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  1. I think it will happen in next 5-10 years. Said it in a few other threads, there are teams currently not in the Premier League that have huge followings abroad. These clubs will be welcomed with open arms to the PL to expand its viewing ratings.
  2. It’s not just the football though, the whole experience is dull. dont know whether it’s cos our ground is dated, whether I look back with rose tinted glasses to the sights and smells of my youth (I miss the smell of smoke, bovril and beer) or whether the culture of football has just changed. We need something to attract the young, otherwise those not affiliated to a club will drift to S2.
  3. Personally Id' be worried if we aren't handed a fine in January. My thinking being = Fine in January would probably be a low to mid one (9 - 12 points) Anything larger, that has a baring on our season as a whole, eg. relegation they'll surely hold off until end or near end of the season. I mean, if they deducted us 30-40 points now, we'd not play a game for the rest of this season in protest.
  4. Cant see Swansea finishing higher than Brentford. I think play offs will be: Brentford Fulham Forest +another (hopefully us)
  5. Ah there’s the thing. A PL2 would be a closed shop. You won’t see those clubs getting ‘invited’. 100% can see it happening. A closed shop of two divisions will be wonderful for clubs who are sh*t scared of relegation. i would be very surprised if conversations aren’t currently ongoing. All it would need is for those clubs working with the EPL to revoke their EFL membership and jobs a good un ...
  6. Just one example is that Leeds United's TV revenue is worth as much as many Premier teams abroad. EPL is a money making organisation - at present do you think that teams such as Bournemouth, Burnley, Watford can generate the same income as Leeds United, Sheffield Wednesday, Sunderland etc. ? The EPL would welcome these teams with open arms... It will happen, the 'bigger' clubs wont stand for the EFL much longer.
  7. It'll all change when the clubs in the EFL decide they've had enough and apply to join the EPL as a second division. Which is something I can see very soon.
  8. Most people that called in and also those in the studio just said everything we already know. Nothing ground breaking, just the usual from Bolton, Boro and us. EFL need to do something... We were ok when it was all going well
  9. Very Interesting. Personally I don't think we are too far off a Premier League 2. Clubs like ours are not going to continue to be held back / sanctioned by the EFL, when you see other clubs of similar stature allowed to spend and do what they wish, just because they are governed by a different body (Premier League). This isn't a 'we are SWFC and we are massive' rant, it's a true reflection on us and at least 20 clubs who all see them selves as potential Premier League clubs, form Sunderland, Coventry, Ipswich.. to Forest, Derby, Brum etc. However, a Premier League two, will be the death of the EFL. So its a double edged sword.
  10. Personally if we don't hear anything by Jan, I think we are in bother... For me - it'd be a lower points deduction if its Jan, if its later it will be enough to relegate us, and the EFL wont want to impose that while we still have games to play.
  11. All I ask for is 4-4-2. Please Monk, make it happen
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