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  1. np pontefract


    Always rated the man. But sad to say, some on Owlstalk will be sharpening their knives and waiting for him to fail. Let's hope they are proved wrong !
  2. np pontefract


    Dave who ???????
  3. np pontefract

    Elev8 done it again

    Aye, you were one of the Lucky ones, alright. I had no Scarf, no Rosette and no Badge. And we lived in a Ditch ! But I'll tell thi what ! They were Grand Days, When I were a Lad !!!!!!
  4. np pontefract

    Ricky Moate Update

    You have my utmost respect. Wishing you all the very best for the future.
  5. "A bit of a scrubber" "A more punchable face" Oh dear, oh dear....... Tact and Diplomacy at its very best !
  6. Absolute Rubbish. I've seen his legs on lots of occasions. They are still there !
  7. How on earth can I "Fizz" Don't you know there's a c02 shortage.
  8. I honestly believe this is a Bad, Bad, move. However, If Jordan Rhodes ever choses to look at Owlstalk, he will be of the opinion that almost everyone wants him gone. Personally, I would be much happier if Jordan Rhodes stayed with us and played a big part in our promotion push. Good Luck and all the best Jordan. I think you deserved better than this.
  9. np pontefract

    Why the negativity

    No, no. It's actually being very negative to say that people aren't being negative when they are really.
  10. You are a rascal, you are, Mr Farrell.....
  11. Nothing like a bit of cheerfulness to rally the fans ! Ps, are you really the same Mr Farrell as the one who says he doesn't see any Negativity on Owlstalk............
  12. np pontefract

    Why the negativity

    Plenty on Owlstalk seem to revel in it ! Only happy when they are looking at the negative side of things ! Psychologists often recommend not spending too much time with these people..............
  13. It is perhaps significant to remember that many of the comments, currently aimed at Jordan Rhodes, we're previously aimed at Atde Nuhiu. ............ Eg, " not good enough" "I'd drive him there myself" "had plenty of chances" "Should never play for us again" "too slow" "we need better" " he needs to go""best for everyone if he goes" Bla,Bla,Bla.. Just a thought to ponder over. in many cases, it is the same people who are responsible for these comments. Up the owls...
  14. I sincerely hope this is not true.
  15. No, it's only a suggestion, as you have said.