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  1. If team plays better we need to support them win lose or draw as they could do with a bit of confidence boost.
  2. Not good enough. Possession was awful movement awful. This might be bad as I genuinely think we will go down unless there is a change in philosophy on how the game is run. This was luck not skill. Penalty will normally go in. Hope it makes a difference to confidence but somhow I think this will prolong our misery. The team has no plan no movement forward for 95% of the game. Luck is not skill. This was not making your own luck.
  3. Defencivly The midfield and defence hold more or less the same line witch only gives you one line of defence. Personaly i think this is Football basics. No plan and to much backpedaling by the midfield.
  4. If you are sitting this deep you ned 3 quick players furthest up The pitch. Ungortunetly we dont
  5. This is the most lacklustre performance I have seen for years and that is not good. Total lack of desire and work rate.
  6. Static off the ball when in possession. This is very worrying as it dose not bode well and it’s no one off either
  7. To harsh to say they are all poo but as a team they are woefully inadequate moving off the ball in possession. Need to run up some hols every game they think standing still in possession to be accseptable. Slows to much pressure and dose not fill me with confidence if the manager.
  8. Move move move should be drilled in to them. wee wee poor imho
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