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  1. I've nowt against Bully. No idea how good a Coach he is. Hope he's a very good one. Just think we'd benefit from a whole new team of Coaching staff, along with the new Manager (other than the fitness guy) No preconceived ideas about the players. How can they all truly get a clean slate when there's someone around that knows them all and has the new Manager's ear?
  2. Out of curiosity, wonder how many (if any) Managers have tried to take Bullen with them? How many has he worked with now?
  3. DC's given him a fair go, no problem with that. Was the right thing to do. But it's time now to get a Manager in.
  4. The biggest issue, for me, is how Club's are financed. These wealthy owners, don't spend money on their Club - they loan money to their Club! Big difference. They "purchase" their Club's assets etc, they find ways to ensure they get something back. If I bought the local Corner Shop, spent a few grand doing it up, and it failed miserably... it'd be my loss. My gamble (investment) didn't pay off. I backed myself and my ideas and lost. You could recoup as much as possible, selling the business, but it's only worth what it's worth. In football, people run their Club's to failure, then try to get the money they lost back! Hence FFP etc It's ridiculous. If you put money into your own Company and lose it, it should be your loss. Not the Club's, not the next buyer's... Your's. You spent it, you decided where it went, you lost it. This is what needs looking at, not how much goes in, but how it goes in.
  5. Luton have 1 point from 4 games. Don't think we can point to them as a tough newly promoted side.
  6. Can't really argue, with any real conviction, against either side of this debate yet. 3 wins in 4 is as good as we could have expected. (4 from 4 would be ideal, but unlikely ) But, we haven't looked great, and after that performance today, you can't really think, with any confidence, we're going to beat the better teams in the Division. I'm torn. Think I'm leaning towards getting someone else in, but happy to be convinced otherwise.
  7. You think Chelsea hired Lampard due to his record last season? Surely it's more likely his link to their club. Pretty much why some want Bully (not me, I've no preference).
  8. Yeah that's why Hughton was pretty much everyone's no.1 choice. Coz we're a massive racists.
  9. Don't know much about him, other than he often comes across as a bit of a fruit loop in interviews. If DC wasn't interested in Rowett, due to lack of Promotions on his CV. Campbell's got no chance either.
  10. But they seem to have forgotten to modernise it... It's virtually the same as the 50s reject. And it's the wrong shade of blue on the kits! Taste is subjective, but there's no way that's a modernised badge!
  11. It doesn't. We've used the 70s one (variations of it) for longer than the current one... which IMO is frigging awful.
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