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  1. " I don’t know how coincidental that is.” So the rest is irrelevant. cheers Mego.
  2. Stop taking the wee wee out of George Smith.
  3. Just a thought

    From @RUMBELOWS91 at the Steering Group meeting. "Chansiri indicated Jos is here for the long haul when he was asked if the manager would be here in August. I don't think that's unconditional though, but I definitely didn't get the impression he views Jos as a short term appointment."
  4. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    Post not posterior.
  5. No idea if he's right, but he simply means, we could have paid less.
  6. Wouldn't want it. However, it's not that bad. But as we're (hopefully) going back to stripes, we need to go back to basics. A proper traditional Wednesday kit. The OP, is more like, if we'd never switched from stripes and were craving a change.
  7. Sean Clare

    Great news for conspiracy theorists.
  8. Optical Illusion

    Is it that, if you squint, it looks like he's weeing into the crowd?
  9. Vaguely remember Nicholson making the bench, maybe our 1st game after relegation from the Prem? But was overlooked and Humphreys came on at left back when Jewell made a sub? But I might be making that up! Cant remember Also, in an interview, he said Jewell told him he was rubbish in training, don't know if it was to get a response. Don't think it worked though!
  10. Yeah it's that simple. Players never have periods of good or bad form. They never ever fit in better at some clubs and worse at others. They never have periods of high or low confidence. They never compliment one style of play over another. They never play well with certain types of players alongside them, no such a thing as partnerships within a team. It's simply a case of good or bad.
  11. The thing is, it's like we expect a higher level of our players than is realistic. Obviously because we care more about what our players do or don't do. OK, we should expect a certain level, but all players at all clubs, make bad decisions from time to time, misplace passes, take a bad 1st touch etc etc. You can watch the best players at the best teams in the world, at the highest level, and see many little errors or daft decisions within the 90+ minutes. Also, if you don't think coming to a new Country and league makes a difference, you're ignoring psychology, or the importance of confidence and composure.
  12. New to the country and league. Coming into a difficult situation. He's settling in, and we'll see the best of him next season.
  13. Some of these so called, "fan haters" have been on this site for years. Have posted on loads of threads and subjects. You've just noticed them more, as they're clearly mithed at, and react to, the group that have the opposite stance. You could call those posters out too, as having a pattern and only making the same type of posts. Personally think one is a symptom of the other.
  14. I said ages ago. Nowt really mega surprising about our injury situation. About 4 or 5 of our players are regularly injured. That's how we managed to sign some of them, in leaner financial times. So an "injury crisis" which are common at all clubs from time to time, only adds to the above. Creating what we're seeing now.
  15. Neil why do you defend the little band of stirrers so readily? But don't defend and even join in, when it's the other way around? "Fan haters" really?