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  1. Video analysis playing a part

    It's one of those things that many Managers do, but if/when we hit a rough patch, we'll get the usual rubbish like, "we should be imposing our game on the opposition, not worrying about what they're doing".
  2. In context, he was answering the question about the young lads playing. So maybe Clare or Penny in the 1st 11?
  3. JUst caught the end of it. "maybe Saturday there's a new surprise" followed by a cheeky grin Excited now!
  4. You're not far off. Boyd's never had a problem with his shoulder. Signs for us... Brexit. Matias has no problems with his hernia, signs for us... Brexit. Abdi has no problems with errrm his whole body, signs for us... Brexit. And so on and so forth.
  5. Frederik Nielsen

    He's bigger than Big Dave. He's Bigger Dave.
  6. O'Grady and Nielsen

    Just came on to say the same! Stands next to him when they're celebrating. He's huge!
  7. Well done jos

    He's been banned though.