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  1. Rhodes

  2. The 1990's Forestieri

    The bloke who kissed his head was the most exciting striker though !
  3. Good Grief, that must make it really "Uncomfortable" for you, if it happens early in the first half !!!!!!.
  4. OWLSTALK At its very best !
  5. You are indeed correct, but this is Owlstalk , and you can't expect much in the way of rational discourse on here ! Just the opposite, in fact !
  6. next seasons captain

    Dave who ?
  7. No disrespect to Darlington, but the fact that they are in County Durham, means that their inclusion in this thread is irrelevant. I would like to substitute Frickley Athletic, in place of Darlington !
  8. Chesterfield. .... He's not very good at Geography !
  9. Sir, you and I have debated this point in the past. But my point still stands. That too many people are held back by History. Looking to the future, there is a good chance that our club can, and hopefully will, get back amongst the top teams of English football. It certainly won't be easy, but it is definitely possible. Unlike some, I will never be happy with second division football !
  10. What a Miserable and Negative post ! Why can't Sheffield Wednesday achieve great things in the future ? The fact that some supporters have this Negative attitude, acts as a Millstone round the club's neck !
  11. Sell JORDAN RHODES...... this summer CERTAINLY NOT ! As for selling Tom Lees , Fernando Forestieiri and Barry Bannan . We'll never get anywhere by selling our best players
  12. Some people really need to "bone up" on their Geography ! This is "GOD'S OWN COUNTY" we're talking about here. No.1 Yorkshire anthem - Ilkley Moor baht 'at. No.2 Yorkshire anthem - Capstick comes home. Got to go now, I've got the whippets to walk, and the pigeons to let out. Still cold outside, but I'll be okay wi' me Flat cap and muffler on. Up the Owls !
  13. We've conquered all of Yorkshire

    It might be a good idea to try to cultivate other interests !!!!!! Boredom is such a terrible thing !.......
  14. #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Lord Snooty, that Gimboid chap that you pictured. .......... Is he BENNY HILL'S son, by any chance ?
  15. Jack Hunt gives his opinion and gets slated !........ Good old Owlstalk !...... Is it really any wonder that most players just keep their mouths shut......