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  1. Totally agree....I have never bought the 'Rhodes was bought because the fans wanted him' crap.
  2. I liked Murphy, but he is nowhere near England class. I think Trent Alexander Arnold, Kylie Walker, Reece James and Keiran Trippier are much better than he ever will be.
  3. Like when Jos played Hutchinson in the CAM position in the first game of the season at Wigan!
  4. I think we should stick with the current plan until after we have played Millwall. I can just see SAG and SCC hoping it goes boobies up at that fixture so they can say that they were right all along.
  5. Think Reach would be lower on that list!
  6. It is so obvious that they are going to find him guilty. It' going to be a kangaroo court like in Blackadder.....they've already made their mind up (IMO).
  7. I think he has the potential to become a really good player with the right manager. Bruce might just be that man. Remember we only really saw him under throw and even Eden Hazard would end up looking average playing for him.
  8. Whatever. They were both cup games. You could say both were big games or that they were both small games with league games being more important.
  9. So one home cup game meant fuckall but the other away cup game did? Talk about massaging facts.
  10. Bloke (Daniel) just spent three minutes talking about Wednesday, how we play, about our managers, why isn't Bruce in charge, etc, etc. Turns outs he's a United fan. Dem Blades near top of the league and he rings up to talk about us. flipping helmet.
  11. Crikey, sounds really bad. My boy was asking about him yesterday as we saw him on the floor our way out of the ground.....think 'll tell him he is recovering and miss out the details. Get well soon Harry.
  12. Giddings didn't even pull him up on it. Knowing 'Gids' he probably thinks/dreams that the Blavdes are in the Champions League!
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