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  1. I think he will appoint the other guy (kemp?) when he is ready to come and then move MT back to a scouting role he may be using him to fill the gap at the minute and have a second pair of eyes/opinion alongside CG
  2. I for one would love Nigel Pearson to come and manage our club - let's be honest though he would never work for Chancer and I would bet that everyone in football knows how bad a chairman Chansiri is to work for (My opinion) Add to this that Nigel Pearson was complicit in George Hirst leaving our club on the cheap with his old buddy David Hirst and there is no way Chansiri would appoint him - would Pearson want to manage a club that he sees as "shafting his mate's kid" (again just my opinion) He would actually have to let Nigel Pearson run things top to bottom and this w
  3. Really good post - sums it up for me personally
  4. I'm going to get slaughtered for this - but the real reason we aren't going anywhere is a clueless chairman who controls everything and does not appear to listen to advice (my opinion) and charges exorbitant prices for poo football (fact) Despite putting millions in he has been badly advised (my opinion) and not learnt from his mistakes (fact) (Despite being at the club for about five years) Ask yourself this question - which half decent manager would want to work for him (and without coaching staff) - This is IMO part of the reason Steve Bruce jumped ship and also why
  5. ,,,,,,,,oh yes he did - was a sub for the ineffective joao
  6. He has done it on the last two occasions at Hillsborough- he really is a blatant cheat
  7. Sheffield Dave - without a doubt THE most sensible poster IMO on this site
  8. Thanks for posting this - evidence of an abject failure all round the signings in particular have been ridiculously bad
  9. I’m not renewing he can fizz off if we don’t contribute anything arrogant fool
  10. The last quote is a crock of poo - then why bomb out most of the senior pros if “we’re all sticking together” the bloke is full of poo will stick by Jos and lead us to relegation
  11. My post meant to get behind a NEW Manager - not Jos - he’s had enough time and has only served to divide the fanbase even more Having said that I wouldn’t put it past the chairman to stick blindly behind Jos Like many of the posters on here my alcohol intake has risen significantly since his appointment
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