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  1. On a wet and windy Tuesday night in Wigan ...... come on WEDNESDAY
  2. 30 odd miles but if you like to pm me nearer the time and you don't object to strange company I'll do my best to meet.
  3. belatedly...... you know of course ch 410 on virgin
  4. OOps fingers to short.........if there were green emojis available I'd plaster this reply with them. Insanely jealous. I did however get to shake hands with him when he came to Dublin for a charity game in 1967.
  5. The connection with the Springett brothers always comes to mind. I remember reading a long time ago that Ron's daughter worked for QPR also. On a different note aren't mullets bottom feeders.
  6. All good----- seem to remember you posting that you watched v Brighton on eir. . also north Suffolk wouldn't strike me as likely spot for eir transmission.( I'm technologically unsound)
  7. Eir sport 1 will show it . Ref A12 in particular to note.
  8. Brilliant m'Lud. Suspect there must be a bit of abstinence (voluntarily? time of year etc) to be so level headed about matters.This decade business confuses me do we start counting from 0 or from 1.? Whichever way we are At the end of a decade now or at the beginning of another. Best wishes to all at the Manor.
  9. Terrific summary. Happy new year to all posters.
  10. I suppose " if you can't beat them join them " mentality seems to be necessary" dog eating dog" etc. Would it was different. Recently V Bristol City Loungo booked for perceived trip on young substitute who actually stumbled himself no contact from our player. The honest thing to have done ,particularly when ref was reaching for card was for him to own up and say" ref he didn't touch me I just fell". I suppose it will never happen.
  11. There used be two sides to players declaring them selves fit/not fit. . Managers tended to trust players . I do remember Big Jack going apoplectic when Jason McAteer declared himself fit for Ireland and had to be taken off during the game. Maybe with all the backroom physio and science these days it is clearer whether a player is fit enough to play?
  12. Wednesday announce the reopening of their Counselling Service for teams who are on a bad run.
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