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  1. Pity he wasn't in a fiery and bullish mood for the derby Very arrogant
  2. WE DO NEED A NEW MANAGER - and YES we do need something from the team to show us that they have the stomach for the fight rather than men against boys I'm sorry but despite Carlos being a nice guy he has to go - the football is attritional and we create very few chances I have watched almost every game home and away for the past two years and the amount of times we have been lucky or have held on to a one goal lead only to be pegged back doesn't work The signings are poor and journeymen like Fletcher and Abdi are not cutting it. He doesn't play to Rhodes' strengths as commented on by numerous on here and he will not give youngsters a chance instead preferring favourites like Wallace (absolute garbage). We will lose the biggest asset we have had for ages in George Hirst We get bullied almost every game and persist on playing the same tippy tappy rubbish before putting our back four under pressure and hoofing it up the field HE HAS TO GO - simple as
  3. He will come out with the usual load of cack - He will protect all of his players apart from Rhodes and Forestieri who he does not mind burning to the press - even if we win this game he has to go. The way the team is set up is dire and the football attritional rubbish.
  4. Just sack Carlos - simple as that
  5. My Rant !!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Wayne the Owl I have been following this site for donkeys years and up until now have never felt the need to post - however your post completely sums up how I feel. The buck stops with the manager. He has managed to turn a one in two goalscorer into a donkey and favours Nuhiu over Winnall. We will lose Winnall as Birmingham are hovering according to the papers and if he lets Rhodes go to Wolves we will have lost the best opportunity we have had since Steve McClean for someone to hit 20+. Give him the service and he will score he has a proven record FFS As for George Hirst - we have to keep him - he has scored at every level and will be a great success in the future (my opinion) however I can see him going for peanuts and being a real star somewhere else due to our mismanagement I also completely agree with your thoughts about Barry Bannan -