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  1. Watford_owl

    The 1990's Forestieri

    If we are comparing the best di canio would be the one. Could turn a match on its head and to this date been the best individual player I have ever seen play for us. Not my favourite player of all time but defiantly the most gifted.
  2. I think people underestimated roads movement. Used to get 2 defenders. With mm and nuhiu we will fall too deep most of the time.
  3. Watford_owl

    Fvcckking Rubbish Nuhiu!!!

    He is finally getting the ball to feet rather than being used as a target man. Play to their strengths and mix of them will come good
  4. Watford_owl

    Our scapegoats are just awful

    He has been replaced by Jordan Rhodes already so no need to spend valuable resources. Honestly this proves some people would cut our Von players down at any cost. We rely need to build their confidence not tear it to shreds.
  5. Watford_owl

    Fvcckking Rubbish Nuhiu!!!

    Let’s be positive for a couple of weeks. I rely believe it will do the team a world of good.
  6. Watford_owl


    why are bye so critical after a win. honestly the fans are part of the problem. how are our players supposed to get any confidence. Give JL a little breathing room to shape a team in to a unit witout laying in to the players. granted this season has not been what we were expecting but its time to build confidence not tear it down.
  7. Watford_owl

    Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    If you went to work for a poo boss and all your colleges and you were all underperforming would you get the sack?
  8. Watford_owl

    Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    A 33 page thread slagging one of our players off in a time when they all need some confidence. I sum times question our collective common sense. Let JL and the players have another 30 days without this constant aggressive pressure of being poo if you don’t have a good game. JL is changing style of play and this might very well suit JR. typical Wednesday would be to sell him for nowt than hel come good against us next season. Some of the problem in my opinion is the ferocity of the critical coments against our own players. It will effect them. UTO
  9. I agree it sad but we need to give the new manager time to implement changes before we dig in to the players. Unfortunately we find ourselves in the bottom half this season an critical coments of the players for now will not help. UTO
  10. Watford_owl

    Much improved

    I think the midfielder still needs some work but agree much improved effort.
  11. Watford_owl

    Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Let’s give JL and Jr 30 days to improve without criticism. Then I will shut up. Sorry
  12. Agree he needs confidence. However it dose not matter how much you are paid confidence is not by pound unfortunately. All I am saying is give the new manager a chance to improve without our critical input for 30 days. Then you can go for it without me putting my 5 pence in. UTO
  13. He has set up two golden opportunity for Jao. Is that underperforming?
  14. I think in general he dose well but please Asford JR the same curtecy
  15. The problem at Hillsborough is we are to critical of our players. They need some posetive reinforcement. If you were criticised at work like some of our fans would you perform better or worse?