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  1. With Lady S back in contention you must take something to steady the nerves old boy. However a win against Villa should restore former glories. Here's hoping. .
  2. Swansea Replay

    Thought you might have ditched the plane and gone on foot via Rosslare.
  3. Thorniley injury bad

    Speedy and full recovery Jordan.
  4. Injury must have been bad enough to start with. Whether mishandling by club medics occurred and made it worse...who knows?
  5. We have become very hard to beat. Much relief considering early season.
  6. Eloquent your lordship eloquent. I wonder if any of the Swans are still at the ugly duckling stage.
  7. West stand upper

    Just jocose remark that if attendances increase as a result of Owlstalk taking over the "hype" role the club would share the additional funds with the site. Neil would be in seventh heaven.
  8. West stand upper

    OWLSTALK where hype of all sorts by all sorts resides should offer to take this role for a fee linked to percentages.
  9. Well done Wednesday !!!!!!!!!
  10. Positive Vibes

    Irrespective of the result we are all with you if you're buying.
  11. Caption Competition

    I know Lucas told me she isn't worth it BUT...................