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  1. Saw the title and thought Att had joined.
  2. We were under 2 temporary transfer embargos in 2010. Article from last time.
  3. The Batman

    # We’re F**king Sh*t #

    Spoiler alert FFS. No point in watching it now.
  4. We're trying to gel? We haven't signed anyone!
  5. Will there be a Pro-fit option?
  6. £15m for Fessi?!!! This is Wednesday, we'd get £4m including add ons.
  7. I haven't listened. Was just joking.
  8. Ah it all becomes clear. We're under a self imposed embargo, so we don't end up under an imposed embargo... Not signing players to prevent not being able to sign players.
  9. The Batman

    Shirts On Sale Now

    Or they could price them up more reasonably, and more loyal supporters could buy one. But whatever.
  10. The Batman

    Shirts On Sale Now

    I always wondered if, one day you'll wake up and realise that "the club" you defend no matter what, are just a bunch of people passing through. Owners, Chairmen, Director etc come and go. The fans you mock, they're the constant, they're the "club", you should be getting behind. £59 and £64 is ridiculous. Of course plenty will pay it, coz it's Wednesday... and those in charge know that.
  11. Chip Butty song was Rotherham's to start with wasn't it.
  12. Waterfront is a dreadful song. Jos didn't make Nuihu a better player, regular football did.
  13. The Batman

    U-23's vs Leicester

    Sam Smart played, from what I've read elsewhere.
  14. Got the luck of the draw, from playing Belgium when we'd already qualified, through to the semi. Played 2 decent sides in the tournament, and were beaten by both. Not too disappointed, as I think we did as well as we were capable, and I didn't expect anything more.