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  1. np pontefract

    Time to go

    People are free to post their opinions on Owlstalk. The number of posts on this subject, is indicative of the strength of feeling on the issue ! Personally, I would say that is a good thing. Other views are, of course, equally valid. Up the Owls.........
  2. np pontefract

    Time to go

    I don't know if you are being genuine or taking the urine...... Would it be better if everyone stuck their heads in the sand ??? Said nothing.... That sort of thing...
  3. np pontefract

    Rhodes price tag increases again

    Be much nicer if he was playing and scoring for Sheffield Wednesday !.....
  4. np pontefract

    John Pearson

    You may well be right. But, I don't remember many supporters echoing that sentiment when he was playing for Leeds United.
  5. np pontefract

    Poppy badge with owl

    Of course you may. Plenty of information out there if you care to look. And while you are looking, check up on the number of people who were slaughtered, civilians and armed forces. Don't forget, we were told that we, as a nation were in imminent danger from Iraqi "weapons of mass distruction" With possibly, only a 45 minute warning, before attack. We were peddled this Lie as an absolute fact. It shames our nation that those responsible for the Lies and Deception, have not been held to account .
  6. np pontefract

    Poppy badge with owl

    Your view of the world and mine are totally different by the sound of it ! Bad Guys...... I thought it was only president Trump who spoke like that !
  7. np pontefract

    Poppy badge with owl

    You just don't get it do you..... And you've somehow forgotten to mention anything about the Alleged "weapons of mass distruction" The official reason for the illegal invasion. White poppies didn't stop the invasion, but then again, neither did Red ones.
  8. np pontefract

    Poppy badge with owl

    So you think Stop the war and CND are Corbyn fads, do you ? Did you support the illegal war against Iraq ? Do you still ? What about the huge numbers that were killed ? And tell me, just how many weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq after the slaughter ? For those who wish to wear the white poppy of peace, alongside the Red poppy of Rememberance, they are available from the Quaker meeting houses.
  9. np pontefract

    This should cheer you up a bit.......

    Do they have a wetherspoons ? If not, then you can always go to Luton Airport and do a bit of Plane Spotting. It's a bit like Train Spotting, only with Aeroplanes. .. You might be a bit safer there !
  10. np pontefract

    This should cheer you up a bit.......

    Railway bridge....... Why's that ? Have you decided to take up Train Spotting to ease the Depression.....
  11. np pontefract

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Tell me, Costello 77, in the strictest confidence, of course, My "mate" would like to know if that kind of thing is painful for either party ? Not that he has any interest in such behaviour you understand, he is just a little bit curious.
  12. np pontefract


    I want Fun..... On the subject of " Phoenix Nights" I'm off to see Jerry st.Claire ( Dave Spikey) at the Theatre Royal at Wakefield tonight. Might be one or two tickets left if anyone is interested.
  13. Mick McCarthy is Rhubarb............. What on earth are you talking about ? We, the members of the Yorkshire Rhubarb Growers association, demand an explanation ! And be quick about it. Don't keep us in the Dark !!!!!!
  14. np pontefract

    Jos gone?

    "better club" A better club than Sheffield Wednesday. What on earth are you talking about young Lady. I've never heard such nonsense and piffle in all of my life ! Go to the back of the class and stand facing the wall...........
  15. np pontefract

    Sibon returns...

    Some people just can't give it a rest. They take a pop at Atdhe Nuhiu at every possible opportunity.