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  1. It certainly would be a good thing if we won........ But I honestly cant remember a time (except possibly the 70's) when I've felt so disillusioned, supporting Sheffield Wednesday........ For all his faults, Carlos, in his first season, gave us, not only, exciting, quality football, but real Hope for the future. It was a great time to support Sheffield Wednesday. Since that time, things have slowly and painfully turned sour, on and off the field. I class myself as an optimist, but I'm struggling to find much to be optimistic about at the present time.
  2. Hope you are Right..... But somehow, I doubt it........
  3. I think he means "ARE" Massive...... I'm just Depressed at the whole sorry state of affairs at the club I've supported for over 50 years.....
  4. Katie Boyle used to say it quite a lot, if my memory serves me right... And it's supposed to be good for your skin.
  5. He was coach / manager, but are you sure they were all "his signings" ?
  6. He seems to be doing alright for himself and he hasnt changed one little bit.......
  7. As an aside, you dont hear much of "WALLY", these days. His name was regularly shouted out at Rock concerts in the seventies.I do hope that "WALLY" is keeping well..... THOSE WERE THE DAYS ! LIFE ISN'T JUST ABOUT FOOTBALL...
  8. You're not the only one to write him off. The Bloke has been slaughtered on here.
  9. To call him a "lump" is not only disrespectful, it also misses the point. He is a player who uses his size to good effect but is also good with the ball at his feet and is a constant ariel threat. That's not a "lump" in my opinion
  10. Dont forget this is Owlstalk............. And posters on here have pretty much, turned Talking about things they don't know about, into an Art Form.....
  11. Are you suggesting our "Welsh friend" is involved in malicious fabrication ? Surely not........
  12. This is quite a statement to make, but is it true ? What real evidence do you have to substantiate this claim ?
  13. Oh Dear..... I take it that you wish to deny the people the chance to express their opinion on this Brexit fiasco.... I call myself a Democrat. Democracy didn't end in 2016.....
  14. Actually it wasn't 52%..... It was less than 52% Check the details. That was the vote from the Discredited, illegally financed Referendum taken over three years ago. It's high time we had a second Referendum to seek the views of the electorate in 2019.....
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