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  1. You could make that excuse whatever happens on the pitch Sarge! Always concerning when mistakes come early in a half and we've seen one early in both today
  2. He also created popular sci-fi series The X Files
  3. odd decision from pulis to name westworld as his preferred choice BEFORE learning if he can play
  4. I think we will perform well, concede an equaliser late on and extend our unbeaten run to three games
  5. i dont think hes going to be drawn on the future of individual players somehow. have you ever heard a new manager do that at a press conference? he will just say - excited about the challenge, - raring to go - proper football city and - honour to be here - lots of hard work ahead - great bunch of players to work with - an owner who is passionate about success
  6. why dont we ask the big man himself about his contract? be good to get him tweeting again if nothing else
  7. does anyone know if pulis is one of those managers who is loyal to one agent and exclusively buys players represented by the agent
  8. I think there's an even better chance JVA goes in January now that Liverpool have lost Joe Gomez
  9. maybe he will want bannan to take corners
  10. what`'s big sam up to these days? now there s a manager you can set your watch to
  11. Yes - it's about time we looked outside our national borders
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