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  1. Gives us chance to get rebuilding. Half this squad need to go anyway ...
  2. If the other side of the city end up having 3-4 years in Prem, this could potentially see us lose a generation of supporters.
  3. Video on social media from behind the south stand. Looks bad. no idea how to share it though! https://www.facebook.com/groups/picturesofsheffildoldandnew/permalink/10157971379949905?sfns=mo
  4. Don't know how true it was, but I am sure I read on here that our ground isn't up to the required standard for the Premier League as it is, something to do with Disabled access and Corporate facilities?
  5. Think this captures it well, the Championship is far more competitive than it was 4-5 years ago.
  6. Poor lad.. I’m sure we all want him to do well, but it’s got to be time up for him now, for his sake as well as ours.
  7. Must be watching a different game me then.... Not one of those who were dropped from Saturday will be too worried about losing their place this weekend.
  8. So we will have coaches full of fans from Liverpool getting to the stadium just before kick off.... Haven't SYP learnt anything from history?
  9. Shame its come today. Wait till Big Dave scores a brace against England in a Messi-esq role. We'd get £20m for him!
  10. To be fair, I haven't been watching us as long as that (mid 80's), but it has been far worse than this. Keep the faith. I think it doesn't help that the other side of the city are doing well.
  11. For me I think the problem is it seems Bullen doesn’t want the job. just either give it him or appoint someone sharpish. Its the the time it’s taking that’s the problem. If it wasn’t for a mistake that got us a goal it would have been very interesting to see how / changes would have been made.
  12. glad you cleared that up, I was sure it said inbred when I saw it on Saturday
  13. i'd play 3 at the back tbf reach and harris out wide, Hutch in def mid, to drop back when required.
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