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  1. We play completely different football when a goal up as apposed to a goal down. Although on Wednesday with the score at nil-nil we also looked completely clueless as to what to do. Confidence in the first 10 minutes is key to this crop of players succeeding! The twelfth man is a major factor in us moving forward!
  2. A game later than needed though really....taking it none the less (especially against today's opposition!)
  3. The similarities is that both Norwich and Leeds didn't turn up and we were on our game in both. It was like watching a different team today compared to the last 7 days. Consistency is key to a successful season...please please please let's get to that level
  4. Totally agree with all that has been said here. Although I don't think FF wants to play the left of the diamond or 433 (his most threatening position IMO) and wants the central role. If this is the case then he is surplus to requirements and should be let go. FF probably can see this if true and I reckon that he realises that Fletcher/Hooper/Winnall/Rhodes are more flexible to playing these positions as and when needed and is threatened by this. Probably why he had his playground tantrum during training with Winnall
  5. I would buy that, but won't be buying the actual one. Very simple colour and sponsor changes can make a huge difference to the styling and aesthetic quality of a garment.
  6. Agree with the wingers comment on a 442 set up. we don't have anyone that can inject that burst of energy followed by a good ball into the box. Chris Mac has the cutting in ability (and I like that) but we need someone on the opposite side to be able to skin a man and whip in a cross for May (who is a clear goal poacher). Unlucky today, Loovens and Lees were not aware enough at the crucial times when a striker or attacking midfielder were swooping into the box. I'll take something out of the match though (much like the Derby match) in that we were on a par, and possession wise on top of teams that are (according to the pundits) challenging for promotion. Play offs, for the first time in ages is actually a real possibility! Keep up the good work Wednesday, I like what we are doing!
  7. Wonder if it'll be a late night MM writing it on his phone type statement
  8. I was a little perplexed by the fact that Gray continued with the double substitution when we had just scored
  9. Milan has just taken the opportunity for a bit of live on TV PR and marketing of the club to potential investors/new owners. Makes sense straight after the thumping of the l**ds scum....simple shop window stuff really
  10. A work colleague of mine is also a sky sports journalist and he assures me that Jones leaves his passion for the dressing room. While waiting for post match interviews he regularly gets to hear the 'hair dryer' treatment coming from the next room.
  11. Spence, Reda and Prutton were the main culprits for all the goals, either individually or collectively. I didn't think Roger J was as bad as some have made out
  12. Roger Johnson didn't come across too bad either......he talks the talk.....let's hope he walks the walk
  13. I was just about to start a thread saying the exact same thing....and then noticed your own s110wl. He articulates well in interview, which, indicates to me that he has a brain that can process information given to him and act/respond accordingly.......hopefully he will translate this to what is being asked of him from management/coaching positions
  14. A night out on Broad Street sounds like a night of hell to me
  15. Providing you're not stuck behind one of the many pillars holding up one old roof, and then a new roof! (although not that new anymore). Seriously, was it 'that' hard to get rid of the original pillars when they extended the roof across the lower lep area?
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