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  1. Good, positive interview on Radio 5 Great to hear that Steve Bruce hasn't given up on a playoff place. Come on Wednesday !
  2. Of course, I could be wrong, but that chap above, in the Nazi shirt, looks quite a bit, like Captain James Hewitt.....
  3. You are just trying to spoil things. Shame on you !
  4. Just ignore him......... He's just a Little p u s s y.
  5. Well JJ certainly had pace alright, trouble was, there was rarely any end product.
  6. Do they let him get to you. He's only a LITTLE cat......
  7. Sheffield Wednesday are the biggest Best and most successful club in Sheffield. What's the problem with being called Sheffield...... Its not as though there is any other club of note in Sheffield is it....
  8. You don't get out very much, do you ?
  9. No, he hasn't. No he wasn't. No he isn't.
  10. There is no better club ! Go and wash your mouth out with Carbolic Soap......
  11. You're right. Not creating chances for our Forwards is another one of our problems. It has been for quite some time.
  12. Our top scorer has 9 goals and is currently playing for Norwich City. And that's just one of our problems.
  13. How sad it is, that you consider the only motivation for Steve Bruce is money. It may come as a surprise to some, but the accumulation of Great wealth is not the only measure of Success in life. I'm sure that having lost both parents in a short space of time, Steve Bruce will know this all too well.
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