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  1. Looking for two stoke tickets if anyone has any going spare cash waiting happy to pick up.
  2. Does anyone know which days and times the squad trains ? Alos is the training ground closed or can you just turn up and watch the sessions I think you could years ago but have changed Just after a couple of signatures on a shirt but need before next home game! Cheers for any help
  3. Sold straight away to first pm pending bank transfer any problem and I’ll relist
  4. 2 adult tickets available for tomorrow. Face value. Anyone interested please let me know ASAP
  5. Forestieri fooked start of season up and Managed to flip last part of season up.... Dont get the big love in with him yes he's good but not good enough.... thinks he's bigger than the club and doesn't like not being the big fish!
  6. Forestieri un-workable the start of the season up and un-workable the end of the season up complete tailface get rid of him.....!
  7. He arrived just after Tom lees with all his gear. Like said wild smith there and stayed with a broken finger. He should stay unless it's something personal / urgent!
  8. Abdi didn't look at all happy when coming out and left the ground about 120. Forestieri coming in just as he was leaving and he just shrugged his shoulders and got in his car and went! forestieri just looked shocked. Didn't look good when we have other players staying for the game even if no playing (some of the injured ones turned up and stayed)
  9. Due to change of circumstances I now need 1adult and 1 child ticket ! I've already got mine but due to a different unavoidable situation need 2 more happy to pay adult prices premiums any part of the ground etc Hopefully someone can help can collect anytime today
  10. Alexswfc you were first so can have it I'll be in there from 8
  11. Last minute change means have a ticket for tomorrow for sale. Don't think can get it to the ground but will be in sword dancer (Handsworth) from about 8 tonight if anyone's interested.
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