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  1. Anyone read this? Link to article I know of some of the people involved. They claim GC was actually investing in an insurance scam, and knew fine well. CG's claimed he was ignorant and got away with it, and the other guy's taken all the blame and been sent down. Someone I spoke to a few days ago, reckons she's going to the press about it soon, with their side of it and also telling them about how GC bought drugs through the same guy (in the article). All just allegations of course, but if we signed him, with our luck...
  2. Got to go for the 3 pack, for the Holy Trilogy. Can be expensive buying for 3.
  3. You can make out the shape of his Holy genitals. It's know as the Urine Shroud.
  4. Then start the thread. Can't wait to see this.
  5. You gonna start this thread. Can't wait to see this evidence. The Rev will be world famous, as the only person to ever prove the existence of Jesus.
  6. Aye, if we'd signed Eric, do you think we'd have still signed God? And how good would they have been together in our side back then?
  7. I didn't bring Jesus into the discussion. Just like Christians... Cherry pick the bits you read.
  8. Except in this case, many of us witnessed what Tricky said at the time,and there's still a ton of footage out there on YouTube etc, that contradicts Trev's revised (face saving) history of the incident. Jesus on the other hand, zero evidence he actually even existed.
  9. We are. Just playing it down. You know what happens when we get our hopes up...
  10. We had a lot of players out.. for one reason or another, and a Manager that wanted to build a side for the future. Blood the youngsters, before we released the out of contract players in the Summer, or sold whoever we could to sort the FFP situation. Didn't work. Well if promotion was the aim, it didn't anyway. Players returning and some new additions have made the difference, and the new Manager of course. Hasn't there been tables posted on here, showing what's been spent by clubs, that shows that Huddersfield didn't do it on the cheap. That's a bit of a myth isn't it? Think we've got some tougher games to come, and the renewed high expectations will lead to more overreacting when we drop points.
  11. It's amazing how fringe players suddenly seem much better when they get to play more. It's almost as if playing in the odd game, and bit part from the bench, makes it harder to reach a level of form and consistency.... But we'll carry on slating them when they don't get game time, and accuse them of just playing for a contract when they do. Wasn't Palmer a key member of Grey's record breaking defence?
  12. He said with Madine on, Utd will tend to hit it long. He said when he managed us, and wanted us to play more direct, he'd put Nuhiu on.
  13. The rules are obviously well intended, but poorly thought through and executed. If there was a way to ensure that any money an Owner/Chairman etc spends, that's above and beyond what a Club could afford to spend, doesn't put the Club at risk; That would be the better option. The problem over the years has been those that put the Clubs at risk, through putting the money in as loans or using Club assets as collateral for example. Then their failure leaves the Club in trouble, as they walk away. If there's a way for an Owner to put his money in, at risk only to himself or his backers or whatever, then that should be allowed. Protect the Clubs. Let the Billionaires play with their money.
  14. The current bagde is awful. A weak, messy design that was outdated 70 years ago! Doesn't help that it's the wrong colour either. Looks terrible on the kit. It's like the picture Chansiri was looking at, had faded, and he just went with that shade of blue rather than updating it to our royal blue.
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