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  1. Slight tweak In our darkest hour, we cry Moore, Moore, Moore In the relegation fight, we cry Moore, Moore, Moore
  2. stadium of light will b e a no no, Sunderland's a poo hole. You'll have places like Brighton, Forest will have redeveloped by then. Everton will have a new ground. And you'll have one at least in Yorkshire.
  3. I wonder why he have a massive depth of the number 10 role, but little to no central defenders?
  4. Good luck to the Dingles. Never seen them as direct rivals and always find it amusing that they do. Seems they have a good financial plan.
  5. Where would this Deutschland series be, is it netflix?
  6. Westwood Palmer Dunkley Lees Penney Harris Luongo Bannan Green Windass Patterson simples..
  7. Sensible world of soccer Kick off Graham Gooch cricket NHL 97 Crash Team Racing
  8. 5/10 - not great, but watchable
  9. Is it just me that feels it ran out of steam towards the end ? Enjoyed it at first, but maybe a season or two to many?
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