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    All about TEAMWORK

    Spoken like a true sapper
  2. stevenbrookseyowl

    Time to go Mr Chansiri

    Very good post
  3. stevenbrookseyowl

    Couple of observations

    Very true and well evidenced post
  4. stevenbrookseyowl

    Get him in

    Optimistic in the extreme - why the fizz would he want to come to our club and he’s also gritty tenacious and his own man so wouldn’t put up with too much interference Also our chairman and his team of entertainers seem to take pleasure in picking bizarre left field managers Look at the conveyor belt of crap managers that Charlton got and I think that’s where we’re heading
  5. stevenbrookseyowl

    Clarity please Mr chansiri

    I would Neil but know I wouldn’t get a fair hearing - I do know that there are a hell of a lot of disillusioned fans who have worked him out
  6. stevenbrookseyowl

    Clarity please Mr chansiri

    Will be attended by happy clappers and yes men/women who won’t have the balls to challenge the chairman
  7. stevenbrookseyowl

    Sheffield Wednesday 1 : 2 Ipswich Town - OMDT

    This - the chairman is taking us back to league one
  8. stevenbrookseyowl

    Luhukay out.

    The problem here IMO is the chairman From what I have heard he is a bit of a megalomaniac who micro manages everything at the club and has very poor interpersonal communication skills His judgement IMO is appalling and he bears grudges rather than building bridges (stopping Hirst from playing - ludicrous decision) This goes from management selections to how he treats staff in the club shop Ask yourself this question - if you were McCarthy Allardyce Pearson Megson or any other decent home grown manager would you be prepared to work under this ethos As for appointing Meire - it’s almost like he’s trying to wee wee the fans off I sincerely hope he proves me wrong and shows a bit more humility rather than the ridiculous statement blaming the fans prior to Carvalhal leaving but I doubt we will appoint anyone capable of replicating any of our previous successes with him in charge
  9. stevenbrookseyowl

    Get Megson in now!

    It’s getting more embarrassing by the day stupid stubborn managerial appointments by the owner who really should have gone with a proven manager at this level and players that are either poo, had their best days or couldn’t give a throw We are a laughing stock of a club - we were warned about Meire who no doubt threw Charlie chaplins name into the hat Will lose two of our best young players and who can blame them for fxxxing off with this shower of poo and left with floggers like fletcher Abdi wallace buttercup Jones Nuhiu and the rest of the deadwood We are looking good for relegation What’s the betting DC acts when it’s too late ABSOLUTE JOKE OF. A CLUB My Gran could do a better job of running the club
  10. stevenbrookseyowl

    The Chairman : here's my thoughts

    It’s very simple really - he needs to stop being bullish and listen to proper advice and to the fans who have the best interests of the club at heart Reduce prices for the executive boxes instead of hiking up the prices and losing valuable corporate income - a lot of people spend a lot of money on alcohol in the exec boxes and every time I have used one the bar bill has been substantial - this is all money for the club Reduce pay on the gate prices even to bargain prices say £20 for adults and kids for a quid for the remainder of the season getting people into the ground and spending money - also more fans better atmosphere - give free tickets to schools on Fridays on tickets which would not ordinarily sell - to encourage younger generation and their parents and increase merchandising and catering revenue Reduce the beer prices - maybe drop 50p off a pint and more people will drink in the ground instead of going to Wetherspoons - I haven’t visited the Tap yet but make it cheap and pack it out - alternatively have a large match day venue like Leeds maybe built on the Wednesdayite car park and have live bands etc I also have to say the staff in the bars around Hillsborough have no idea with sales and numerous pints should be poured ready The food is poor in the catering outlets and the pies are rock solid and crap - lots of people prefer chip shops Burger King and Chinese around the ground - the product inside the ground has to be good and cost effective - the chips are overpriced for about ten chips and one burger van outside the ground gives free chips with each burger sold - need to compete with these The home and away shirts are poor and he has not listened to the vast majority of the fans who want the traditional stripes - make them cheaper and you will sell more instead of having “sales” all of the time. Why not employ Adidas or Nike to manufacture the kits - everyone knows these are well trusted decent brands and although the mark up will not be as much there will be massive amounts sold in my opinion and the fans will be proud to wear the shirt instead of that horrendous away shirt Reward season ticket holders with discounted offers in the store and maybe a half priced shirt every year - everyone loves a bargain and most would take this offer up Fans are getting fed up of paying overinflated prices for a poor product Feed back to the fans and encourage honest speaking rather than having selected fans invited to a forum where many weren’t invited .....and this is my opinion - stop recruiting left field managers like Carlos and Jos and go for a proven manager who has experience in promotion from this division However I do think that despite the positivity shown by Neil DC is far too stubborn to listen ...........
  11. Pity he wasn't in a fiery and bullish mood for the derby Very arrogant
  12. WE DO NEED A NEW MANAGER - and YES we do need something from the team to show us that they have the stomach for the fight rather than men against boys I'm sorry but despite Carlos being a nice guy he has to go - the football is attritional and we create very few chances I have watched almost every game home and away for the past two years and the amount of times we have been lucky or have held on to a one goal lead only to be pegged back doesn't work The signings are poor and journeymen like Fletcher and Abdi are not cutting it. He doesn't play to Rhodes' strengths as commented on by numerous on here and he will not give youngsters a chance instead preferring favourites like Wallace (absolute garbage). We will lose the biggest asset we have had for ages in George Hirst We get bullied almost every game and persist on playing the same tippy tappy rubbish before putting our back four under pressure and hoofing it up the field HE HAS TO GO - simple as
  13. He will come out with the usual load of cack - He will protect all of his players apart from Rhodes and Forestieri who he does not mind burning to the press - even if we win this game he has to go. The way the team is set up is dire and the football attritional rubbish.
  14. Just sack Carlos - simple as that