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  1. For me I think the problem is it seems Bullen doesn’t want the job. just either give it him or appoint someone sharpish. Its the the time it’s taking that’s the problem. If it wasn’t for a mistake that got us a goal it would have been very interesting to see how / changes would have been made.
  2. glad you cleared that up, I was sure it said inbred when I saw it on Saturday
  3. i'd play 3 at the back tbf reach and harris out wide, Hutch in def mid, to drop back when required.
  4. Played well against his new employees.. think that says it all
  5. 1.West Brom 2.Leeds 3.Derby County 4.Forest 5. Boro' 6. Bristol City 7.Stoke 8.Fulham 9. Cardiff 10. Huddersfield 11. Sheffield Wednesday 12. Hull 13. Brentford 14. Preston 15.Barnsley 16.Wigan 17. Blackburn 18. Swansea 19. Charlton 20. QPR 21. Birmingham 22. Millwall 23. Luton 24. Reading
  6. Get him on gardening leave until we get a new manager.
  7. Tell you what though, those who lumped on him at 33/1 did well!
  8. If he does goes, the positive is at least it isn't mid season. Hopefully if we can get someone in quick it wont be as damaging as in November for example. At the moment I do think he will go. But we will still be here, managers come and go...
  9. I think he's off, from his point of view he'd be mad not to talk to them. Just hope we can get someone in before the preseason finishes
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