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  1. Donny.Owl

    Player signings

    Not really. If you spend £87m, it makes no difference where the money came from. It's still £87m. Even if they'd made £100m in sales and were in profit... they'd still have had £87m worth of players to chose from.
  2. Donny.Owl

    Jos knows and the players know it.

    Players talk about preseason being tough every year without fail! Always will do. Plus our PR people know what we want to hear. Just wait til the new signings say "massive" in their 1st interview. Not to put a damper on things. I'm sure Jos will have us fit and ready.
  3. £40k a week No chance he's on that. Wasn't our weekly wage £500k? For ALL staff, playing and non playing. There's no chance, 1 player is getting nearly 10% of our entire club's wage budget!
  4. Donny.Owl


    Nah, Megson had cash to rebuild, after us nearly going bust at the start of the Season Irvine went. We had one of the biggest budgets in L1. We haven't (and never have had), anywhere near the biggest budgets in the Championship. Carlos overachieved in 15/16, we need Jos to do the same, if we want to go up. Not that I'm expecting that. Be happy with a decent squad, playing nice football with the odd kid getting his chance.
  5. Donny.Owl

    Jos Luhukay vs Carlos Carvalhal

    And the negative posters, will be getting a pat on their backs for their foresight.
  6. Can't bring myself to buy it. Only purchased 1 shirt since our departure from stripes, and that was an away top for my Nephew. Feel like I should, with it being the Anniversary, mind you it's been one to forget. Might have been more tempted had it been a great season. It's just the wrong shirt, worn during a largely awful year.
  7. Donny.Owl

    SWFC T-shirts.

    Not bad, but was thinking of stuff available to buy.
  8. Donny.Owl

    SWFC T-shirts.

    It's a bit rubbish isn't it. Think it's hoolies waiting for their train to an away game, where they're gonna get a bit nawty... or summat. I was just chuffed that we're on clothes in a big name sports retailer.
  9. Donny.Owl

    SWFC T-shirts.

    £10 off the "original" price til November.
  10. This just popped up on my Facebook Newsfeed. Coincidentally with a load of other sportswear. Well as it's Summer soon (can't remember what day it falls on this year?), any good Wednesday t-shirts out there?
  11. Good luck to him. As annoying as it is as a Wednesdayite, this is football now. He has a choice between, maybe playing for his boyhood team... and maybe one day earning a decent contract; or maybe playing for another team, but definitely getting a decent contract. Tough choice. It's easy, from your armchair, in a totally hypothetical situation, to say "go with your heart". In reality, this could be the last good contact he's ever offered. He might not make the grade, or could suffer an injury the week after he signs. He's got to go with his head. I hope he becomes an established Premier League player, and rejoins us one day when we make it back.
  12. Jason Momoa to play Nuihu.
  13. Donny.Owl

    Wednesday in debt

    That's what I thought too.
  14. Donny.Owl


    Eh? It's part of his job, followers on Twitter etc = potential readers of his articles in The Sun and/or Sun Online. Works a treat, it's a normal part of journalism now.