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  1. This is the problem, I can't see any way forward that won't have severe implications on football. Mothballing clubs could protect them long term, but your also right, it might not work. Its such a hard thing to call. But I'm just giving my opinion and I think nothing could be ruled out in the unprecedented times.
  2. You do realise that over 36% of league one and two clubs revenue is through the gate? Playing behind closed doors will 100% mean many clubs in league one and two will go bust. Halting the league for one year will potentially protect some clubs. Either way football in the lower leagues is screwed. Its about risk management now.
  3. The only fair way to end the season is to nul and void it. Its rubbish, but every other way is second guessing the unpredictability of football. I'd also not have any football in leagues 1 and 2 for a season to protect them.
  4. C Palace at home - when we got relegated Both Wembley finals Kaiserslautern - great night, but sad to lose Hull obvs Same with Huddersfield Charlton at home in FA cup, knowing we'd draw United if we won
  5. obviously pales into insignificance in current climate, but it seems the championship bosses might be planning a "doomsday " scenario. Don't know how it would work though?
  6. Worst time was the run around the time we couldn't beat Yeovil at home.
  7. This rings true with stuff I have heard. sad state of affairs
  8. As long as Stones plays we’ve got a chance
  9. Don’t worry, corona is gonna make this season nil and void... so let’s take the points deduction now
  10. Cant work out whether its because Fox is getting better or we are getting that rubbish that we are happy to see him back in the side? I'll be one of the few there tonight. Hoping for back to back home wins before the cup game. Its the hope that kills you
  11. what we saying then, about 20k including Citeh fans ?
  12. And to add, does anyone actually know who runs our club on a day to day basis at present?
  13. not to mention the other half of the city having their best season ever....
  14. The glorious singers called twin verse Barnsley
  15. Time for an offer £35 - £45 for this - but keep your stub and you can go to a league home game for a tenner.... Season ticket holders get a tenner off in shop instead
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