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  1. So so so disappointing.We thought we had a good 'un.
  2. I'm stuck in the play-off positions with Utah.
  3. Austin Springett has a nice ring to it but can't really think of a genuine connection.( Maybe he drove one)
  4. Just because you were out late last night pulling teenage girls with ropes doesn't give you permission to ask that question.
  5. Forgot to mention did very well with Ireland also.
  6. Happy Birthday Jack . Good fishing.
  7. Speaking of cheese there is a pub in Buxton on the corner of market place and a hilly street leading up to it where they do a nice Ploughmans with Wexford cheese. Just thought you should know that.
  8. Correct accent " yanowhorimeen". safe journey.
  9. Many thanks for superb contributions all season. . a word of advice if I may .....a friend once told me to make sure your chimney's well pointed and look about repairing the eaves as well. Oh! and don't experiment too much with the drink. Happy summer.
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