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  1. And to add, I think we already know Bruce is a huge fan of Bannan, so it wouldn't surprise me if this policy is adopted next season. My only concern with this potential idea is we need possibly a better strike force and pace, therefore i'd look at taking Joao out of the picture for a pacey player.
  2. Never get this rumour with United at all. I'm no fan of Wilder, but he does sound quite decent to the point he will probably allow a majority of the side that got promoted have a good crack in the Premier League. They'll probably only go for a new goalkeeper and possibly some better defenders / striker - to cover those loan positions from last season. So in short, no, he probably hasn't made any such enquiry for Bannan.
  3. A big midfielder is something we missed.
  4. Think people are looking at it the wrong way around. I'd like to see better season ticket / membership offers, family packages, more incentives to buy one 9like a home shirt for half price etc.). Most teams who have good attendances rely on a very high sales rate of season tickets.
  5. Westwood Palmer Hector Lees Pudil Onomah Bannan Lees Boyd Hooper Fletcher
  6. The classic which was this old friend. Shhhhhhh t.....
  7. I'm sure they could change the prices of required?
  8. As a season ticket holder I wouldn't begrudge the club if they had ticket prices at a reduced price for this game, how about £20 anywhere in the ground. Be great to have a decent attendance for the last match.
  9. Said it all along, the two that go up won't be the best teams, they'll go up cos others around bottled it.
  10. Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector Lazaar Matias Hutchinson Bannan Boyd Fletcher Joao
  11. Honestly, of the players we own, I'd let them all go. 2 failed play off attempts, and a mid table finish isn't a good return for DC's investment. We have the opportunity to clear out nearly all the high earners and start again under a new manager, this is a very rare occurrence in football, so lets start again please.
  12. I expect us to challenge for play-offs next season, however the FFP does worry me a little. Usual suspects will be near the top, plus someone unexpected - possibly the likes of Forest or Hull. As for the pigs, if they go up, they'll probably sack Wilder by xmas.. thick fools
  13. Drawing 0v0 at home to Reading and away to Millwall didn't help...
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