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  1. Only caught the 2nd half, wasn't as bad as is being made out. Never looked like losing. Need to improve like, but a win's a win.
  2. The Batman

    All home kit sizes back in stock

    Ordered the touch screen gloves. After several attempts! That website...
  3. These pre match Manager interviews are pointless. Same kind of rubbish questions every week, forced to repeat the same kinds of answers. And when the fans aren't happy, it's a stick to beat a Manager with! Happens every time, with every Manager without fail.
  4. The Batman

    Doing it the right way

    There's obviously been a lot of work going on, for years, to get these young players to this stage, where they're ready to make the step up. Ok, circumstances have played a part too, injuries last season etc. But it's not some miracle or accident or Jos masterstroke that we've got this group of kids. Long may it continue.
  5. The Batman

    Matias or Reach

    Matias for me too. Had more to do. Wasn't a perfect strike, but that's like saying, Reach's wasn't perfect shot, as it wasn't into the corner, it hit the post 1st, ie extremely extreme nitpicking. Both class.
  6. Thank foook that's over! Stole a point. But we'll play much better than that and drop points, so can't complain.
  7. Awful shape. Unreal how much time and space they had.
  8. The Batman

    'i dont wear red'

    Only Red I wear is on an England top. It's irrational, but I just can't do it. I did but some Nike trainers, this Summer, white with a red swoosh. Told myself they were white with a touch of red for England in the World Cup.
  9. The Batman

    Forestieri banned

    "High profile posters"
  10. The Batman

    Revenue Generation

    This is true. Lass I work with, has had a right kerfuffle over solar panels when buying a house. It's taken months to sort out.
  11. I've only bought 1 kids shirt since the change of badge. I used to buy loads of merchandise. Now it's priced far too high, and the badge puts me right off. Yeah Sky Blue's a nice colour... but it's not our colour. Maybe the badge will grow on me, in another 20 years or so?
  12. The Batman

    Sam Winnall interview

    I think the above probably just confirms that Carlos probably had nowt to do with the signings of Winnall and Rhodes, and didn't want or need them. If that money was used where we needed it in the squad, imagine where we might've been now! WHat a waste.
  13. The Batman

    Michael Hector Signing?

    I texted my Hull supporting Colleague. Got the reply "fücking donkey mate"...