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  1. You can take my freedom but you cant diss my bike
  2. I think they should make a movie out of it. Scorsese like. Pacino as Nando
  3. Didnt say that about Bullen tho did you you complete and utter racist cockmuncher.
  4. Can i just say on behalf of us 'foreigners' who rely on this service that none of this aggro is towards Rob and JP. Listening to the Notts version last night makes you realise how much crapper it could be. 'Perform' are a cowboy outfit who will not put a penny(rupee) into transforming the 'player ' experience however much longer they hold the ownership to this contract and i think the club are realising that, hence the youtube channel activity. This is the reality it seems that we have to put up with for at least 3 more years. 'Guru'...
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