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  1. player ratings

    I think Westwood got a smack in the face from that forward and the messing was between clenched teeth . Most likely wanted to deliver an Australian uppercut whilst appearing to smile.
  2. Great Point

    Riverside is in En'corthy
  3. Sheesh Snoots now I can put out the light. What kept you?
  4. Tolka Park Dublin pre season under Derek Dooley and same venue many many years later on a downpour night in February Pressman and Andy Booth played .
  5. Surely "OWLSTALK" is the current fanzine.
  6. 1958 "supporting" as 10 year old in Ireland. 1969 first visit. I remember being gutted when Man U beat us in their first game after Munich. and being very proud even boastful about Albert Quixall's record transfer fee. the big fee seemed to be a matter of pride then.
  7. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Definitely the best post here
  8. OP should have also expected " can't see the Wood/Woods for the trees" at some earlier stage. coat and cap already on.
  9. Al ready have the book, is there anything else .... season ticket or sponsors box for playoff final ???? Actually a good book warts and all not everybody at Wednesday achieved sainthood.
  10. had to use pen and paper but thankfully got right answer
  11. yes those long balls but surely our players can see where it's gonna land as well as the opposition. Do our guys compete at all for them or just shuffle a few feet and look fed up....................................................... gets coat.................
  12. Thanks Dunsby lovely post.As previous poster said I too only saw him live once. That was in an end of season friendly in Dublin 1967 where he did play centre forward with brother Peter keeping goal ( for QPR).Actually managed to shake hands and have a quick word with him after the match.
  13. Rightly or wrongly there seems to be a bad atmosphere between the players, is it FF? if so get rid. Even if replacements are difficult/expensive to find get rid .