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  1. Crosses

    This is a spoof post isn't it ??????
  2. E-cash

    And we will all be travelling to Hillsborough by "Rocket pack" I suppose !!!!
  3. E-cash

    A choice of ways to pay is good. Cash, Contactless, Card+pin E-card etc, etc. Any reduction in choice is a bad thing. I will continue to pay by cash (it is Legal Tender, after all) If there comes a time when my hard earned cash is not accepted then I will buy elsewhere and the club will miss out on the revenue.
  4. I say old boy, what is the name of your Tailor ? Kindly tell me and I will ensure he gets none of my custom !
  5. Never even noticed the fish !
  6. E-cash

    They certainly do. But change will take place just the same. BAAAAAH !!!!......
  7. E-cash

    Each to his own...... However, I will not be dictated to. If they will not accept Legal Tender then I will not be buying. Too many people behave like Sheep these days. We the supporters will decide how to make a payment (or not)
  8. E-cash

    It must be terrible for you, having to mix with all us filthy people. I bet your pockets are full of disinfectant and hand sanitizer..........
  9. E-cash

    I will not be told how to spend my money. If the club refuse to accept Legal tender, then, I won't buy anything. There are plenty of alternatives, after all. We should all protect the principle of choice in payment.
  10. Wednesday on Look North Tonight

    No need for that ! You're out of order.....
  11. I have a lot of respect for Lee Johnson. Always comes across very well in tv interviews, and is very articulate. Has shown his ability as a manager and may well go on to much bigger things. But it's 3 points for the resurgent Sheffield Wednesday, tomorrow. We're on our way, to the Premier League.
  12. Let's be fair. If you "couldn't be arsed to read it" How can you say it's "bobbar" ?
  13. When shall we start Christmas?

    Come on...... We shouldn't "start Christmas", until Christmas Day - 25th of December. Then it lasts for 12 days. Anything before that is just the run up to Christmas. Of course, the massive commercialism that is now part and parcel of "Christmas" , means that some shops start tarting up with Tinsel and selling Tat as early as October.
  14. Will Carlos repay Jordan Rhodes?

    Agree........... 100% But we shouldn't be too hard on the idiots and morons. They can't help it !!!!!!
  15. I think you are being a bit harsh on him. He has plenty of potential as a LEEDS UNITED supporter.