day ! North Stand My prediction for weeks in advance was Wednesday would win 4-0.
  9. Yeah and Carlos would send them out there with a ........"forget about the opposition, just go out and play"
  10. Radio 5 didn't even bother with a reporter at the game BBC.co didn't even include it on their live score list
  11. Very professional ...last 15 minutes was text book CC will have been chuffed with that - and (without getting into the for and against argument) he deserves credit - they looked like a very well coached Wednesday team in that period.
  12. Great grafter Remember seeing him play in an away Reserve game at Coventry just before he broke into first team - and thinking he would do well when he stepped up.
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