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  1. Paul Coutts is a Wednesdayite

    Is it you @Arthur Bach?
  2. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    Not strange at all. Success always increases crowds, people who stopped going start again. We've sold more Season Tickets too. Still a shame for those that have been priced out. I know there's no divine right to be able to go and watch your team; still it's not nice for those that want to, used to be able to, but now can't. No statistics, attendance figures etc will make it right for those individuals.
  3. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    I can afford it, but will be working Sunday... Which is how I can afford it.
  4. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    Yeah tell the rest of the family, they can't have a nice TV or games console coz you need to save for a football match.
  5. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    You don't need a box. Now TV is available through most box types (BT, Virgin etc), through games consoles, PC/laptops, smart phones and tablets etc. £6.99 is far more affordable to those that can't afford tickets. Don't know why you'd want to vilify those that can't afford to go?
  6. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    While I agree with the principal, saying those that can't afford tickets are the self same people subscribing to Sky is a bit of a stretch. Probably not true at all in most cases.
  7. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    You don't have to be a Sky subscriber to watch the game. Illegal streams aside, you can buy a day pass through Now TV (app on most devises these days) for £6.99.
  8. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    In terms of takings, it's not an error. Big shame that many can't afford to go, and are losing the habit of going.
  9. U23s v QPR

    Yes. Hirst's The club's And Kivo's Don't know the other's user name, so Kivo's will do.
  10. U23s v QPR

    Spill the beans then.
  11. Loan Watch Returns! (part one)

    Just watching the highlights on 5. Clare looked good. Very much involved in the build up to the goal, and I think it was Clare taking a free kick that lead to a goal that was disallowed. Not the most comprehensive highlights, but good to see him feature so heavily.
  12. Another Van Aken song thread

    Yes line it. What tune to?
  13. Score Predictions Owls v Blunts

    Never ever confident going into a derby.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Good to see an unchanged side. Get in front, then use subs to rest the unfit players. Better than bringing them on to chase it.
  15. Under 23s today....

    Funny that we finally get a decent batch of kids coming through, at a time we've finally got a strong Championship squad so we don't really have a place for them. They'd be much closer to the 1st team if they'd come through 3 or 4 years ago. Shame.