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  1. wexowl

    Happy 82nd Birthday !

    yes hope you had a great day. Massive player.
  2. Happy birthday Johnny. Decent man.
  3. wexowl

    New kit designs

    " knocked up .." ?? hmmmmm...
  4. Get thee to grouse moor ...........
  5. wexowl

    Match day Owlstalk

    And not forgetting his Lordships early scene setting (sober or otherwise) .
  6. wexowl

    R I P mum and fly high

    Condolences Tinks to you and family.
  7. wexowl


    Fernando's Hideaway .
  8. wexowl

    #SWFC 5 - 1 Norwich OMDT

    Just coming to this now as well whole half day behind. Well done Wednesday. And your Lordship go easy on the grouse on the glorious 12th....... think conservation.
  9. Did he go into coaching or other aspect of the game ?
  10. wexowl

    What a player he was

    Easy enough contact him . Posts on here all the time.
  11. wexowl

    New Kit

    B seems to be more room in the shorts.
  12. Always presumed that the adds paid for printing/publishing and every copy was therefore profit. Steve Ellis photos always top class.
  13. This season for the first time since 1984 I didn't subscribe to season match programmes. Partly because the club changed publishers and obviously did not share the customer list with the new crowd. Took me weeks to track down the new people and somehow it didn't seem so necessary when I did so. I live in Ireland so considered it a contribution to club. I suppose really price of ticket to three matches (leaving aside postage even more expensive than prog). Bit peeved when I saw a copy of v Blades and a few others that posters have put on Owlstalk. However that's life might actually get over more often .
  14. Delighted with result . Well done Wednesday.