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  1. big fan of windass, overcome a difficult childhood to be our top scorer
  2. sorry if this has already been suggested but why not form a superleague organically with classic temporarily embarrassed teams like us and go from there? hope DC's been on the phone to the organisers and we'll see how we get on against barca
  3. one of my favourite episodes
  4. Best performance in ages, lot of heart and desire. Just frustrating to allow cantwell a shot with his left. Show him down the line ffs UTO
  5. the other teams we are relying on to falter are, by definition, poor sides too
  6. Penney is a terrific little player with a big heart. OK, he's not at his best right now - but frankly who is? Great to see he had the confidence to try and bring that cross down, and the desire to beat the keeper to the loose ball and force that goal. Put him up front, that's what I and his other relatives say.
  7. I know all there is to know About the Reading game
  8. I wouldnt have them back tbh. bloody mercs the pair of em
  9. sex and drugs and darren moore possible new chant?
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