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  1. Luton have 1 point from 4 games. Don't think we can point to them as a tough newly promoted side.
  2. Can't really argue, with any real conviction, against either side of this debate yet. 3 wins in 4 is as good as we could have expected. (4 from 4 would be ideal, but unlikely ) But, we haven't looked great, and after that performance today, you can't really think, with any confidence, we're going to beat the better teams in the Division. I'm torn. Think I'm leaning towards getting someone else in, but happy to be convinced otherwise.
  3. You think Chelsea hired Lampard due to his record last season? Surely it's more likely his link to their club. Pretty much why some want Bully (not me, I've no preference).
  4. Yeah that's why Hughton was pretty much everyone's no.1 choice. Coz we're a massive racists.
  5. Don't know much about him, other than he often comes across as a bit of a fruit loop in interviews. If DC wasn't interested in Rowett, due to lack of Promotions on his CV. Campbell's got no chance either.
  6. But they seem to have forgotten to modernise it... It's virtually the same as the 50s reject. And it's the wrong shade of blue on the kits! Taste is subjective, but there's no way that's a modernised badge!
  7. It doesn't. We've used the 70s one (variations of it) for longer than the current one... which IMO is frigging awful.
  8. Been watched a stream. We look a bit all over the place, and a better side would've probably got a goal or 2. Put it down to it being a derby! We're dangerous on the break though, and could've had a few ourselves.
  9. 6/10 Squad's much more balanced, but still slightly top heavy. Don't know much about a few the new signings, so fingers crossed on those. The more I read on Luongo, the more convinced I become that he'll be brilliant for us. On the other hand, I think Murphy is pants tbh! But you never know, sometimes it just clicks and as with most transfers, there's always an irrational, big dose of optimism. Overall, don't think we couldn't have done much better, barring selling at least 1 other striker and improving LB.
  10. Maybe Chansiri just thinks we're all exasperated Yorkshiremen when we keep telling him "buy Heck".
  11. You're not alone. Headless chicken springs to mind.
  12. Can't decide if someone's used that FaceApp and put a smile on him, or of he's having a stroke. No, not that kind of stroke.
  13. Looks like a JJ highlights video. Can run past people. Can't cross or shoot. Sign him up.
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