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  1. Glad you don't have an issue with Traaaaactors, boy ....
  2. Good. I want Jordan Rhodes playing and scoring for Sheffield Wednesday.. I don't go for all this "the game has moved on" piffle. Scoring Goals is still what is needed to win games. Given the right service , Jordan Rhodes is the man to score those Goals......
  3. Those of a certain age may well remember - ADAM ADAMANT. ....
  4. It's very important not to take things too seriously on Owlstalk.....
  5. Mmm, I take it that you don't know that weeing on Rose Bushes, makes them grow better !
  6. It's very difficult to be certain of anything in football or in Life. But all I can do is give my opinion. As for your footballing abilities.......... I'll leave you to speak for yourself.
  7. Well I'll stick my head above the Barricade. ... I want Jordan Rhodes to be playing and scoring for Sheffield Wednesday next season. If the team play to his strengths, he will score the goals..........
  8. I sincerely hope Jordan Rhodes is playing for Sheffield Wednesday, next season.......
  9. I expect you think they are "Deluded".....
  10. No one is "too good" for our club........
  11. Sorry to hear about your Father !
  12. I'm sorry, but I can't do it. I won't do it. I've never done it. I never will do it. The thought of it, makes my skin creep. I NEVER WANT LEEDS UNITED to win a football game !
  13. Come on Wednesday ! Do it for the supporters. YORKSHIRES NUMBER 1.
  14. Typical LEEDS fan. They are all the same..... Come on Wednesday ! Put them to the sword. Show them we are - YORKSHIRES NUMBER 1.
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