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  1. stevenbrookseyowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    How can you come up with a statement like this when he has been a number two recently
  2. stevenbrookseyowl

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    Spot on
  3. stevenbrookseyowl

    Man Of The Match

    This is spot on
  4. stevenbrookseyowl

    What's going on at #swfc?

    Really good post and very true that you start with the appointment of the right manager its no coincidence that our best managers were all no nonsense types ie Jack Charlton Howard Wilkinson and latterly Ron Atkinson although that is now 25ish years ago - sad really i know things have moved on but we need a straight talking motivator who knows this league. A good manager also has invaluable contacts can be fluid with tactics and attracts decent players .....if you were a player would you want to come to us However ..... we will eventually get another manager that no one has ever heard of and who we sack after having “given them a chance” I would even go so far as to say we will never get a decent manager whilst DC is in charge - we are happy to spaff money on over the hill players but not get the right manager in
  5. stevenbrookseyowl

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Mr Watson I have never said that I prefer opinion over evidence - where is your evidence of this? :) The fact is and you know this there is no evidence either way - none to prove that DC/KM are not meddling albeit plenty of strange happenings and mystery and none to say that they are because IMO people will be frozen out/lose their jobs if they speak out BUT you are obviously entitled to your opinion - It just happens to be different to mine
  6. stevenbrookseyowl

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    I know he was an old guy but should have been challenged all the same To sit in silence when you don’t agree with something is criminal especially given the bigger picture at SWFC and with DC
  7. stevenbrookseyowl

    What a refreshing change in attitude

    This - completely agree great to see the manager using and promoting youth
  8. stevenbrookseyowl

    Player Ratings

    Some real positives tonight.... Penney and Nielsen had solid games and Nielsen looked commanding Mattias didn’t want to come off....is he going to last? We looked really comfortable most of second half ....Morgan Fox should not get back in this team
  9. stevenbrookseyowl

    Player Ratings

    Joost van aken looked a bit wobbly but saved a certain goal - thought Nielsen was excellent
  10. stevenbrookseyowl

    What a wonderful sight..!!!!!!

    Nielsen was immense tonight
  11. I agree with this They’ve got to be a lot cheaper - £20 would have been better per match to get people and funds in short term They could have trialled it for one match to give a marker before implementation
  12. stevenbrookseyowl

    Simplify how to buy tickets at #SWFC

    Neil Totally get your point - make it simple and accessible to buy tickets with as little fuss as possible Maybe experiment with adults for £20 and kids for £1 or free until the end of the season to swell the attendances - I know this might not be popular with everyone but it is better than having an half empty ground. Also giving any unsold tickets to schools is a great idea I say these prices because despite all of your positivity fans won't pay good money to watch poor football - but may attend if there are concessions and attractions to get them into the ground - cheaper beer is a must especially when watching the owls and we need to have some kind of set up similar to Leeds where a large proportion of the punters turn up to a large covered tent and get beer and food at reasonable prices, matchday speakers (ex pros) and sometimes live music - I know we have the match day bar but we need to do something bigger IMO In terms of corporate activity - the commercial manager at SWFC I think could do alot better - maybe pay someone on a performance related basis for how much business they bring in and I agree - make it absolutely simple to buy ANYTHING form SWFC and treat those that are shelling out large sums of money with courtesy and incentives. I agree with the earlier poster that businesses are more likely to go to SUFC because it is simpler and easier to do. Last but not least - sell the shirts at a reasonable price - think SUFC charge £45 for a shirt - we should charge the same and get them manufactured by a reputable company - they would sell like hotcakes and not result in firesales at the end of the season at a reduced cost
  13. We will finish : 14th Who wins the league : Dirty Leeds Relegated teams : Rotherham Ipswich and Reading Top scorer : Forestieri 12 - then sold in January Will Jos be in charge : yes Stand out players : Nuhiu and Reach Notable crazy moment(s) of the season : Beating the pigs 1-0 at Bramall Lane with the only shot on target in 90 minutes and having a player sent off and Wilder losing it afterwards on TV
  14. stevenbrookseyowl

    George Boyd

    Completely agree - my take would be the choice of managers during that period
  15. stevenbrookseyowl

    George Boyd

    Ha ha think you’re missing the point mate i just think that Sean Dyche albeit I don’t really like him has a knack in the main of getting the best out of his players I could never say that about Carlos