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  1. How's it going over the Kachunga? Really proving your worth aint ya. #bringbackbigdave
  2. Based on what? The appearances vs goals stats? Terrible? Not even mediocre, or he found his level, but Terrible? The bloke was a 1 in 3 striker.
  3. But without nostalgia, football is nothing!
  4. I dunno, all those Nuhiu bashers loved one thing, and that was looking at the stats and saying that they didn't lie. Well they do.
  5. For all those Nuhiu haters out there, we've just signed a striker who has a worse record than him in English football. 117 appearances 16 goals. Welcome to three years of Kachunga bashing from the Owlstalk faithful
  6. Your save is much more likely to crash though. The first release was much more unstable. I've got to the point where the Spanish league has gone haywire, and all the games in the entire season are played in July of each year! You forgot To Madeira!
  7. One of the benefits of lock down was that we all got a chance to log in some hours on Championship Manager/Football Manager. Championship Manager 01-02 still being a favourite of mine, I've been playing an old save. I didn't manage Wednesday in this one, but I note the bizarre fact that they have not made a signing for 23 years! Currently in League 2/Third Division. Anyone got any recent Wednesday experiences on the best game ever made?
  8. Must have accidentally deleted Hirst! Bearing in mind that this is only correct of end of 1994-95 season so doesn't take into consideration his revival under Pleat. It also doesn't take into consideration how many minutes he actually played when he was a sub or subbed.
  9. Because others have tried to explain it like that. People can't face up to the fact that he was a good player for us.
  10. How does Atdhe actually measure up in the pantheon of Sheffield Wednesday goalscorers? To apply this test we have to consider how many 90 minute blocks Atdhe actually played. Why? Because before 1987 you could only have one substitute, meaning that every player on the pitch usually played 90 minutes. This increased to three in 1994-95 season, though one of them had to be goalkeeper. One season later, the three substitutes can be used for whatever reasons. This means that comparing Atdhe to other players by minutes played is not very useful. Neither is Wikipedia because
  11. Half a tun of goals for the big man. Top Wednesday goalscorer of the last decade, only Tudgay has scored more since relegation from the Premier League.
  12. Forgive me if I've counted this wrong. But I think that only Marcus Tudgay has scored more goals for Wednesday since relegation from the Premier League?
  13. Do Sheffield United have a better squad than us? If yes, then we aren't a top six side. If no, then we are.
  14. It says its sold out on that page but tickets are still available from https://www.showroomworkstation.org.uk/ots17-owls
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