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  1. Sooner we move from Hillsborough the better. Inc training ground.
  2. I enjoy a Jim post. Different angle - sniff of a truth, too. All perspectives welcome. Together not against. UTO.
  3. Stick with Moore - it's not the time to be changing manager.
  4. Stick with Moore - stick together, patience and time. We flatter to deceive at the moment. But remember the position of the club as a whole. Its been a nightmare. Steady and settled with bumps in the road.
  5. It's a tough call. I like the Clubber Lang fight. 'aint so bad, ain't so bad, you ain't nuffin' The Bill Conti soundtrack is brilliant. Don't mind a bit of Tommy Gun either. Street feyt!
  6. I can't tell you how welcome these posts are. I love to hear about posters and real life. Sometimes when we're swiping and projecting, it can be tricky getting a feel for the love. Important to remember, we don't know what's happening beyond the screen. Our words hold weight. I'll be choosing mine wisely in 2022. I lived at Sheffield Emmaus once upon a time. It's stayed with me - there's people in the world with no one. See you Christmas Day, for a bit.
  7. Oh yeah, the jabs. Don't forget your jab, and your booster jab, too.
  8. Hope everyone giving the lungs and immune system some attention. Increasing capacity and power of lungs recommended.
  9. I secretly like it : / bit naughty, bit rebellious : | you could say though, today they really crossed a line.....
  10. Top job RS, as always. They've always had great commentators.
  11. Principle being the inflatable snowman on the pitch. One step too far that.
  12. I'd have him upfront for us. That's for sure. It's a massive shame we don't. He'll come good.
  13. Eating at Hillsborough is one in the arm against your health. It's not just poor food, its a genuine health bummer. It needs looking at. As it is, its not even a consideration when we go to games. I was partial to a chicken balti in my younger days, though. I'd love to eat at the ground. That's the kicker. The whole swfc bar needs raising and bringing into alignment with modern trends. We're naff in most areas.
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