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  1. My brother was a season ticket holder at Bradford City and was there on the day. Thankfully he was in the "Bradford End" and was safe. The tragedy stayed with him for the rest of his life. I'd been with him many times to Valley Parade and couldn't believe how something so terrible could happen on a day when the club and fans were celebrating promotion. They will never be forgotten.
  2. Burnley away in 1967, remember the snow on the ground and we lost 2 - 1 after John Richie put us ahead. A long long time ago!!!
  3. Home game for me - we were awful at Ashton Gate last year, today has to be much much better. Come on Wednesday we need a good win tonight.
  4. Got a bit of a soft spot for Norwich having lived there for 3 years and watched a few of their games in the Martin Peters, Ted MacDougall, Phil Boyer era. Think today will be one of our toughest games of the season and I'd be happy to get a point. Time for Hooper to step forward - he's still not convinced me that he's worth a place in the side but today is a perfect chance for him to prove himself. Come on Wednesday!!!!!
  5. Just heading in to Bath to get the coach, then The Green Man for a drink or two, then the big event. Come on Wednesday !!
  6. Me plus 2, travelling separately, sitting separately but drinking together!!
  7. I'll be on the coach from Bath and back again - meeting a mate at Wembley who is travelling down from Sheffield but we are sat in different blocks so I'll be on my own for the match - who cares I'll be there!!!
  8. Setting off soon from the West Country - biggest match since the Cardiff Final for me. Can't wait to see Hillsborough full and rocking, nervous and excited, days like this are what makes being a football fan what it is. Come on Wednesday give it everything!!
  9. Cold Blow Lane end at Millwall back in the 70s with an Owls scarf on (well hidden beneath my coat) Taken there by a mate who was a Lions fan - glad we lost 2-1 on the night!!
  10. Someone was going to say it and I'm having a boring day!!
  11. Before saying anything else I got to say that I'm Wednesday through and through - always have been and always will be, nothing else can ever come close. However, I was born near Bradford and spent my young days watching Bradford Park Avenue (Kevin Hector, Kenny Hibbett era) as I couldn't get to Hillsborough very often but was still a distraught 12 year old when Avenue went out of the league. I've also lived in Norwich for 3 years and now spent 30 years living in the West Country and have watched both Bristol Clubs many times - consequently I have a soft spot for Norwich and Bristol City and Ro
  12. First game was a pre-season friendly at Bradford City - lost 2-1 I think. First league game was an away match at Burnley - lost 2-1 again with John Ritchie scoring for the Owls. Remember it was a cold day with lots of snow on the surrounding roads.
  13. Bradford Park Avenue should still be a league club!
  14. I'd like to see Maguire get a start - he's looked promising when he's come on recently and I think Lita hasn't looked that dangerous after his bright start. I'd have Madine and Lita on the bench.
  15. How about booking this lot for some half time entertainment. Maybe get them to do Waterfront or Hi Ho whilst bouncing! Amazing really. http://player.vimeo.com/video/54452768?autoplay=1
  16. For what it's worth my tablegives us 54 points - but this division is so unpredictable it's no more than a bit of fun!!! The table below comes from the Bristol City forum!!
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