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  1. np pontefract

    Possible Signing

    There is no better club ! Go and wash your mouth out with Carbolic Soap......
  2. np pontefract


    You're right. Not creating chances for our Forwards is another one of our problems. It has been for quite some time.
  3. np pontefract


    Our top scorer has 9 goals and is currently playing for Norwich City. And that's just one of our problems.
  4. np pontefract

    Agnew on recruitment

    How sad it is, that you consider the only motivation for Steve Bruce is money. It may come as a surprise to some, but the accumulation of Great wealth is not the only measure of Success in life. I'm sure that having lost both parents in a short space of time, Steve Bruce will know this all too well.
  5. np pontefract

    Agnew on recruitment

    Well I'm no Financial Expert, but I have read many Accounts in my time and can honestly say, that they don't necessarily, tell the whole Truth, either.
  6. np pontefract

    The Star: Boyd's Turnaround

    That's right..... the Owlstalk "experts" Said "His legs have gone" !
  7. np pontefract

    Frederick Nielsen

    Wow, that's incredible ! Any player that can jump 6ft 2 on top of his hight of 6ft 7, must surely be an asset in either Goalmouth. Get him in the first team ..ASAP !
  8. np pontefract

    Hooper and Lee

    You forgot to add - With a Fantastic Goal Scoring Record. Billy Sharpe deserves Respect not personal insults.
  9. np pontefract

    Police presence today

    Did you prefer - Glad to be Gay ?
  10. np pontefract

    Police presence today

    If you really think violence is the answer, maybe you should be supporting him. He does seem very popular with the Thuggish Element who are into that kind of thing !
  11. np pontefract

    Gary Hooper

    That is your opinion. A different opinion is that there is a slim, but realistic chance, that we can make the playoffs. I really do fancy another trip down on the Train to Wembley !
  12. np pontefract

    Steve Bruce Giant Flag

    The Devil finds work for idle Hands !
  13. Have you not heard of - "THE MAGIC MONEY TREE" ? . .
  14. np pontefract

    #OnThisDay in 1867

    Just goes to show that was not always the case. Personally I don't see a problem. Sheffield and Wednesday, go together very well in my eyes. In fact, since I was a boy, I have never been able to think of one, without thinking of the other.
  15. Much better value for money on Owlstalk - we write shyte for free !