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  1. back to the OP any idea what the injury is?
  2. Cardiff a bit of an agricultural team time we put one (or two) up their furrow.
  3. Between T and tea you must be sozzled by now.Expect it's raining your way.
  4. We will have to start a "Bring Stubbs Back " campaign .
  5. Will wear out said red button pressing it for all I'm worth tonight .Thanks. Living in Ireland Sky Sports comes in on channel numbers 430 to 450. But will trawl between them.Thanks again.(503 in reserve)
  6. And that's the way we thought it should be and always would be . The result I mean.
  7. have virgin media broadband and tv to the house. Subscribe to Sky sports( full whack) via Virgin but red button not active when I try.
  8. was about to mention a lady called Lou and a certain Dan McGrew when it dawned that it was Big bad John and his crew.. Bed early last night?
  9. Good job Fulham didn't score two . Death by analysis.
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