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  1. Just seen the last episode. It's not been bad. I was never into dance music, the Ibiza scene, but the flash backs don't look quite right to me, fashion, haircuts etc So didn't get the nostalgia hit, which would've made it more enjoyable to a 40 something like me. We guessed whodunit before the end too. Like I say, not bad. 6/10
  2. I thought it was alright. It's definitely not a cinema film. Really slow for a period, but needs to be for it to work. That will make sense once you've seen it.
  3. We really enjoyed 'Money Heist'. Started 'White Lines' tonight. Lass from Manchester goes to Ibiza to investigate the death of her Brother. Far fetched, tongue in cheek drama. Pretty good.
  4. Started Public Enemy earlier. French crime mystery drama thingy. Decent 1st episode. 2 Series, on NowTV
  5. Tempted to buy Xenoblade Chronicles end of the month. Think I've bought it at least twice already across Nintendo's last few consoles.
  6. It is nice. If you get it, I recommend you set the extra rear buttons to the L & R shoulder buttons. I just need to get into a Switch game now.
  7. Brassic series 2. Just brilliant. So funny.
  8. We finished the main story on RE5. Wasn't a classic that's for sure, but we've had a laugh and it's not bad. We've started one of the bonus content, can't remember what it's called, it's Chris and Jill in a mansion. Very original RE like. It's more enjoyable than the main game so far.
  9. Started watching Tales of The Unexpected. It's one of those things I know of, but have never seen. Didn't realise it was short stories by Roald Dahl.
  10. I meant @DEH9 Not Carol Fu*#ing Baskin!
  11. @Carole Baskin You're a big Emmerdale fan aren't you?
  12. Playing Resident Evil 5, co-op. It's alright so far. Feels like an uneasy compromise between a normal action game and a traditional Resident Evil, but has some really good moments and enjoying playing it with a friend. Also started Vampyr this afternoon, not very far into it yet, early impressions are good. Looks nice enough, good setting and atmosphere.
  13. Finished A Way Out and then Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris (passed the time). Thinking of trying Resident Evil 5. Just Googled PS4 co-op games and it popped up in the results. Only ever played up to RE4, what's 5 like? Intrigued by a RE co-op game.
  14. The 1st thing I thought was, "how would he know?". That's not slating him.
  15. We're playing A Way Out. Just started it tonight. It's alright. Decent, well made story. Gameplay's pretty basic, but we're enjoying it.
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