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  1. Brentford, beaten by Brum and Preston so far.this season SWFC beaten by Bristol.
  2. Prem Winners - City Top 4 - City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea Relegated - Fulham, West Ham, WBA Championship Winner - Brentford Promotion - Norwich, Forest Relegation - Barnsley, Rotherham, Wycombe
  3. Barasi at AC. Lothar Matthias Koeman Tony Adams Terry Butcher
  4. I like it when they have people in the game still, but aren't working that weekend join (Jose for example). Give ore insight into what is actually going on, not just views of ex professionals who by now haven't been in the game for over a decade, such as Tiss etc. Bring in Eddie Howe, for a couple of weeks for example
  5. Personally I'd like to see Murphy back in that position if possible
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