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  1. ,,,,,,,,oh yes he did - was a sub for the ineffective joao
  2. He has done it on the last two occasions at Hillsborough- he really is a blatant cheat
  3. Sheffield Dave - without a doubt THE most sensible poster IMO on this site
  4. Thanks for posting this - evidence of an abject failure all round the signings in particular have been ridiculously bad
  5. I’m not renewing he can fizz off if we don’t contribute anything arrogant fool
  6. The last quote is a crock of poo - then why bomb out most of the senior pros if “we’re all sticking together” the bloke is full of poo will stick by Jos and lead us to relegation
  7. My post meant to get behind a NEW Manager - not Jos - he’s had enough time and has only served to divide the fanbase even more Having said that I wouldn’t put it past the chairman to stick blindly behind Jos Like many of the posters on here my alcohol intake has risen significantly since his appointment
  8. Just watching Sky and The Southampton hierarchy have just sent a letter to all season ticket holders to unite the fan base together with a free drinks voucher to get behind the new manager Maybe it’s something we could do ........
  9. I had the same experience on Saturday my son has CAH and requires water for his medication and hence we took a bottle of water in with us We sit in the Grandstand The next minute the turnstile operator bellowed at the top of his voice to a steward as if it was a terrorist attack and I realised at that point it was because my son had the top on his bottle of water Despite my protestations he would not let him in with the top - you could quite easily take the top off then put it back on once inside - barmy He scared my son to death and it was totally unnecessary - the bizarre thing is you can buy a bottle of water with a top inside the grandstand for about £2 (bargain) Really poor
  10. How can you come up with a statement like this when he has been a number two recently
  11. Really good post and very true that you start with the appointment of the right manager its no coincidence that our best managers were all no nonsense types ie Jack Charlton Howard Wilkinson and latterly Ron Atkinson although that is now 25ish years ago - sad really i know things have moved on but we need a straight talking motivator who knows this league. A good manager also has invaluable contacts can be fluid with tactics and attracts decent players .....if you were a player would you want to come to us However ..... we will eventually get another manager that no one has ever heard of and who we sack after having “given them a chance” I would even go so far as to say we will never get a decent manager whilst DC is in charge - we are happy to spaff money on over the hill players but not get the right manager in
  12. Mr Watson I have never said that I prefer opinion over evidence - where is your evidence of this? :) The fact is and you know this there is no evidence either way - none to prove that DC/KM are not meddling albeit plenty of strange happenings and mystery and none to say that they are because IMO people will be frozen out/lose their jobs if they speak out BUT you are obviously entitled to your opinion - It just happens to be different to mine
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