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  1. Afte finishing 7th in the premier league (behind the silly six) wolves have now decided to change their info on Twitter
  2. Also, surprised it hasn't become a world league, suppose that will be stage two I guess
  3. I worry the Premier league will allow them to compete with a 'B' side...
  4. Interesting sub-plot. Chloe knows full well who the OCG are and who Jo is. She’s in it for personal revenge for her father, and that’ll be her twist in the story. Also, DS Lomax... is he meant to be exactly like Dot?
  5. They'll back track now. Just a quick dummy spitting exercise that hasn't gone well. So now UEFA will bend over to their demands.
  6. And Goliath has been roped in.. bbc collaborative thinking... they’ll be off to Belfast soon.
  7. Irony, sky sports employer complaining about too much money in football
  8. Opens the door for a possible PL and PL2 as a way to combat viewing figures etc. This may just be our saving grace.
  9. Please can we have more of these photo's - Cheers me up no end.
  10. Filbert St was a bit shybo, As was Goodison back in the day if you were standing
  11. TBF, For how great we are as fans...we are proper shybo at any kind of protest. Always have been.
  12. Highlander cos it has a Scotsman playing a Spaniard, in Scotland
  13. I thought the DNA in the house was Jo's, but when they ran it through the data base it matched another person too, not necessarily putting that person in the house, just insinuating that Jo has the same DNA person as the person in the file we are all trying to guess?
  14. This is why I’ll be angry. I fully expect half this team to join other championship sides next season and perform a lot better. spineless
  15. Every relegation I’ve seen for us has really been down to god awful players. This team have talent, but how on gods earth have they become so devoid of that talent and to make matters worse, absolutely no fight whatsoever. this relegation will leave me angry, not sad
  16. Don't know if its still the case - but when my daughter played (4 years ago) SWFC ladies at junior level weren't actually funded or ran by anyone to do with the club. They were based at Rotherham on Bawtry Road and other than wearing an old SWFC shirt, there was no official link.
  17. It's the Wednesday way - we will win. 2-0 Patterson double
  18. And how Chloe used the word 'confusing'... which is strange cos Chloe seems pretty clued up on stuff that's going on, even suggesting there is a leak within AC12. It would have been easy for Chloe to link one of the suspected OCGs to Jo as they had suspitions of Jo already. The fact she used the word 'confusing' suggests to me its someone a bit left field?
  19. I've been thinking about this, and the thing is, all lines are starting to point to Ted. However (in good old death in paradise style) you look at means, motive and opportunity. Ted clearly has the means, as head of AC12. Ted clearly has the opportunity, as above. But... what would his motive be ? Usually bent coppers are in it for the money, now we know Ted is skint, we also know as head of AC12 he cant go 'larging' it up when he retires with a new yacht etc... so why would he be 'H' ? Yes, I know, I am thinking about this way too much.
  20. It was a bit weird why he reiterated to arnott he hadn’t said anything. Like he was scared of who was in the interview room
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