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  1. It's also cheating us fans.There is something to be said for a sin bin type consequence but stopping clock for ball out of play before corners,throwins...no. Apart from last night the worst I've seen was second half of extra time Real Madrid v Man City last week and ref made no effort to add minutes.
  2. he could't do one the last time.
  3. What happened m'Lud ? very unemotional post, clinical and precise nevertheless. Ha ve you locked Stubbs in the basement or paid for an overnight soiree for him at the Nun's Chuff? UTO
  4. Why not try the impossible ? Set it on record home tv and get home without somebody /anybody friend, foe, busconductor, What;s app etc etc squealing the result.
  5. Never imagined you to be that good looking given your posting title
  6. We're off to see the wizard.... the wonderful Wizard of Oz ......
  7. I've read up a bit about this, dark brown is the HIGHLY recommended colour for all undergarments.
  8. Ah and not forgetting earlier in April Wednesday 2 Pompey 0 Shelton and Sterland. Mick Lyons et al. Have a great day everybody and stay safe. Come on WEDNESDAY
  9. Come on WEDNESDAY get the job done. (i had a dream about red cards and penalties but cant remember which way they went. Woke up in a sweat and muttering..)
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