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  1. Humour is a fascinating subject, Hitcat. That certainly made me smile !!!!! By the way, who is David Hirst ?
  2. Leeds v Wednesday

    They have a huge Middlesbrough fan base too ! But I don't know how far you can take this one, because parts of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire have huge Sheffield Wednesday fan bases and quite a lot in Lincolnshire as well ! Football support based on Geography is a very complicated business and throws up lots of surprises !
  3. Leeds v Wednesday

    I put it to you that the post above is a load of Tripe ! They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, don't they !!!!!!!
  4. Jos post-match interview

    ALL GAMES ARE WINNABLE. ......... Every single game is winnable !........
  5. Stripes next

    Not all the fan base are fixated on Blue and white stripes........... As for "explode with excitement" Well, let's just say, thats just a touch, Over the top !
  6. Tinpot pre walkout music

    Hope the club don't get rid of....... BLITZKRIEG BOP ! (HEY HO LET'S GO) .......
  7. Tinpot pre walkout music

    No, what is this "Game of Thrones" of which they speak ?........
  8. Carlos Anagrams

    You can't beat a bit of Tact and Diplomacy !
  9. Don't let the rascals wind you up Maxine. There are, of course, good and bad drivers, both male and female!
  10. Jos Anagrams

    How you managed to do that with only THREE letters, is a mystery.....
  11. Case for chopping the deadwood

    POT DOLLS. That is cruel, .......but I had to smile !
  12. Mark Lawrenson predicts an upset!!

    Get you Honky tonk !!!!
  13. Mark Lawrenson predicts an upset!!

    When I were a Lad, they were SECOND DIVISION TEAMS.......... Good Luck to them all I can't wait for us to get back to the PREMIER LEAGUE !
  14. Adam Reach "Forget about Carlos"

    Come on. He gave us some good times. He did his best. Let's show some RESPECT......
  15. Bigger Than The Club?

    No need for bitterness. .....