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  1. I would hazard a guess that the current value rhymes with duck and ball
  2. Bang on - and ironically the "be careful what you wish for" phrase will be applied when we go bust and cease to exist
  3. And take that ridiculous banner down on the kop - maybe that should go in the don as well
  4. It’s appalling - why doesn’t the chairman want to communicate with the fans and others who may just put some money back into his pocket - we are already set to lose circa 9m for being relegated plus the money we will need to rent the ground and players wages up until June and then the ST refunds - we need to have a proper business plan and also a player recruitment plan - he should have met with Darren Moore already - fear the worst and don’t see us being competitive at the top end of the table Given the money and opportunities available he must be the wors
  5. This is spot on - an undercover blade could not have done a worse job - I also have difficulty with those saying that his heart's in the right place - humility is a great quality but he does not show any of this by blaming everyone else and comes across to me as passive aggressive with most of his interviews
  6. Put crosses in the box and he will score - that’s why he was prolific for other teams
  7. He already has by being arrogant and not learning from his mistakes
  8. Completely agree with this but he’s arrogant and stupid and will think everyone else is wrong or made mistakes- he will also completely over value the club One thing is for certain- regardless of manager or players if he is still around we will fail
  9. This is a really good post IMO and sums up how I feel about the direction the club is going with DC at the helm
  10. Yes I agree - first of all he will probably not be backed properly and secondly who in their right mind would want to come - especially if the reports that players are not being paid properly is correct
  11. These are all fair points TBH - I would hope that he did challenge Chansiri but the indications from various sources and my own eyes are that DC is sensitive to any kind of critique i challenge my boss regularly when I have the appropriate evidence and it is to impact positive change and said in the right way and this is welcomed as good bosses accept that sometimes practitioners can add value i agree with point 3 to a degree but not everyone is fixated with money and sometimes job satisfaction has to come first - if you’ve made enough money and you are in a job where y
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