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  1. I did a lot of Effing and Blinding during that. However well done Wednesday.
  2. I demand a recount. We still don't know what either of them has for breakfast ......
  3. Has any individual Wednesday player ever generated as many posts as KW in the past twelve months?
  4. You could play table tennis as well as having a coffee.
  5. Early bed tonight yer lordship no harm.. Not hopeful we'll win but will be delighted when our 2-0 score will be announced at the end of 96 minutes.
  6. I still think two PNE players are offside and interfering with play when that shot was taken. Maybe my poor eyesight though.
  7. Well m'Lud I find myself sharing your optimism and indeed a little bit of excitement (.Had to look in the mirror a couple of times today before it dawned on me) UP THE OWLS.
  8. Two of my three sons are Owls the third is Man U( he used attend games there.)Missus comes over with me every couple of years to keep the peace and to be fair she enjoys the trips. I started to follow in 1958 and there is one primary school pal who blames me for his addiction. He travels over twice a year with his son as well. It's a bit like an insurance policy really, following Wednesday, death is necessary for pay out.
  9. Eloquent my Lord very... I hope GM reads it ,prints it out and reads it again . You never know.........
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