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  1. Snoots on a "nixer" .Stubbs sent out on fool's errand for a glass hammer and nails whilst his lordship is keyboarding.
  2. His last game on our hallowed pitch. Nostalgic .Regrets ?
  3. I Wasn't a bit nervous until I read that most of you are not so. LOOK into my eyes................slowly slowly... watch the watch as it moves side to side .........
  4. A tech competent poster should be able to post a picture of a few strands of straw floating downriver whilst a blue and white striped black beknickered hand tries to grasp it.
  5. Lovely jubbily. UTO Just smell that sea air. Night Snoots and thanks. Sleep well.
  6. Glad to see Stubbs back in the fold. Steadies the ship ......well for a few minutes anyway.
  7. UTO of course Swans have to be put down humanely so let's do it.
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