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  1. danblakemore

    FA cup KO 12:30

    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/december/owls-v-luton-fa-cup-details/ That's a killer then for a decent attendance
  2. danblakemore


    Good to see we are opening a store in meadowhall thought. That's better commercial sence
  3. danblakemore


    not sounding funny, but in this day and age i'm surprised it doesn't open on Sundays.
  4. danblakemore

    Paul Clement

    It'll be Steve Bruce
  5. I Suppose this is why we need a statement from the club. silence is deafening
  6. danblakemore

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Fulham at home... Meh
  7. Well that killed my theories lol....
  8. Is there a bigger agenda than just this season? I mean, you would expect the chairman to have acted by now following the run of results, but he hasn't. I know some say its in his nature to not sack anyone, but he sacked Carlos. So do we look at rumours and think its something bigger ? Rumoured takeovers ?, rumoured disharmony amongst leading championship clubs and a view of a potential EPL2 ?, rumoured new European competition coming in 3 years.... Are we (I mean the powers that be at the club) just sitting back and waiting for a change to our football structure, which ultimately has no baring on were we currently stand, therefore making the current football irrelevant in the long term ?
  9. danblakemore

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    He's a gonna now Surely?
  10. Can't say I'm sad to have not bothered tonight
  11. danblakemore

    Season ticket holders

    I wont be going Tuesday.. take my child, it's cold now and the football is poo and we have red button, so I think we shall stay at home
  12. danblakemore

    Settle a debate - Winnall?

    Thanking you
  13. Is he injured?, asking for a friend.... ...
  14. danblakemore

    Blackburn Away

    From what I'm aware, most people i know who can't usually get tickets are actually going to this.... #justsayin
  15. danblakemore

    From a player.......

    This is when you expect your senior players to step up and have a word. It wouldn't happen at any other club.