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  1. np pontefract

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    You are out of order ! Don't refer to me as a "dimwit"or having a "tiny mind" They are personal insults . If you choose not to answer my question, that's one thing. But don't resort to insults. No need for it. Let's keep it civilised....... Thank you.
  2. np pontefract

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    "Proper Yorkshire (North) where I grew up". What on earth are you on about. It would be nice if you could give us your definition of what you consider to be proper Yorkshire and what isn't proper Yorkshire. Please tell us......
  3. np pontefract

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Certainly not. It's not just about league positions. If it was, then Middlesborough would be Yorkshires top team, for last season. You're not conveniently forgetting Middlesborough, are you ? As for the Blades, they'll never be the top team in Sheffield, never mind Yorkshire ! They just don't have the class !
  4. np pontefract

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    The reporting in the "YORKSHIRE POST" Seems fair and mostly balanced , to me, and this newspaper covers the whole of Yorkshire, and beyond. I think you may be referring to the "YORKSHIRE EVENING POST" And their Leeds bias. This paper is mostly sold in and around Leeds and therefore has definite leanings towards Leeds (their business is sell ing newspapers, after all.) I have no connection with either Newspaper, but it is important that we understand that they are not the same thing !
  5. np pontefract

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    Well, because of my knowledge of both Leeds United fans and Sheffield United fans, I have to say that I consider the Leeds lot to be the worst of the two. Some Leeds fans are stuck in a 70's/80's Football Hooligan time warp and victory over them is always something very special ! As for the question of whether Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds is a Derby...... Of course it is..... It's a YORKSHIRE DERBY.... The Honour of being the top team in Yorkshire, is, something that matters to many in our great county. As for the Blades...... They never have, and never will be , the top team in Yorkshire !
  6. np pontefract

    Tom Lees

    I'm not sure I no what you mean !
  7. np pontefract

    One small neg today

    No, that's what Fanta tastes like. P i s s .....with artificial sweetener. .......
  8. np pontefract

    Bring on leeds!

    Lets hope its a win on friday. Its always a special pleasure to beat Leeds United. The behaviour of Some of their supporters is amongst the worst in the country. Some of them are still stuck in a 70's/80's Football Hooligan Mode They give Yorkshire a bad name ! COME ON WEDNESDAY !
  9. np pontefract

    SWFC v Leeds

    I hope we can get a win, over that lot ! Leeds United supporters are amongst the most unpleasant, arrogant and aggressive fans in the country . Victory over them is always very sweet !
  10. Leeds do see us as rivals, (YORKSHIRE RIVALS) admittedly, not to the same laughable extent to which they see Manchester united. But the honour and bragging rights for being the top team in Yorkshire is somethingoing that matters to many in our great county.
  11. np pontefract

    Where can this team finish?

    Well done dnhc, I was wondering how long it would take you to spot that one !
  12. np pontefract

    Where can this team finish?

    I'm sorry if you think I'm being pedantic, But shouldn't the question be - Were WILL this team finish ?
  13. np pontefract

    'Atdhe Nuhiu Super Goal' for Kosovo.

    They all count ! Well done Atdhe Nuhiu. Sheffield wednesday and Kosovo.
  14. A Brave post..... Wise words, indeed !
  15. np pontefract

    Feel good factor returning!!!

    Can't you just feel the Love in this post. If you're happy and you know it, Clap your hands !