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  1. September 4th 1867

    It's probably a question that has been asked many times before, but if it has I've missed it. Why did our old badges state - SWFC 1866 ?
  2. Colin's Comments

    Warnock is a first class wind up merchant ! Judging by some of the comments on here, he is very successful at it.
  3. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Tell me Lord Snooty , is Snooty Towers by any chance open to the General public, or even to your "friends" on Owlstalk ?
  4. Can you tell me of the"HE who arranged all things " ? And does "HE" continue to arrange all things ?
  5. Do you really think that there is a "grand scheme of things "!
  6. Almen Abdi

    The "New Statesman " was a very funny series!
  7. Fernando who ??

    We don't know for certain,that there was a "training incident" Has anyone got proof of the alleged incident ? It's all rumour, speculation and guess work. Some on here should remember the old adage --- Don't talk about , what you don't know about.
  8. It's probably never been released from the strapping though !!!!!!
  9. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    What kind of person would give you a round of applause for wetting the bed ?
  10. Bedwetters of the world unite....

    I'm really not sure if your "taking the wee wee".........or introducing the wee wee. Anyway, Doncaster is a fine place !
  11. Would that be Mrs Forestieiri's agent ?

    What an absolutely spiffing post, old boy. You have certainly done your homework. I have drunk the water from "Little johns well" as a boy. Something that is now no longer possible, due to nearby quarrying. Plenty of "evidence " to show that ROBIN HOOD WAS A YORKSHIREMAN.
  13. That's pretty strong stuff. Would you care to elaborate.........
  14. If you had to pick one...

    4 or 30 for me... It doesn't necessarily have to be stripes to be Sheffield Wednesday .........