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  1. The 1st thing I thought was, "how would he know?". That's not slating him.
  2. It's not well written, but I think it means - the Club want to hold back 50% of player wages until things are up and running again, but the ones that are leaving, will want their wages 100% paid up before they go.
  3. If I remember right, didn't Barnsley refuse to sell him to us, after their fans kicked off when we got Winnall? Maybe that's why we then asked him to run his contract down instead???
  4. Actually enjoyed that. 😂 Thought he was gonna throw it away at the end, in the interest of realism. But hung on. Well done.
  5. Trying to wipe Seaman on his sock? We've all done it.
  6. We'll find out more around 5pm tomorrow in Boris's News Conference.
  7. Only guessing, but weren't DC & Co being charged for back dating the stadium sale? That's the bit that's been dropped. We're still being charged with breaching FFP/P&S the same way the other clubs are, for the way we've overvalued the stadium.
  8. So does it mean they're dropping the bit about dodgy accountancy? Date of sale etc But going ahead with the FFP part about the overvalued stadium sale?
  9. So does it mean they're dropping the bit about dodgy accountancy? Date of sale etc But going ahead with the FFP part about the overvalued stadium sale?
  10. The EFL has written to the Club and informed it that the EFL has dropped all of the charges it issued against Mr Chansiri, Ms Meire and Mr Redgate on 14 November 2019. Each of the individuals considers this a vindication of their defence of the charges. In the Club’s view this decision is a recognition of the strength of the evidence that the Club has filed before league arbitration panels, which demonstrated that there was no proper basis for the charges. The charges against the Club will proceed to a hearing and the Club will continue to vigorously defend those charges. No further comment will be made at this stage.
  11. Football being played and televised will mean a fair few people out working. So an eventual Lockdown (which seems extremely likely) will put paid to that surely. Doubt Footballers will be seen as Key Workers.
  12. For how long can they delay the end of the Season? Considering player contracts may run out before any games can go ahead.
  13. Just watching this. Don't know why, but it's making me laugh! He doesn't half waffle on, and his Wife's looks at him! 😂 Just at the bit where he's not pointing fingers but he's basically saying someone that had a cold opened the door for them to catch the virus. 😭
  14. These articles will be interesting to those who don't spend hours a day online, reading Owlstalk, Facebook, Twitter etc They might be old news to us, but a decent read to some. Bit pointless sharing it on here, unless there's some revelation. Just gets this reaction.
  15. I read something yesterday evening, on Facebook, saying he'd gone. Came in here, as it's the fountain of all knowledge, but nowt. Couldn't be bothered to start a thread though. 🤣
  16. Does it matter? It can't get any worse!
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