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  1. To call him a "lump" is not only disrespectful, it also misses the point. He is a player who uses his size to good effect but is also good with the ball at his feet and is a constant ariel threat. That's not a "lump" in my opinion
  2. Dont forget this is Owlstalk............. And posters on here have pretty much, turned Talking about things they don't know about, into an Art Form.....
  3. Are you suggesting our "Welsh friend" is involved in malicious fabrication ? Surely not........
  4. This is quite a statement to make, but is it true ? What real evidence do you have to substantiate this claim ?
  5. Oh Dear..... I take it that you wish to deny the people the chance to express their opinion on this Brexit fiasco.... I call myself a Democrat. Democracy didn't end in 2016.....
  6. Actually it wasn't 52%..... It was less than 52% Check the details. That was the vote from the Discredited, illegally financed Referendum taken over three years ago. It's high time we had a second Referendum to seek the views of the electorate in 2019.....
  7. The best post I've read for quite a while. You should post more often.....
  8. It's already cooked pal, like a lot more on here..... All you do is heat it up....
  9. You are right. I so hope that those on Owlstalk who have done nothing but talk about selling Jordan Rhodes and repeatedly tell us that he is no good as a goal scorer, are made to eat their own words, in a highly Humiliating manner.
  10. I once heard a quite disturbing rumour about Bunty James, and the chap above.
  11. Blimey, you don't seem to like Jordan Rhodes, do you. Has he cuckolded you or something ?
  12. The fact of the matter is that last season, Jordan Rhodes was playing for Norwich City, not Sheffield Wednesday. It makes it very difficult to score goals for your own club if you are playing for someone else, often as a substitute . Unlike you, I rate Jordan Rhodes , highly, but even he, will never be able to score from the substitutes bench.
  13. I can't understand the thinking of people who think it is good to sell Jordan Rhodes. If the club and supporters are serious obout promotion, they will want to keep their best players. We have a long hard season ahead and I for one , want to see Jordan Rhodes, scoring goals in a Sheffield Wednesday shirt. To sell him or Loan him, will, in my opinion, be a huge mistake.....
  14. One game in and top of the League. Here's hoping we stay in that position, all season long.......... Against all expectations, and despite recent and not so recent disappointments, this could really be our season. Up the Owls
  15. Not at all. I never said we shouldn't sell any players. But if we sell our Best players, then promotion is not a realistic possibility. Unlike some on here, I'm sick and tired of the "second Division" and want to get out of it as soon as possible.
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