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  1. Wonder if Wilder fancies a new job ??
  2. We are about to enter the mother of all recessions, crowds will be dead low
  3. After watching Fulham v Brentford earlier... we are lightyears behind
  4. Its similar with the Asian community in football. Why do so few people form Pakistani, Bangladesh, Indian backgrounds make it into football?
  5. no - just the link from here - but i did get straight on the site and change my password no probs
  6. While ever they are paying footballers £10k per week, while fans are losing their jobs, being furloughed I cant see any other better value than a refund. I am perfectly sure SWFC will be just fine... But your right, everyone has a choice.
  7. why would anyone do anything than ask for a full refund ?
  8. Sky Sports and the EFL have announced an exclusive deal that will see the broadcaster show 30 games live on their channels as usual, as well as the play-offs, with the remaining 78 matches available to season ticket holders for free via iFollow. Non-season ticket holders will also be able to view these extra 78 matches, at the cost of £10 for a match pass. Kick-off times will also face a new schedule, with two matches on a Friday evening, a 12:30, 3pm and 5:30pm slot on a Saturday and one 12pm Sunday fixture. Sky Sports will re-select their picks for TV coverage, with those decisions and fixtures to be released early next week (June 8). An EFL statement said: "As part of a new and innovative arrangement between the EFL and Sky Sports, which will see the broadcaster show 45 games live, Season Ticket holders at all Sky Bet EFL Championship Clubs will be given unprecedented access to watch the conclusion of the 2019/20 season online. "The Championship season will resume behind closed doors on June 20 live on Sky Sports, and work has been undertaken to ensure Season Ticket holding supporters are given the opportunity not to miss any of the action, whether the games take place home or away. "Sky Sports will broadcast 30 of the remaining 108 Championship matches alongside exclusively showing the 15 games across all EFL divisions in the Sky Bet Play-Offs. The 30 live League fixtures will also be streamed on a Club’s iFollow (or equivalent) service, where access will be provided for Season Ticket holders. Matches to be shown Weekends - Friday – 6pm and 8pm - Saturday – 12.30pm, 3pm and 5.30pm - Sunday – 12pm Midweek - Tuesday – 5pm, 6pm and 8pm - Wednesday – 5pm, 6pm and 8pm "Supporters should note the following: Access to the games will be determined by the Club where the supporter holds a Season Ticket Access may be in lieu of a refund or part of a wider package as determined by each individual Club Full article from Dom Howson 👉 https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/football/championship-start-end-date-announced-18371958
  9. Eric Dyer Jack Grealish Adam Lallana John Brielsford (that best left back in the world?)
  10. Not a football stadium, but this i think is a masterpiece design. Would love something like this over here.
  11. Madine - £7m once to Cardiff. Berahino - Stoke waste of space Nile Ranger - enough said
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