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  1. They think they're superior what? Journalists? Does that mean, when we criticise the players we think we're Lionel Messi?
  2. I'm gonna get really angrymad and lose my mind over this. Even though I don't know if it's true, who it might be if it is, or any of the circumstances surrounding it.
  3. From memory, it was Paul Jewell that played him LB. Wasn't it initially during the 1st game after relegation, after Pressman's sending off? Vaguely remember we had a young LB on the bench. Nichols or Nicholson or something like that? He never got a chance and moved to a lower league side. Seem to remember him saying Jewell ruined his confidence in training, telling him he was rubbish and wouldn't make it. I'm waffling now as all these bad memories flood back. back!
  4. Just read he'd gone to WBA! Only someone on Facebook.
  5. Just home from work and watched the highlights. That was the Rhodes we thought we'd bought. Quality finishing.
  6. Couple of months back, the Company I work for screwed up, and paid most of us for 3 weeks instead of 4. Had to pay the week they owed a few days later. Think Nixon missed that one.
  7. Mark Bright vrs Arsenal, think it was on 22 minutes, Away end. Do remember it was a header. IIRC it was a League match between the Cup Finals in '93.
  8. I've nowt against Bully. No idea how good a Coach he is. Hope he's a very good one. Just think we'd benefit from a whole new team of Coaching staff, along with the new Manager (other than the fitness guy) No preconceived ideas about the players. How can they all truly get a clean slate when there's someone around that knows them all and has the new Manager's ear?
  9. Out of curiosity, wonder how many (if any) Managers have tried to take Bullen with them? How many has he worked with now?
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