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  1. Got the luck of the draw, from playing Belgium when we'd already qualified, through to the semi. Played 2 decent sides in the tournament, and were beaten by both. Not too disappointed, as I think we did as well as we were capable, and I didn't expect anything more.
  2. It all has an air of inevitably about it.
  3. We've looked clumsy whenever we've been really attacked, the whole tournament. Our defenders look class in possession, but worrying up against it.
  4. Well that was an awful 2nd half. Kind of predictable, when we didn't get the 2nd goal in the 1st half.
  5. I remember Italia 90 (just!) All of a sudden, the whole country seemed to become football fans. Similar effect in 96.
  6. Enjoyed that. Can we play them every week? Their style suited us.
  7. The Batman

    #SWFC unveil brand new away kit!

    Think it's a beauty. 2 things putting me off. 1) the pale blue bagde (Sort it out FFS). 2) the price. But still think I'll get it. Already decided to get the home one for our Lass's Grandson. He's my last hope of brainwashing a defenseless child into a lifetime of Wednesday disappointment and misery. His Grandad's a Wednesdayite too, so think this one's a given. Poor little bugger.
  8. The Batman

    Away kit 2018/19

    Ah ok. Skim read it, whilst watching football.
  9. The Batman

    Away kit 2018/19

    Love it. On sale 4th August. Getting the shirt.
  10. Why if the 5 - 6 years one £50?
  11. The Batman

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    If Japan's keeper could catch, they'd still be winning. He keeps every Belgium attack alive by punching and keeping the ball in play.
  12. The Batman


    Not noticed him for a while Speaking of which, where's Asteener? Hope he's alright. Not seen him lost for ages.
  13. The Batman


    Cult of Megson put on a show.