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  1. Not forgetting City were very lucky. The council would only let them use the City of Manchester stadium (as it was called) on the proviso they weren't in the 3rd tier... Thank god for their win against Gillingham in the play offs that season, otherwise it would have all been a different story.
  2. Agreed - it just doesn't seem to all add up right.
  3. I know this sounds a little far fetched.... but does anyone think this wont end well for those Geordie fans? I just have this niggling feeling that the owners have a bigger plan than just taking an English football club over. Get ready for a Saudi Arabia franchise club....
  4. Watched ep 1 and 2 last night. Deffo just a fooked up Willy Wonka IMO.
  5. Such a shame. Like I have always said - social media is like a pub, you always have one idiot who spouts garbage, problem is, in the old 'pub' days he'd be ignored.
  6. I didnt sorry - just while out and about
  7. Sorry, I just see the evil couple from superman II
  8. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutch Palmer Shodipo Bannan Adeniran Brown Windass Gregory Simple, 4-4-2.
  9. How can a manager not know what 2 players have injured at half time???? proper suspect that…
  10. Their defiance is well dodgy in the ball, yet we don’t press??
  11. I’m gonna point out the obvious now. that was f’ing shocking. Not one player seems to understand we’re they are supposed to be playing.
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