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  1. The Batman

    club crest

    The current bagde is awful. A weak, messy design that was outdated 70 years ago! Doesn't help that it's the wrong colour either. Looks terrible on the kit. It's like the picture Chansiri was looking at, had faded, and he just went with that shade of blue rather than updating it to our royal blue.
  2. Matt Hamshaw. Owen Morrison. Steven Haslam. I was convinced, these were our future, in the Prem...
  3. The Batman


    Steve The Bruce?
  4. Palmer's a decent squad player. He was part of Gray's back 4 that kept a record number of clean sheets IIRC? Since then, he's been a bit part player. Mainly back up to Hunt. Players in and out of the side, rarely play anywhere near their peak, but they do a job. Why is it we can accept that players not being played, through injury or whatever, need time to get match fit and hit form, but we expect squad players to be at the top of their game whenever they get the nod. If we get rid of all these types of player, as some Fan's always call for, we'd have a very small squad to choose from.
  5. The Batman

    £20 just the ticket

    Bank Holiday also meant little to no Public Transport. Plus there's a lot of very skint people, post Christmas waiting for payday (I know I am!). So that attendance was a big success.
  6. Can't be bothered to take a photo now, but I got a mug, with a picture 5 shirts hung up as they'd be in the dressing room, with my name on one of the shirts. The shirts go - Lees, Reach, Me, Bannan and Fletcher. Got it from my mate who's not a footy fan, and knows bugger all. He gave me the same short number as Reach. Still love it.
  7. The Batman

    Fans forum match day thread

    To be fair, it was a factual answer to a question.
  8. If only there was a way to look back at 2 month old threads to see... I can't be bothered to though.
  9. Only caught the 2nd half, wasn't as bad as is being made out. Never looked like losing. Need to improve like, but a win's a win.
  10. The Batman

    All home kit sizes back in stock

    Ordered the touch screen gloves. After several attempts! That website...
  11. These pre match Manager interviews are pointless. Same kind of rubbish questions every week, forced to repeat the same kinds of answers. And when the fans aren't happy, it's a stick to beat a Manager with! Happens every time, with every Manager without fail.
  12. The Batman

    Doing it the right way

    There's obviously been a lot of work going on, for years, to get these young players to this stage, where they're ready to make the step up. Ok, circumstances have played a part too, injuries last season etc. But it's not some miracle or accident or Jos masterstroke that we've got this group of kids. Long may it continue.
  13. The Batman

    Matias or Reach

    Matias for me too. Had more to do. Wasn't a perfect strike, but that's like saying, Reach's wasn't perfect shot, as it wasn't into the corner, it hit the post 1st, ie extremely extreme nitpicking. Both class.
  14. Thank foook that's over! Stole a point. But we'll play much better than that and drop points, so can't complain.