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  1. Westwood Palmer Hutchinson Lees Galvin Bannan Pelupessy Pato Harris Windass Rhodes
  2. Yes - great when they are knocking out cheap Now tv cards
  3. Loovens Pudil Wallace Fletcher Hooper even dare I say it, big Dave ... all sorely missed
  4. Being enjoying viewpoint on ITV. Do enjoy the drama's over 5 nights
  5. But then you go an inflict it on your children like I did.
  6. Are people really going to Hillsborough park ?
  7. Good, but strange casting of Anna what’s her face I thought?
  8. I am concerned its going all USA series, where they have a great concept, but then realise its a ratings winner and drag what could be a great 5 season tale into 10 seasons of silliness. For example, lets put a car chase scene in - just co we can....
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