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  1. I think they will struggle to hit any type of promotion form. I reckon a 9th - 15th place for them. Be interesting how their new manager will get them playing a different style of football and whether the chairman will give him more than 12 games if they start off poorly.
  2. Should be family tickets, a bit more inventiveness… ‘friend of a season ticket’ price ‘pay as you go’ season ticket vouchers ’night match’ specials ’ticket, pie and a pint’ offer
  3. Another option would be the rega turntables, maybe the planar 1? Also, I would suggest keeping it simple - simple amplifier with in built phono stage (or buy the rega planar +), simple pair of speakers. My recommendation would be either rotel, nad or Cambridge audio amplifier wise. Speakers at this level, ant go wrong with mission, tannoy or Q acoustics
  4. If they are good enough, they are old enough.. get Bellingham on.
  5. I really can’t believe that there are some fans that still can’t get what’s happening to our club. Sometimes think there is no helping some people. how can we educate fans that there is more to a club than just 11 footballers?
  6. Hilarious, but agree, no way would it be allowed today
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