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  1. You wot mate? I've already had "Mbappe" put on a shirt. Gonna gave to just pretend I'm a Hanson fan now.
  2. Cant imagine us saying we'd made someone a good offer, to make them look greedy for not signing!
  3. Pretty sure he was just practicing copying and pasting a Tweet. He asked someone, then tried it. Did you read the thread?
  4. That's flawed logic. His improved form has always been whe he gets a run (not very often since Chansiri), and no matter how weakened our team is, the opposition aren't weakened and don't go easier on him out of pity!
  5. Not read the bulk of the thread, just skipped to the last page. Isn't it much more likely that Nuihu, as with most players, plays better when he gets a decent run in the team and game time? Is able to get some real match sharpness and form. You know, as opposed to getting 10/15 minutes here and there, usually at the end of a game and given the role he's usually given. Not rocket science is it?
  6. Agreed. We shouldn't really go as far as associating the Pigs with Bin Laden...
  7. Off to Tenerife in a couple of days. Will have at least 1 (retro) shirt and a beach towel. Holidays are one of the few times I wear a football shirt, other than to matches.
  8. Where's this from. It's a wind up. Got to be.
  9. Like the top shirt. The badge puts me off though.
  10. Like it. Like it a lot. If anyone from the Club's reading, and it's not too late, can we have the badge in the right shade of blue this time please. Thanks.
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