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  1. Da Cruz was quality. And Ashley Baker was a tidy player. Now of The New Saints, Wales.
  2. so to recap then... Owl66 says we're signing a Brazilian. Swfcsi doesn't think we are. And I'm right in thinking that bets have been placed. This IS OT baby!
  3. It shows you never know what posters on OT are going / have been through. Some truly heart breaking shares in this thread. Massive amounts of love to everyone. god bless, Lauren.
  4. wanna bet eh come on then I'll bet ya ill tell a mod on you go on then see if I care
  5. Things can change fast. He needs a break somewhere... Similar to Hirst at Portsmouth. He's a good player.
  6. Man jogging at Glastonbury - Man shaving years off life expectancy, injecting acid and smoking heroin balloons -
  7. I thought that was the Smith, too. Wrong un! I'm outta touch.
  8. Definitely not the same without you on here, man. Armed forces and all that. Hope you're keeping well.
  9. I'd be excited if they announced a coating of paint. Sign of the times. Eeeee.
  10. Pitch invading went out with the arc. It's way past being a cool thing to do. Running around with mobiles in selfie mode? Ramming blades head first. Total gimp behaviour. We're talking fully developed adult humans here.... It won't be long before someone takes it up a level and stabs a player. Needs sorting.
  11. Dad took me, from a young age, during the 90s. Fell in love with Di Canio / Carbone, it was spellbinding. Wasn't bothered until then, really. We'd sit at the back, on the kop, and I'd perch on the blue girders. Once threw chuddy and it landed in a woman's perm. She went ape.
  12. It's got to be the grandstand. Let me tell you, it's where it's at... Ifkyk
  13. I went to a pre season friendly when Carbone played for us. It was very lively for a friendly.
  14. Cause havoc on't chest if you've got baby lungs like me.
  15. With Wednesday.... Enjoy the journey. I can't pin my footy happiness on us getting somewhere. Better I enjoy now. 20 odd years for a reason. It'll make our comeback much sweeter. As for United - they could win the Champions League....and still they wouldn't touch us. They hate it. We win by simply existing. Just the way it is.
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