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  1. Crikey, sounds really bad. My boy was asking about him yesterday as we saw him on the floor our way out of the ground.....think 'll tell him he is recovering and miss out the details. Get well soon Harry.
  2. Giddings didn't even pull him up on it. Knowing 'Gids' he probably thinks/dreams that the Blavdes are in the Champions League!
  3. Based on his Jos form - good. Based on his previous 4.5 years form - bad. Hopefully he can keep it up under Jos.
  4. Joke club at the moment. So many weird things going on. Please buy a 5 year season ticket!
  5. Azzy

    Carlos Inners!

    * Premier League, not Premiership. (Does my head in)
  6. My plan is to have a carrier bag with my stuff in which I will decant into pockets prior to the turnstile to then refill said carrier bag once inside the ground.
  7. Yep, a real pain in the ass not having a backpack. Ipad, headphones, scarves, sweets, drinks, etc......I'll look like the flipping Michelin man walking in with everything stuffed in me jacket!
  8. It is because when they actually check my backpack, which is about 50% of the time, they only ask me to un-zip it and look in the top. As every wanna be terrorist know you put the IED on the top not buried beneath scarves, sweets, etc.
  9. I would think so. I've ordered one and I never buy one.
  10. Azzy

    Nigel Pearson.

    And he is bonkers. And he said he would never manage a team near where he lives.
  11. Azzy


    Adrian Durham last night said 'work wise he would want Fulham or Reading to go up' but for footballing reasons he wants Wednesday to go up. Goughie wanted Huddersfield.
  12. Azzy

    Farewell my friends

    You know what I really don't care what Barnsley, their fans, their players, their fans, etc, etc, think about us and our players. Winnall chose us (and quadrupled his wages). He got dogs abuse for doing so. He scored and gave a bit back. Get over it.
  13. Azzy

    Boat missed

    Last time I looked we had a manager/head coach?