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  1. Have more than 1 referee. Give referees microphones. Make VAR either mandatory at all matches, or get rid. 20 second rule for throw ins, once ball goes out, the player has 20 seconds to complete a throw in once the ball is available.
  2. Nice to see ndubz modelling the new citeh shirt
  3. Interesting how the remaining games see teams going for Europe and avoiding relegation playing each other.
  4. And now they’ve restructured their board. Sounds all very ominous
  5. 1 - Knock down the Leppings Lane end / corner. Build a new stand that offers multiple segregation areas (like modern stadiums do) so we dont have to leave 4k of empty seats in bigger games. 2 - Sort out facilities on back of Kop / remove pillars if possible on Kop. 3 - Look at walk ways to stadium, any chance we can have a direct pedestrian path to local transport, such as the tram, a larger tram stop offering 'special' back into town after games, as well as possibly the old bus specials?
  6. I know we are in position to laugh - but is it true they are struggling to sell out for the game?
  7. Its got a VAR decision wrote all over it... cant wait!
  8. I think it will be Jesus who makes way. However, wouldnt shock me also if Grealish goes out on loan
  9. The one thing Citeh needed to be truly dominant, a striker. Bet Kane is kicking himself!
  10. NML basically didnt track his man on the wing. The rest is history.
  11. Start with 30k each. Give it a few days, then release more
  12. Difference is we have players to come in and change things. They haven’t . No worries Monday
  13. They are nowt to worry about. It’s just like Portsmouth game after 5 mins
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