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  1. No plans to move, don't look that far ahead... Within a couple of posts - he's planning to move to a new stadium once we're in the Prem. Won't be long before it's become - "he promised us a move to a new stadium".
  2. I understand why posts get pulled. Just feels like Uncle Dave's won when they do.
  3. Several posters have reported the same version of the truth.
  4. TBH ignore me, it was probably more than someone just having their say on what really happened as HirstWHoScoredIt has above, I'm just annoyed I missed out.
  5. Yeah I know all about that. Not really the same situation is it? If it's the posters who've had their say in the past about what happened, then they're telling the truth, so how could that lead to a situation like the above link? Are we not allowed to contradict the official club line now? Even if it's not accurate?
  6. That's easy for you to say, you got to read it!
  7. So why delete the posts? If the posters were putting across their version of events, how can the site be in danger of legal action? Or the posters for that matter?
  8. Bloody hell, I missed all the excitement! The edited version of the thread isn't very interesting.
  9. Just watching England's superstars chasing shadows against Brazil. Lucky for them that they're playing in a country who's football league is flush with money. How many would make the big time if they weren't? Half the senior squad would be dreaming of £2k a week contracts.
  10. This photo keeps showing at the bottom of the page, for obvious reasons. Not sad how it's all ended up.
  11. At least he'd be injury risk free. When I'm lifting at work I tend to go with the telekinesis approach. Gives me headaches but saves on the old back pains. I guess if there was a physical risk of injury, they'd have to pay me a footballers wage.
  12. £15k?!!! Doubt he's gonna get that for a while, if at all. Hope he does, means he's successful. But right now, he's not proven himself at club level. So holding out for more than £2k (if that is the case?) Is just greed IMO. OK, if someone is offering more (which means he's been tapped up as we've not accepted any bids) then, of course, I can see why he'd want the bigger offer. If it was just about the money. Looks like it clearly is. Shame but there you go. Wednesday always seem to get the shîtty end of the stick. Even when it's someone who we thought might show a bit of loyalty, at least in the short term.
  13. I suspect anyone could have an injury that means they'll never work again. Do you mean an injury that means he'll never be able to play again? But could work. I'd take £2k a week doing something I enjoy over less than that per month doing something I hate. That's the reality for most of us. Footballers live in cloud Cuckoo land if they think a young improven lad deserves more.
  14. £2k a week! Is that what he wants or what he's turning down? Football is bonkers! £2k a week for an inexperienced 18 year old. What does he need that kind of money for? No wonder kids in England stagnate, they're loaded before they've achieved anything. Ok it's all relative and £2k is probably much lower than what he could be "earning" IF or when he makes it. But FFS, I'd snap my employers hand off for half that, and I'm not a young lad that might end up good at what I do. These kids want to hope they never fail, or get seriously injured and have to get a job away from the football bubble they live in. Then £2k a week will seem like the pipe dream it is to most of us. Madness.